1. Marcantony

    Tell me about Birthright

    One of the few tsr products I dont have. How does the game work?
  2. Doc_Klueless

    [Birthright] Battle Rules

    I was cleaning out my game collection of things I haven't used or looked at in 20 years (or at least it feels that way) when I stumbled over a box filled with Birthright stuff. I paged through the box set and saw the Battle Rules and the cards and such and thought: Hey, I wonder if anyone has...
  3. G

    [Recruitment] 1 more character for "The Missing Sheepherder" (Pathfinder)

    This is a game that has been going on. We took a short break due to RL issues, but we are starting back up. The party is in the middle of a Salt Mine having just rescued the missing Sheepherder but still figuring out what's going on. We are looking for a melee-type who grew up in the small...
  4. A

    Domain Management: Birthright vs. ACKS?

    I've always been really interested in the domain management aspects of old-school D&D: building towers, cultivating economies, parleying with allies and neighbours. I know Birthright is the D&D campaign setting that focuses in that tier of D&D, and I've heard that ACKS as a system does a good...
  5. Praetorian

    Was Birthright Any Good?

    I like reading about settings, especially if they are coherant and a little bit off the beaten path in terms of fantasy tropes. Glorantha is one of my favorites. Athas is another. Eberron is great. Dragonlance is a bit "meh" for me. FR is even more "meh." Sigil is my all time favorite high...
  6. Sage Genesis

    [Birthright / Artesia] Big Trouble in Little Millthorp

    Hello and welcome. As you can tell by the title this is the AP for a game of Birthright, the old AD&D 2e setting. But instead of using the regular D&D rules I decided to try Artesia instead, to get a feeling that's slightly more grounded and mythical, a setting where wizards don't just toss...
  7. Jürgen Hubert

    Al-Qadim vs. Birthright - what should I (re-)read?

    I have been a fairly prolific customer at D&D Classics ever since the site went up, and bought pretty much every available PDF for certain setting lines - far more than I have been able to read. But I do have some lengthy trips coming up, and thus some time to read - the question is what to...
  8. HorusArisen

    Birthright for 5e...again

    I was thinking of a simple set of houserules like this to get me going with my own game. Despite my desire for setting purity I've allowed for the possibility of non-standard elements in my BR game. All feedback welcome Races · Humans (Base Option) +1 to all...
  9. J

    [Birthright] Are the contents of my newly arrived box set complete? And, general newbie questions!

    So, I got a Birthright Campaign Setting box in the mail today. Wasn't in shrinkwrap, but the contents look to be in really good condition. War cards are unpunched. Could someone(s) please confirm for me that I have all of the contents which I should have? -Atlas of Cerilia -Rulebook -Ruins of...
  10. J

    [Birthright] How was the domain management system?

    So, I just read this thread. Would anyone care to comment on the domain management system? How is it? Specifically, how would it be for a group of about three players?
  11. Davies

    [Let's Read] Birthright Campaign Setting

    Introduction In our hobby's "golden days of old", to borrow a phrase from Macaulay, the point of all the dungeon crawling and dragon slaying was to accumulate enough gold to be able to afford the construction of a castle. Achieving this goal marked the point where your player character...
  12. Jürgen Hubert

    [D&DClassics] Birthright Campaign Setting is available!

    Link is here. Oh, and so is DL1 Dragons of Despair... but of the two, I am more exited about the former. I like games where PCs actively shape the fate of nations instead of being pushed towards reestablishing a status quo or otherwise focus on defeating a Bad Guy instead of actively changing...
  13. Blastin

    [Next Playtest] Birthright via D&D next playtest

    [Next Playtest] Birthright via D&D next playtest SO, one of the players in my Birthright game has been doing an in character synopsis of our game sessions since the beginning of the game. I have been toying with the idea of putting it up here, and finally decided to take the plunge...
  14. F

    [AD&D2] Tell me about Birthright

    AD&D2 is my D&D edition. First, because I started playing in 1990 and chronologically it was the game I found in stores; and second, because I loved those “high concept” campaigns like Dark Sun, Planescape and some of the Forgotten Realms stuff. However the one big setting I never cared about...
  15. R

    [BIRTHRIGHT] Is there a clone? Any edition?

    Hey.... Anyone know of this? A clone of the Birthright rules for 2e. Any edition will do though. Thanks, Rick
  16. Z

    [Birthright] What systems have you used? What works?

    I've been talking with a friend about his ideal game and we're trying to hack out an ideal system. At its core, it's a Birthright story, but D&D is too rigid to support the themes and characters that he has in mind. This is a story about revolution in a fantasy-feudal kingdom. The players are...
  17. M

    Birthright: What system?

    Recently I was cleaning out my garage an found all my old Birthright material but alas not my old game books. I was wondering what other systems people have used or would use to run it in this day and age other than D&D? Any suggestions?
  18. thewhippinggirl

    [AD&D 2nd] Kingmaker and Birthright?

    I've been thinking of running Kingmaker but converting it to another edition. At first I was considering 4th but now I decided that it would make a great 2nd edition campaign! Converting it would be incredibly easy, replacing monsters a breeze and rerolling treasure would be no time at all (I...
  19. A

    Games similar to Birthright?

    I'm interested in learning if there are any other pen and paper games out there that combine elements of RPGs, and, for lack of a better term, strategy/4x/that-sort-of-thing. The only one I know of is D&D Birthright. Are there any others?
  20. H

    [4e] Which of these two settings would be, in your opinion, more marketable?

    This thread ( ) asks which former D&D setting you would like converted to 4e. The two front runners are currently Al-Qadim and Birthright. I'm a regular gamer curious over expanding upon and discussing which setting we now believe might be more...
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