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battletech alpha strike

  1. S

    Alpha Strike Box Set and Plastic BattleMech releases?

    Will we see the boxed set any time soon? What about more Lance packs? The new, "Re-Seen" plastics? Just wondering...
  2. Chikahiro

    Battletech: 80's nostalgia versus present day reality?

    Well, I saw the DriveThru ad for Battletech here on RPG.net. Having fond memories of it back during middle school in the late 80's, I have to wonder, "how is it?" I mean, I was a kid. I'm not going to pretend I totally understood everything. And that was getting close to 30 years ago. I'm not...
  3. S

    BattleTech Alpha Strike AAR [Pic Heavy]

    We had a game Sunday, 7/26/15 between my new unit, the 5th Dneiper Explorer Corps (funded by mysterious multi-billionaire Shango Agathi) and Kurita forces augmented with Mercs. Setting is loosely 3050s - early 3060s. I took a bunch of pics, so I will show them here. We used all of the basic...
  4. Keal

    [Battletech] Experiences with Alpha Strike?

    It's been ages since I've played Battletech, and although I occasionally take out my copy of the hardback rules and mull over getting a game going with people who'll be totally unfamiliar with the game, I was also thinking about trying to acquire a copy of the Alpha Strike rules - the simplified...
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