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battlestar galactica

  1. CarrotandStick

    Filing off the Serial Numbers (or: Destiny Minus Destiny)

    So there's a Fate periodical called the Fate Codex. It's usually good stuff, but there was an article in their second ever which was a setting suggestion called Dark Star. Reading through it, I was amazed that what I was reading was Battlestar Galactica but better designed for tabletop RPG play...
  2. AslanC

    Classic Battlestar Galactica System Suggestion?

    I am planning to run it and need a recommendation for a system, with the caveat it must have a dynamic, fast paced, and fun dogfighting system. Any suggestions?
  3. C

    [Retrostar] Star Wars Celebration Sale!

    To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we are dropping the price of the Retrostar rulebook to $9.95 until Tuesday, December 22. For those unfamiliar, Retrostar is a roleplaying game that emulates the 1970s-era sci-fi TV shows. Every aspect of the system was designed to...
  4. C

    [Spectrum Games] Retrostar Available Now!

    Spectrum Games is proud to announce the release of Retrostar! Designed by Barak Blackburn and illustrated by Brent Sprecher, Retrostar is a story-driven roleplaying game that faithfully and meticulously emulates the science fiction television shows of the 1970s. The game is powered by the...
  5. D

    [WIW] Battlestar Galactica - 1978

    I've enjoyed reading several WIWs and figured it was time to make my own. For my first, I've chosen an old TV show that only ran for one season. Many of you loved the reboot of the show, but I have actually never seen the newer BSG nor this first version. Therefore, I'm going in totally blind...
  6. D

    Good OSR game for Battlestar Galactica

    Any suggestions, I love B/X D&D and would like a sci fi variant that could be set in the Battlestar Galactica universe. thanks
  7. J

    [Battlestar Galactica] Theory - There Were Never More Than A Couple Of Thousand Cylons

    Ok, so, I'm rewatching BSG, and it's awesome, but I have a new theory. Well, a theory that's new to me anyway. There were only ever a few thousand cylons. Now, they have thousands of raiders and centurions, and dozens of basestars, but....there appear to be no signs of any greater planetary...
  8. Lenin

    [Now with added WIW] VLTTP: New Battlestar Galactica

    I've been watching the first season on Netflix UK, now it's available. I had very vague memories of the old BSG, which I was never particularly fond of, so I wasn't expecting much from NuBSG, but, crikey! It's rather good, isn't it? I understand it disintegrates some time before the last episode...
  9. F

    So, here's a question: how does BSG2003 tech compare to SG:1 tech?

    Because crossovers are fairly poular and the two series actually have a similar visual look. So how do they compare? Note that for now, we'll ignore the gift of ALL THE ASGARD TECH you got in "unending" and assume the humans are roughtly where they were in the first season of SG: Atlantis.
  10. M

    [WIW] Battlestar Galactica (finally)

    It has all the feels and the dramas! On Season 2 Episode 12 and I love it. I don't think there is a single character that I don't have an opinion about. It's great!
  11. Tanka

    BSG: Blood and Chrome

    The first two episodes are now up on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pT79x4qM4FE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdisGiivP9c&list=PL549EB9DBB2FF8C24&index=2&feature=plcp All I gotta say: frakking finally.
  12. DrFaust

    Carnagecast 19: Battlestar Galactica Actual Play, Part 4

    In episode 19 of Carnagecast, we conclude the Battlestar Galactica actual play series featuring the Battle-all-stars with the not entirely shocking revelation that ended part 3. It only gets tenser from there. After the game, the players chat a bit about how the game went and the variants in...
  13. DrFaust

    Carnagecast Episode 17: Battlestar Galactica Actual Play, Part 3

    In episode 17 of Carnagecast, “the real game” of Battlestar Galactica begins, as Carlo puts it. The sleeper phase doles out another set of loyalty cards to the not terribly hard-pressed Battle-all-stars. Now the mere prospect of Baltar employing his Cylon detector provokes strong reactions from...
  14. DrFaust

    Carnagecast 15: Battlestar Galactica Actual Play, Part 2

    In episode fifteen of Carnagecast, the actual play recording of Battlestar Galactica with the Battle-all-stars continues, picking up with Carlo’s ominous reminder of a Cylon in the group’s midst. Later on, a state of emergency catches everyone by surprise.
  15. Behemoth

    How Much of New Battlestar Galactica is worth watching?

    Well? Ok, so I'm interested in watching nBSG. I've heard about the ending being rubbish (and been thoroughly spoiled on what happens and it does sound stupid, but I haven't watched it so can't judge), and that it dips after the first series, but everything about the first series is very...
  16. F

    [BSG] Just rewatched a certain bit from 3x04, Exodus part 2.

    And fuck me if it's not still the best starship combat ever done on tv. The storytelling is top-notch, the stakes are very real, the characters experience a storm of intense loss and triumphant joy within a very short time, the tactics are hilariously awesome, the FX work is just staggeringly...
  17. D

    [BSG/Caprica] order of viewing?

    Is it more the case that Caprica spoils the main series or the reverse? Which ought I view first?
  18. M

    [Cortex] Combat

    As far as cortex generic combat rules go, can someone tell me which of the following is correct: a) Man 1'st turn Man 1 attacks Man 2 Man 2 passively dodges Man 1 attacks Man 2 -1 step Man 2 actively dodges Man 1 attacks Man 2 -2 step Man 2 passively dodges Man 2's turn Man 2 attacks Man...
  19. D

    So I just finished watching nBSG (second viewing)... (spoilers)

    I watched this show first time round but have since been distracted by my first love, Doctor Who since it returned. After doing WIW of 4400 and then Firefly, I was going to do a WIW of nBSG but there are like a bajillion that don't ever seem to finish. so I decided to just watch the damn show...
  20. D

    Is it a good idea to mix the Smallville RPG into my Battlestar Galactica campaign?

    Rules-wise that is. I'm going to be running the Cortex System Battlestar Galactica RPG, but as the game is going to be quite roleplay-intensive, I felt more social interaction mechanics might be called for. That may sound counter-intuitive, but my opinion is that in a game focused on inter-PC...
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