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basic roleplaying

  1. F

    [POLL] The 3 Most Important RPGs other than D&D

    A companion thread to this one ... what are the three most "important" RPGs besides D&D. "Important" is left undefined; it could mean: The most prominent/popular in the industry The most influential in the industry The most influential on you personally The systems with the greatest influence...
  2. A

    [BRP/Runequest] Magic system summary?

    So I know between the big gold book, several versions of Runequest, Stormbringer, and supplements and settings, there are different magic, psychic, and power systems for BRP games. Does anyone know of a good summary of what different ones are like and what styles of fantasy they might be better...
  3. J

    [Sell me on] Basic Roleplaying

    I'm looking for a system that'll support a campaign that's a vague cross between WFRP, Burning Wheel, and Skyrim, but doesn't require system mastery as much as Burning Wheel does. (I do love me some BW, but my players are not the sort to dig into rules enough to make it fun to run.) GURPS is my...
  4. M

    [BRP] Merging Characteristics and Skill Categories?

    (Those familiar with BRP please skip to ** below) In BRP, PCs have 7 or 8 characteristics [Strength, Constitution, Size, Intelligence, Power, Dexterity, Appearance, and optionally Education]. In game, most of what a PC does is moderated with reference to his/her skills, measured in...
  5. BMonroe

    BRP/Magic World Q/A on G+

    Hey all, I'm going to be doing a Google+ video roundtable Q/A with Chris Helton and Jason Durall tomorrow. Mostly we'll be talking about "Magic World", but I'm sure lots of BRP excellence will come up. Apparently there's no way to know what the link to watch the thing will be, but if you follow...
  6. E

    [RQ6] How well can it handle different powerlevels?

    Hi, As the title suggests, i am interested to hear how well RQ6 scales. How well does it do with demi-god heroes and old races with "superhuman" capabilities? So, if you read fantasy novels, could i do the Malazan Book of the Fallen with it? Or does it break down after a certain percentage...
  7. D

    Adventuring in Conan's Age of Hyboria - (Legend, RuneQuest 6)

    In another thread I was talking to people about which Conan RPG setting book I should use for a Legend of RuneQuest 6 based Hyborian Age game. (The answer was Return to the Road of Kings. I'm also considering getting Conan: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Savage Barbarian) One of the...
  8. Elvish Lore

    Does BRP have any kind of feats/talents subsystem?

    Call them what you will -- advantages, feats, talents, edges, etc. -- I really like them and think they add depth to character creation. I can't seem to find (except for a Savage Worlds 'edges' conversion) a subsystem, fan-made or otherwise, that adds such things to BRP. I see the powers...
  9. S

    BRP, BRP Fantasy Classic, Stormbringer, Runequest. Which is good for what?

    Pretty much what the title says. In general I like the BRP system. I like the use of percentiles and the way characters improve. However, there seems to be quite a few different variants of BRP for use in fantasy gaming (and other kinds as well, but that is beside the current point)...
  10. T

    Basic Role Playing, Legend, & Runequest

    What's the difference between Basic Roleplaying. Legend, and Runequest? How mutually compatible are they?
  11. M

    [RQ6] My Likes...

    I'm so glad this is out. I missed the announcements because I was in an internet desolation zone but as soon as I heard it was out I put my preorder in. Loving it. What I really like are the nice bits of detail you miss on on a quick scan but get on a second. Like the rune markers for the...
  12. D

    What's your favourite things about Runequest 6?

    For those of you that have seen the game, what are your favourite things about it? From system rules to little touches, changes or returns from previous versions or whatever you might love? Dean
  13. S

    [RQ6 Exalted] Quest for Exalted Runes

    I've been reading the new rules from The Design Mechanism for RuneQuest and after reading the chapter on Mysticism, which includes a big warning on if you allow players to boost combat abilities with Mysticism then you may have characters who are "near unstoppable by mortal opponents" Well...
  14. Extrakun

    RuneQuest 6: Tactical movement question

    I have been trying to grok the combat rules for RQ6, specifically the tactical grid suggestion given in the appendix. The questions are: Does a charge take place at the "end of cycle movement phase"?, or is it part of an attack action? How does out-manuevering allows a character to move when...
  15. Chris J

    RuneQuest 6 Charge/Move and Action Points

    As requested, a new thread to continue the discussion about charging, moving, and action points Old thread here The problem, is that anyone moving into engagement with an opponent, is immediately at a disadvantage because they are down 1 AP.
  16. P

    Runequest 6 and compatibility with BRP supplements

    Haven't had the chance to read RQ6 yet, but am wondering from the people who have, how compatible is the beast with, say BRP Rome?
  17. R

    RQ 6: Future releases?

    First off, I bought the pre-order bundle and have been reading my pdf until my eyes burned with glee; kudos to Loz and Pete and for a job well-done. For those of you possibly on the fence, all I can really say is I am extremely pleased with RQ 6; I haven't had this much meat in a single volume...
  18. T

    RuneQuest 6 is now out.

    http://www.rpgnow.com/product/103566/RuneQuest-6th-Edition?src=FrontPage In my view the best designed fantasy RPG ever made. Feel free to disagree or otherwise below.
  19. L

    RQ6 Pre-Order Update

    Today I sent the production files to the printers. I'm therefore hoping that pre-orders can start next week. Here are the details. Moon Design will be handling all print and electronic orders via their website. There are several reasons for doing this. First is synergy. Part of our business...
  20. I

    [BRP] I like it, but I have a problem with Roll-Under Combat

    I don't mind roll-under mechanics for generic stuff like "you try to climb the slippery slope; try to roll under your Strength with a -2 penalty". That works fine for me. But when it comes to combat, specifically percentile-style, I have some issues. Namely, the way I see the rules working...
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