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  1. Ilya

    The most beautiful RPG books you've ever seen

    I was reading a review that got me thinking about what I like (and hate) the most in RPG book layouts. So, what are your favorite books in terms of design? You know, that book that caught your eye because it not only has good art, but an exceptionally good layout. Maybe it's the beautiful...
  2. CoreyHaim8myDog

    The Best RPG MacGuffin Ever

    I made a thread asking for MacGuffins in the Creative Open sub-forum. Didn't work, so let me try another way. What is the best MacGuffin in a published RPG? Doesn't matter the genre. You can also post ones you had in home games, too. Hand of Vecna comes to mind first, but I don't know that...
  3. J

    💀 Necro What are some of the best Threads of this forum?

    Best Threads? I'm new here. Kindly post up links within this forum (preferably one link per post); of some of the threads you've enjoyed the most. Thanks ahead-
  4. H

    [Delta Green/CoC] Best adventure

    I am going to be running some Delta Green soon, and could use some suggestions for adventures. I Will be using premade adventures, to save me some prep. time. I Will start out with http://www.delta-green.com/2012/10/the-last-equation/ More suggestions are welcome :)
  5. G

    Can we talk about some of the more...out there OGL d20 products?

    As an example, Infernum. A d20 based game where the campaign was set in Hell. Not the outer planes hell, but the Christian version of hell. It got 3 large books. I can't comment on its quality, not having played it, but it reads nice, and it's certainly more interesting than the many elf books.
  6. M

    [Setting Riff] [Advice] How and when to do a setting riff

    Okay, so it's not actually a setting riff. But, I do plan to start one pretty soon, and before hand I thought I'd gather some advice on what has worked and what hasn't from some of the excellent . . err, riffers active on RPG.net Included with this how-to query is also an admission that I'm...
  7. C

    🎨 Creative RPGnet Setting Riffs Compendium - post your favourite riff threads

    My favourite thing on RPGnet is the creative threads - setting riffs, pimp your setting, what if, brainstorming, etc. This forum consistently impresses me with the quality of ideas and depth of discussion that goes on in such threads. Here I want to create a compendium of links to RPGnet's riff...
  8. E

    Tell me of... The Greatest Subsystems...

    What RPG's out there have the greatest fill-in-the-blank subsystems (or mechanics if you prefer) as far as you're concerned? For example, The Greatest Social Subsystem, or the Greatest Combat Subsystem, or the Greatest Chase Subsystem, etc. How do they work that makes them so great/special...
  9. Seroster

    Most RIDICULOUS movie quotes?

    "History, tradition, culture... are not concepts! These are trophies I keep in my den as paperweights!" (You can tell what movie I just watched) What can top that?
  10. Durandal

    So, what is the Best Looking Battlemech, anyway?

    Because balance is always nice and I figure it will be harder to answer and lead to more pictures. :D So to get the unseen out of the way early because I tend to like seeing stuff made after 3025 myself. Marauder Warhammer Locust IIC Archer Alright, now those are mostly out of the way...
  11. Jonas Albrecht

    What was your single best original idea regarding D&D?

    A character concept, setting, rules tweak, anything. Well, almost anything. Snark is not really in the spirit of this thread, so no "I convinced my friends not to try Pathfinder" type answers, please.
  12. Particle_Man

    Best Vaporware EVAR!

    I'll start: 3:16 - Carnage Amongst the Tribes, is the best vaporware rpg I have never seen. I love how the rules apply to a fantasy "Conan"-like setting, and the "curse" rules are a brilliant addition to the game. I could play this game for hours and hours in the parallel universe in which...
  13. F

    Best Urban Fantasy Games?

    I wouldn't post this if I could search, but please list your favorite urban fantasy games. I'll list some I've read, and why I don't like them. Dresden Files: a stupid, metagame power limit mechanic WoD: I hate how convoluted the character creation system, and I don't like metaplots. After...
  14. T

    Best and Worst Old WOD books

    What are your favorite and most hated sourcebooks for the OLD world of darkness, and why. Were they ruined by a player or by how they affected the meta-plot? Did they make an amazing campaign or just make your day? Question spans everything from Vampire first Ed. to Time of Judgement and...
  15. Mercurial Sea

    Games You Expected to Hate But Ended Up Enjoying

    So there's a lot of hate around here. And I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but we sure are a negative lot sometimes. So here's a little positivity thread sparked off by the "Games that you have tried and absolutely hated" thread." Tell me about a game that you didn't expect to...
  16. B

    Your Favorite Steampunk or Victorian Fantasy RPG book

    Dont Care what rules set it uses so long as it covers the Jubilee up to Edwardian England OR is Steampunky. By Victorian fantsy i mean just that, Fantasy posing as reality set in a Victorian Milieu, from "For Faerie, Queen and country" to "Unhallowed Metropolis" Steampunk is already...
  17. N

    Black sheep sourcebooks you actually like

    Somebody, somewhere, secretly likes Highlander 2. And not in an MST3K so-bad-its-good kind of way. Sure, there may be a detail or two they handwave away, but they actually think its a pretty fun movie, despite overwhelming fan reaction to the contrary. Which RPG books are this for you? Now...
  18. R

    Your ideal D&D or what you'd like to see in 5e?

    I'd like to keep the core 4e stuff I believe but would like to see the following changes. Not looking for any debate or anything like that just what you would like to see as the defaults in a new edition or your personal idealized version. Combat time scaled back, less hp for all sides...
  19. J

    Eberron 3.5 Vital books, and Parthfinder

    What Eberron 3.5 books are worth getting I already have the setting book and the players guide and Races of Eberron. Also can I use parthfinder instead of 3.5 to run it, or is it not advisable
  20. mcrow

    Best new game?

    Been out of the loop on RPGs for the better part of two years. I'm open to all types and styles of RPGs. Just looking for some suggestions on what some of the better games that came out over the last year or two. Thanks.
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