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basic dungeons & dragons

  1. Rainfall

    ODnD's still a great game, apparently...

    I just came back from a very impromptu game night, where we intriduced a new friend to DnD. Original DnD, Rules Cyclopedia to be exact, I've been using that game as an entry drug for ages. :D And you know what? It still works! She had a blast, really got into playing her character, and the...

    basic d&d THAC0 conversion

    I hate THAC0 with the flames of a 1000 suns. BUT from what I have read I like the rules cyclopedia. has anyone converted the to-hit matrix to be more like d20?
  3. grubman

    Why do we keep trying to re-write OD&D/Basic D&D/ AD&D?

    [Rant alert:p ] Recently I was looking at The Basic Fantasy game, free online here: http://basicfantasy.newcenturycomputers.net/ It isn't a unique idea, but the first person to actually covert basic D&D to D20 online (as far as I know). In any case, I emailed the link to Tori Bergquist ...
  4. E.T.Smith

    What Happened to OD&Dities?

    All the recent talk about B/X D&D got me to looking at my old B/X books, which in turn led me te remember that the online fanzine OD&Dities has some nice articles for fixing certain bugs. Unfortunately, when I went to look it up, the link (www.tongue.fsnet.co.uk/) was dead. Anyone know if this...
  5. T

    [D&D Rules Cyclopedia] Skills and Weapon Mastery

    Can anyone give me an explanation of how the skills system and the weapon master system works in the D&D Rules Cyclopedia? Are they a good addition to the Basic D&D rules set? Thanks, Kent
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