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    [Theory] My thoughs on Immersion and the Big Model.

    This was prompted by, of all things, a thread where RPGPundit over at quoted Gary Gygax, of all people. In this quote, Pundit quotes EGG's statement - So, this had me thinking about immersion. Now, I've always described myself as an Immersionist roleplayer, but when I read...
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    [Ex2ed] Flag Framming, Bangs, Stakes Resolution, and drifts into NAR - Help!

    In my new Exalted 2ed game I'm trying something that I've never tried, which I learned from playing TSoY, and from reading stuff from Bankuei's and a friend's blog: Flag Framming and Stakes Resolution*. To use Flag Framming in Exalted is very simple: one just looks at any given character sheet...
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    [RPG Theory] OK, Can someone explain the 'Big Model' to me?

    As the Forge Thoery has closed, and I still don't get it, can someone just briefly explain the Big Model and Creative Agendas to me in terms a dork like me might grasp? Fel free to use examples in games like Polaris, Dogs in the Vineyard, Inspectres or any other game system really. I sort of...
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