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basic roleplaying

  1. V

    [Basic Role-Playing] Hit Locations or Not?

    I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I can't find a dedicated thread on it. In the BRP family of games (RuneQuest, Stormbringer, Call of Cthulhu, Worlds of Wonder, Magic World, etc.), what is your preference, and why - the system of individual hit locations with or without general...
  2. V

    Classic Fantasy RPG: 1e vs 2e?

    Rodney Leary's Classic Fantasy RPG looks pretty cool – taking the BRP system and melding it with D&D. The new edition uses Mythras as its foundation, while the first edition uses BRP. I know the differences between Mythras and BRP, but would like some feedback on other differences between...
  3. F

    Can Call of Cthulhu be used to run a vampire game?

    Can Call of Cthulhu 7th edition be utilized to run a really good vampire game? Are there stats for vampires I can find anywhere for it and use to create characters that are also vampires?
  4. GM Joe

    Who will be the standard-bearer for D100?

    Now that Chaosium is essentially the Runequest/Call of Cthulhu company, and now that a bunch of other companies are producing stellar work in the d100 game design field, which do you think will become the standard bearer over the next five years or so?
  5. C

    [BRP :: Mythras] M-SPACE on Lulu Top 3

    We are happy to announce that M-SPACE has reached Lulu's Top 3 in gaming books! Thanks everyone for the amazing support since the release.
  6. C

    [BRP/Mythras] M-SPACE Starship Combat Example

    Colin Brett has been kind enough to let me post his test run of the starship combat rules in M-SPACE. See more of Colin’s work at http://www.colinabrett.me.uk/ 1) Introduction An example of starship combat in M-SPACE. Presented in "mechanical" and "narrative" formats, to describe the dice...
  7. C

    M-SPACE RPG is launching today

    Steer through nebulae at lightspeed, visit planetoids shrouded in cosmic dust and learn the secrets of ancient alien cultures. With M-SPACE, exploration and mysteries await you. Today, FrostByte Books is releasing the roleplaying game M-SPACE d100 Roleplaying in the Far Future. Based on a...
  8. C

    [BRP/Mythras] M-SPACE FAQ

    Now that the release of M-SPACE, d100 roleplaying in the far future is only a few days away, I thought I would answer some of the most common questions I've got from customers so far. How complicated are the starship design rules? While modular and quite flexible, they are easy to learn...
  9. S

    Ultimate BRP Cyberpunk Mashup! (CoC 7e, River of Heaven, Infinity skirmish, Atomik CyberTek)

    I am trying to create the ultimate Cyberpunk game. Deep character customization, fast and exciting combat hacking that doesn't leave non-hackers out of the game, pages upon pages of cyberware, bioware and nanoware for players to mod up with, and no humanity loss, which I think was more...
  10. T

    A thread for Chaosium's Magic World

    Long time BRP fan but I just got around to picking up Magic World and Advanced Sorcery (figured I better get it while I can its future with the new Chaosium is uncertain). Looking for some inspiration, so thought I'd start a general thread for the game. Feel free to discuss what you are doing...
  11. Tango Samurai

    Is there a current RQ/BRP d100 Supers game?

    I know about the supers chapter in the Big Gold Book, I have it. But is there a dedicated d100 Supers game out there I don't know about?
  12. C

    [Interview] A Neo-Traditional Take on BRP

    I have put up an interview on BRP Central with the Swedish game designer Krister Sundelin about his new game Järn. The game takes Basic Roleplaying as its starting point, but goes off in an entirely new trajectory for BRP. Now that an English version is planned, I contacted Krister to ask him...
  13. C

    [Star Wars] Spaceships for BRP

    There is now a small PDF booklet detailing some of the iconic Star Wars spaceships for BRP. Stats for the BRP Starships/BRP Space rules are included for X-Wings, Millenium Falcon, Star Destroyers among others. All modules are listed for each ship, to make them easy to tweak. Hit locations have...
  14. B

    Chaosium to ditch BRP!? [No, actually]

    Is this true!!!? i hope i am wrong; it has been 1 of my fave char. gens. ever! Why on earth would they do this, the dummies? Please tell me i am wrong!
  15. R

    Freeform Magic for BRP, Magic World, Runequest, OpenQuest, D100, etc...

    All, I have uploaded the latest version 1.8 rules for freeform magic aka. "The Second Way" to http://bit.ly/1XbxnfW. It can also be found on BRP Central at http://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/471-the-second-way-draft/ (though you need to be a member to use this link). These rules are...
  16. Shenron007

    [necro, appropriately][After The Vampire Wars] Is HERE!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that After The Vampire Wars is available via Chaosium! http://www.chaosium.com/after-the-vampire-wars/
  17. F

    Best Version of "Modernized" BRP

    As a generic system for multiple genres: BRP, Legend, Runequest, D100 Renaissance, etc. ideally a version with modern tweaks like stunts, some kind of narrative currency, bRP. Then I will buy it!
  18. T

    [Kickstarter] Delta Green

    Looks like it's coming in September Link
  19. M

    RQ6 vs. BRP

    Glorantha setting aside how much difference is there between the two rule sets?
  20. Shenron007

    BRP vs. Renaissance system?

    I own the BRP hardback plus some of its supplements (Blood Tide and Rubble and Ruin is awesome!) as well as CoC 6th Edition. I have been wanting to put together a Men in Black style CoC game using the Herioc rules in BRP. Though, recently I have heard some talk that the Renaissance system from...
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