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  1. Myridian

    Wanted A Time of War - Battletech RPG

    Hi All, Looking for a hardcopy of the newest incarnation of the Battletech RPG, A Time of War. Thanks,

    BattleTech (the new boxed sets/edition) A game of pew-pew stompy-stomp.

    So these just recently arrived: Apparently they've been selling like hotcakes, so I'm glad to have gotten mine. Anyhoo, I was a little surprised that there wasn't a thread already. I played a crapton of BT back when FASA still had it, but time, distance, and several changes of address have...

    [Fate Core] Tachyon Squadron: adapting for mecha pilots? (BattleTech or otherwise)

    The release of the new BattleTech box sets has me itching to bash robots together, and also got me thinking about roleplaying in the setting. I'm not a big fan of the official RPG system, though; it doesn't look bad, just way crunchier than I prefer. Anyway, I just happened to have this thought...
  4. C

    The history of Battletech

    I like the world of Battletech, the history, the tech, the sweep of politics and interstellar war. I don't want the Battletech rules per se, though. (I will probably use something else, possibly Fate, or Cortex Prime, dunno yet). There is however, a massive body of work to read through, across...
  5. C

    HBS BATTLETECH #2: Dakka Dakka Decker (RIP)

    Further discussion about HBS' Battletech game! Continuation of the previous thread here: https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?762214-Harebrained-Schemes-Battletech-IT-FUCKING-HAPPENED!/page400
  6. Prisoneroffantasy

    Wanted Original Fasa Battletech Housebooks.

    You know-- The old black books with the great-house logos on the covers. Published in the late 80s. Fasa numbers 1620, 1621, 1622, 1623, 1624. Also-- 1629: The Periphery. If you're willing to part with any of these let me know how much you want for 'em. Good shape only, please; No binding...
  7. D

    BattleTech: RogueTech

    I've been eyeing the new BattleTech game for a while now, having a powerful turn-based mech-game itch that I just can't scratch. I wasn't impressed with what I first saw however. BattleTech seemed to be plagued by a lackluster campaign, questionable mechanics, bad weapon balance and bad game...
  8. B

    [Battletech] What is the state of the Battletech tabletop game?

    I recently got a very large collection of Battletech stuff (from the original FASA run) including a ton of miniatures, and as far as I know most of the books and boxed sets that were released for it at the time. I'm looking to start playing with it, and while I'm sure I could just play the old...
  9. C

    [Battletech] Best way to start again with the boardgame?

    Back when I used to play Battletech in the 80s, it was the old FASA Battltech box set with the Warhammer on the cover, with the cardboard minis. Aerotech and Citytech and Battleforce were the other boxes, Tech Readout 3035/3026 were the mech bibles, and the Battletech Manual (Rules of Warfare...
  10. Dulahan

    💀 Necro I really want a new Battletech RPG

    As we lead up to the release of the HBS Battletech Computer game. It dawns on me how badly I want a new Battletech RPG. I mean, let's be honest. A Time of War was a bust, a steaming confusing mess. Chargen alone was needlessly complicated. The core system was ugly. It just... didn't work...
  11. F

    Battletech: The Cold War Part I

    This is a bit of an AU for battletech, getting things kicked off earlier (one issue with Btech is how slowly tech moves), but more importantly, sticking with some more familiar faces to field armies of the giant stompy robots. Make no mistake, you'll see some traditional factions, albeit a bit...
  12. S

    Harmony Gold at it again, suing everyone over PC Battletech

    So.. it looks like Harmony Gold, the "protector" of all things Robotech has decided that they want a bit of that Battletech cash (again), and is currently suing all and sundry over the Battletech PC game: https://dockets.justia.com/docket/washington/wawdce/2:2017cv00327/242820 including...
  13. Dirk Desiato

    30 Years of BattleTech and me!

    30 years ago I bought the box set of BATTLETECH A Game of Armored Combat, Second Edition. I was soon thrown into a world that I still enjoy after all of these years. BattleTech is not a perfect game. It has what might be considered flaws and maybe more thought could have been put into the...
  14. Aliexster

    [Battletech] Making a better Mechwarrior

    The group I'm in have gotten to grumbling on needing some big stompy robot action lately, and I have to agree. I do seem to have the most experience with the setting and most of the books so it'll likely fall on me to run. The problem is that the Battletech rules are easy enough, Mechwarrior...
  15. C

    Sell me on Battletech in the Bundle of Holding

    I don't know a lot about the "giant robot," genre, but the Bundle of Holding has this collection. Would anybody care to give me an overview of what this RGP has to offer? My knowledge of the setting in general is limited to the idea that the miniatures game requires ridiculous levels of bookkeeping.
  16. B

    [Interest] Homebrew Battletech-Esque RPG set in a semi-futuristic modern era.

    [Interest/Recruitment][Homebrew] War-Core: Beaches and Explosions. (Mech-to-Mech BT-Esque RPG!) EDIT: I'm turning this into a full blown recruitment thread since I have a couple people interested in coming here to play. So. Just post here that you wanna play, and send me a link to a GDocs...
  17. L

    Give me your non-animated Battletech inspiring media!

    I just can't get into the anime. I keep trying and it keeps not working, so just skip that part. I have read all the novels through 1996. I have virtually all of the official material to that date, as well. I own Pacific Rim, obviously. All the Robotech novels? Check. The Palladium Robotech...
  18. E

    Experienced B&W Line artist available

    Experienced B&W Line artist Available for single illustrations or comic story art. $10-150. Experience: Battletech, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Dark Horse, Innovation, Now and others. See my site for samples. Best to reply to email. baldegografix.com baldegografix@aol.com
  19. S

    [Battletech] Are these plastic 'mechs knock-offs or just an old casting?

    Ran across this Ebay auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Battletech-plastic-miniatures-x-4-lot6-/182106441070?hash=item2a6663c56e:g:qPAAAOSwQSBXHj-n Realized I have a LOT of 'mechs that look akin to the Catapult and Hunchback pictured here. Are they knock-offs, or are these a legitimate older...
  20. S

    (Battletech) Different Initiative Systems?

    Hmm.. I'm looking over the latest Battletech Kickstarter update, and man, I LIKE the system they're planning on using for the computer game, and wonder how it would work in table top. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/webeharebrained/battletech/posts/1541543 (Basically, there's five phases...
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