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  1. R

    [Online][Roll20/Discord][BECMI, Rules Cyclopedia, Basic D&D]X2: Castle Amber Wednesday nights 4PM PDT-8PM PDT

    X2 : Castle Amber System: BECMI/Rules Cyclopedia Game Days/Times: Wednesday nights 4PM-8PM PDT Requirements : Good Mic, availability to play, owning the Rules Cyclopedia is not required but definitely preferred. SOME familiarity with BECMI/Rules Cyclopedia IS required. (but I will accept...
  2. Talisman

    [Let's Read] AC9: Creature Catalogue (and DMR2)

    Welcome folks to another Let's Read. This time we are tackling AC9: Creature Catalogue, published in 1986 for the then-current BECMI version of D&D. The Creature Catalogue is a big ol' monster book, with critters from published modules as well as totally new ones. We've got some real-world and...
  3. M

    [BECMI] Clerics and Magic-Users

    I’m casually re-reading my old BECMI Basic Set, having not really looked at it since playing that edition decades ago. One thing I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around are clerics and magic-users, from both a player and designer-intent perspective. My general comments for each are below...
  4. E.T.Smith

     The Rules Cyclopedia, sing its praises proudly

    Earlier this week, something many old-school D&D fans have been yearning for finally came to be: hardcopy reprints of 1991's Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia. Considered by many the best single-volume version of D&D (and by some the best version of D&D, period). To celebrate this event...
  5. I

    BECMI Weapon Mastery Rules

    So, I've not played much basic D&D. I Started with AD&D 2nd Edition and moved up the ranks and to other games from there. To this day, I love D&D because of the wonder it brought me decades ago. I purchased a copy of the Rules Cyclopedia a while back as a collector's item. I only recently...
  6. S

    BECMI v. Cyclopedia - Any difference?

    Having just binged Stranger Things and saw the edition the kids were playing (using the Expert rulebook in particular), I have gotten back into looking at running BEMCI D&D. I have Dark Dungeons which is a retroclone of the Cyclopedia, but I was wondering if there is any real difference between...
  7. O

    Old School Computer Game Update 7: Specialist Magic-Users & Numerous New Spells

    Hi folks. I have been working on Old School Computer Game (oscg) for over six years. It is my attempt to re-creates the fun I had playing computer role-playing games in the late 1980s and early 1990s. You, the player, assemble a party of up to six adventurers and explore a sandbox world...
  8. V

    What are the differences between Holmes, Moldvay/Cook, and Mentzer?

    I own the glorious Moldvay/Cook B/X books, but not the Holmes Basic or Mentzer stuff. Understanding that Holmes only goes to level 3, what are the primary differences between the three?
  9. B

    💀 Necro [Let's Read] The Known World/Mystara - ALL of it, from the beginning

    Inspired by this post from JoeNotCharles in the Rules Cyclopedia thread: Since JoeNotCharles doesn't have the time I thought I'd have a go at this... First a bit of background. Over the course D&D's history there have been many published settings. Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Al Qadim...
  10. sagaston

    [BECMI/etc] What Do The PCs Spend Their Gold On?

    Unlike 3rd/4th, you can't just go buy magic items. Unlike AD&D, there's no insanely high training costs to level up. By the time a character hits say 3rd level, they have more gold than most towns. What on earth do they spend it on? Magic Item construction is insanely expensive and risky...
  11. sagaston

    B4 - The Lost City, Share Your Stories

    I'm currently running the classic module The Lost City for my monthlyish D&D&D campaign (BECMI D&D, with booze, completely non serious) and I'm really enjoying the adventure. It feels like a precursor to more politics and social styles of gaming, mixed with some dungeon crawling and a lot of...
  12. JediSoth

    Kickstarter: World of Calidar by Bruce Heard

    So the creator of Mystara and the Voyage of the Princess Ark stories from back in the day in Dragon Magazine is Kickstarter a campaign world book based very heavily on Voyage of the Princess Ark. As I understand it, he can't use Mystara and Voyage of the Princess Ark exactly because they're...
  13. Mulsiphix

    Rules Cyclopedia - Where Do I Start?

    I'd like to get a game up and running as soon as possible. Looking over the RC ToC leaves me feeling like the only way I'll be able to play is to digest the entire tome before I sit down to roll up our first characters. Is this true or would it be possible to read a key set of pages first, get...
  14. V

    B/X versus BECMI

    Which do you prefer and why? To muddle the waters more, also consider B/X versus ONLY the BE of BECMI.
  15. thirdkingdom

    [BECMI]Master level published modules . . . how good are they?

    I've been toying with the idea of running a high level game of BECMI (using the Dark Dungeons ruleset) here on the boards. I am fairly busy right now, so one of the ideas I have been thinking about was using one or more of the published M series of modules. Can anyone recommend one? Are they...
  16. Mulsiphix

    Where Can I Learn More About OD&D vs AD&D vs BECMI?

    Alright. I've long wanted to get into fantasy gaming but never gotten around to it. I've decided that starting with old school D&D is the way to go. I've taken a keen interest in retro-clones and their derivatives. I've come across a nice list over at RetroRoleplaying but do not know enough to...
  17. D

    Who else wants a Rules Cyclopedia re-release with better art?

    Since Wizards of the Coast seems to be mostly just re-releasing old editions of the game until the eventual 5e rollout in 2062 or something, this idea occurred to me. I love the old D&D Rules Compendium, but most of the art is execrable. Yes, the Beholder vs. Wizard picture is awesome, and there...
  18. B

    [Old School/BECMI] How deadly?

    I am currently seriously considering running a BECMI retro-clone. My first D&D experience was 4e, so this is new to me. Everything I know about Old School play I've heard here. Now, given RPG.net's gift for hyperbole and the crush-the-Enemy-at-all-cost edition warring that this forum in...
  19. S

    Difference Between BECMI & 1e or 2e?

    I was showing my gaming group my D&D collection and they saw my Rules Cyclopedia I have in the cupboard and asked me the difference between that and AD&D 2e which I run with them every so often. I explained for example that you can just be an Elf in BECMI where as you can be a Elf Fighter or Elf...
  20. Lord Crimson

    [BX/BECMI/RC/DD] Variant Race-as-Class options

    I've run across some interesting threads on RPG.net in the past concerning Race-as-Class variants to provide some interesting diversity to BX/BECMI/RC D&D non-humans. But I haven't been able to find many posted online (at least with some cursory Google searches - lots of IRL social class...
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