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basic roleplaying

  1. mitchw

    Need help finding a specific BRP/D100 variant rule for sill points assignment

    I remember seeing a rule for assigning skill points in a d100 system that I wanted to find again. It was a BRP or 'something-Quest' game and you were given 1 skill at +50, 2 skills at +20, 3 skills at +10 etc. Anyone know what this is? Thanks, Mitch
  2. NinjaWeasel

    [Call of Cthulhu] Differences Between Versions of Malleus Monstrorum?

    I've seen that the German 2nd edition of Malleus Monstrorum is over 500 pages long and I read somewhere that there's approximately 200 more entries in it than there is in Chaosium's English-language version. So, can anyone out there give me an idea of what those additional entries are? Or point...
  3. Citizen Arcane

    Converting Eldritch Skies to BRP (BRP SciFi Suggestions)

    So, Eldritch Skies is an awesome setting for Cthulhu SciFi. If you're not familiar with it, you can check it out here... http://battlefieldpress.com/2014/02/26/eldritch-skies/ Unfortunately, I'm not too keen on either Unisystem or Savage Worlds, so I'm looking to port it over to BRP to make it...
  4. A

     Stormbringer 1e: What else is it good for? Lay it on me!

    I've often read here of posters saying that their favorite version of Stormbringer is the 1st edition for various different reasons. What struck me, though, is that many of these posters have stated they used Stormbringer 1e for settings other than the default Melnibone/Young Kingdoms. So, if...
  5. L

    Help understanding all these different D100 games!

    I’m sorry for sounding obtuse on this subject. I’ve been into RPGs for over 30 years, but my path has never really taken me to Runequest and its derivatives. I have played CoC exactly one time and I own a copy of BRP (and have looked through it from time to time) but that’s about the extent of...
  6. LatinaBunny

    How's Elfquest and Runequest?

    Hi! :) I loved Elfquest in the past, and I have seen some book copies of the roleplaying game of it (both 1st edition and 2nd edition) on Amazon and other websites. I have heard the Elfquest RPG system is based on an old version of Basic Roleplaying, and I was wondering if Elfquest is decent...
  7. S

    Is it worth getting into BRP generic system now?

    So I ordered Pulp Cthulhu intending to mostly read it and maybe use it as source material down the line. However, I've also been searching unsuccessfully to hit a generic system sweet spot between GURPS and Ubiquity (tried Savage Worlds and Cypher) and haven't quite filled it. I'm wondering if...
  8. T

    Free starship resources

    I just ran into this blog post collecting a handful of free starship resources: http://www.frostbytebooks.com/#_blog The blog is for M-Space, but as the resources are mostly system neutral they can be used for any sci-fi game. I especially like the random 3d-models of starships. Some of them...
  9. Chris J

    Sell Me On/Off Runequest 2 Classic

    Mythras is too fiddly and I've looked at the other d100 games (Sabre, OQ2, Magic World, BRP, Gore etc) and none of them does it for me for one reason or another. Besides, I think it's about time I took a look at Glorantha and find out what the all the buzz is about. To that end, I'm looking at...
  10. R

    [Wanted] Very good condition copy of Worlds Beyond

    Hi all, if you have a very good copy of Chaosium's Worlds Beyond that you would like to sell please contact me!
  11. 3rd Level Fighter

    On the Immorality (or Otherwise) of Zombification

    System: Renaissance Deluxe (though that doesn't matter too much) Setting: Late 18th Century Europe with a fantasy twist...standard "magic works and beasties lurk in the shadows" type schtick...the vibe is that of the old Hammer Horror movies of the seventies. Premise: the PCs wander Europe...
  12. X

    Minisix, gurps or brp for a dungeon crawl?

    I am trying to run a dungeon crawl but i want players to have more options for building their characters so i am looking for a generic system,with your experience which of the systems above would do better a classic dungeon crawl?
  13. A

    Basic Roleplaying: Back to Basics

    So, after some discussion on a recent thread wherein I mentioned that I disliked many iterations of BRP because they took a simple, elegant, system and added complexity for complexity's sake.... I went digging around in The Archive and unearthed a copy of Basic Roleplaying circa 1981 (a little...
  14. X

    High Powered d100/brp system

    Is there a system for high powered fantasy based on d100/brp?
  15. 3rd Level Fighter

    One of the many reasons I love BRP-derived games

    Cross pollination! I adore utterly Cakebread & Walton's Renaissance Deluxe. For our group it's the perfect ruleset in the perfect milieu (late-medieval through to Napoleonic). My players have been rampaging through an 18th Europe foiling the machinations of Satanic witches, alchemists...
  16. Moebius

    Hero Lab - BRP only

    I've seen the BRP options in the Call of Cthulhu versions of Hero Lab demo. My intention would be to buy the CoC license just for the BRP. Is the BRP material quality stuff? Worth the $$? Anyone whose used it, please share your experiences with this, good or bad. Thanks.
  17. V

    [BRP] Elric! vs. Magic World [2012 Magic World, not 1982 Magic World]

    Many people here probably know that Chaosium's Magic World (not the old Worlds of Wonder version) grew out of Elric!. However, going through both systems I can see that there are clearly differences. Now, I am disregarding art, layout, setting (Young Kingdoms vs. Southern Reaches), availability...
  18. Ka_ge2020

    [Sell Me On/Off] Why I should give BRP / Mythras / M-Space a second chance...

    So, I like generic systems, but I've always kind of avoided BRP-related systems, be they the generic version (BGB), or "house system" variants. My principle experience with the basic system was with Nephilim as a GM and Call of Cthulu as a player, and in both cases I found the system to be...
  19. AslanC

    RuneQuest, Which Edition?

    As a fan of the original Stormbringer game (boxed set) and Call of Cthulhu over the years (off and on), I notice there are a LOT of versions of RuneQuest (and Mythras, Legend, etc...) out there. Which one is the one to run though? That's where I am at right now. I don't know if the upcoming...
  20. W

    [Sell me] on Runequest, or at least give a quick overview.

    So here is what I know about Runequest -- It is one of the older systems. During the RPG fad years (late 70s, early 80s), it was one of the biggest names, alongside A/D&D and Traveller. It is percentile based. BRP is derived from it. It has hit location charts. Perhaps lots of charts in...
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