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blacksky company

  1. Kurotowa

    [WoW/BSC] Trials of Norushen completed

    Last week was our first night on Norushen, and there was a lot of learning and fumbling with strats with our best attempt hitting the enrage at 20%. This week, our friends in Pig & Whistle squeaked out a kill, and we could hardly do less. After blowing through Immerseus and Protectors we laid...
  2. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raids for April 10th/13th posted

    As always at bsc.guildportal.com! If you're available either night from around 7:45-11:00pm server time, come check it out! Is fun! :D
  3. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raids for April 3rd/6th posted

    As always at bsc.guildportal.com! We'll keep raiding as long as we have enough interested people, but we may come to a point where we're lacking the signups and have to put raiding on hold until MIsts is out and people are ready for that raid content. (Plus, kid on way, etc.) Still, as long...
  4. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raid day poll for Mar-May

    It's that time again! Two months have gone by and it's time to assess what nights work the best for our raiders. Again, we invite anyone in BSC who might have any interest in raiding to vote. The poll is multiple-choice and public; pick any days that will work for you from 7:45pm - 11:00pm...
  5. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raids for Feb 16th/17th posted

    Whoops, forgot to make an RPGnet thread. :D Anyhow, go sign up! Punch Deathwing in the face spine! (And then in the face!) As always at bsc.guildportal.com
  6. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raids for Feb 2nd/3rd posted

    As always at bsc.guildportal.com . Sign up! Next week will probably be our super-special Firelands night on Thursday where Kurotowa (Ilkoland) finishes his legendary staff. Friday will be Dragon Soul. Starting the following week (Feb 9/10) we'll probably be switching to two nights of Dragon...
  7. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raid-day poll for Jan-Mar

    It's time again to vote on what days will work for raiding for you! Once again, the selections are public and you can select more than one day; please select all days you can raid and not just your best days so that we can have the widest possible pool of available people on each day. The poll...
  8. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raids for Jan 10/12 posted

    Wow, am I late on these. x.x As always at bsc.guildportal.com . Firelands Tuesday, Dragon Soul Thursday. We'll probably swap to Dragon Soul two times per week once Ilko has his staff. :D Should only be another month or two!
  9. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raids for Jan 3rd/5th Posted

    As always, signups are at bsc.guildportal.com. Tuesday is Dragon Soul, Thursday is Firelands. Also, we've decided that we can stop using DKP in Firelands at this point; we'll be using the Primary-for-People-Who-Haven't-Gotten-Primary-Yet, Primary-For-People-Who-Have, Secondary, Tertiary roll...
  10. IceShadow

    [WoW/BSC] Morchok / Yor'sahj / Zon'ozz / Hagara

    First two last week Thursday (a one-shot, then a two-shot), the other two today (one-shot after tries last week, then a multiple-try that we finished by the end of the night).
  11. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raids posted for Nov 29th/Dec 1st

    As always at bsc.guildportal.com . If the patch drops on Tuesday, we'll cancel the raid and let people sort out their addons/patch crashes/bugs. :)
  12. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raids posted for Nov 23rd/25th

    As always at bsc.guildportal.com! Last week of Wed/Fri raids, unless the raid poll says those days are best again; we'll shuffle the raid days according to the poll for the following week. Thanks!
  13. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raid day poll for Nov-Jan

    Hi everybody! Just in time(ish) for 4.3, it's that time again; time to vote on what days you want to raid! Poll will be open for two weeks. Anyone who has interest in raiding with BSC in the next two months is welcome to vote, even if it's only a very casual interest. Raid times are...
  14. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] Raids posted for Nov 2nd/4th

    As always at bsc.guildportal.com . We'll do four firelands bosses night one, perhaps spending some extra time on a boss on heroic (and if we don't get him in a reasonable amount of time, swap it to normal and finish the boss off), and then the fifth boss, majordomo, and Rags on Friday. :)
  15. IceShadow

    [BSC/WoW] What to do on raid nights until 4.3

    So, we're to a point where we can clear Firelands in one night except Rags (who we're starting to get down consistently night two). We've tried out some T11 heroics, and have found them...lacking in a sense of accomplishment even when they're completed, lacking in upgrades (minimal at best)...
  16. IceShadow

    [WoW/BSC] Raids for Oct 26th/28th posted

    Sign up at bsc.guildportal.com :D
  17. Apok

    [WoW/BSC] Adjusting the DKP No-Roll Threshold

    Back in Ye Olde Timey Dayes of Raiding Yore, Blacksky Company was mainly invested in the larger scale of raiding be that of the 40- or 25-man variety and our last DKP system reflected this. Now that we're running a bit leaner and meaner, it has come to my attention that the prior 'no contest'...
  18. IceShadow

    [WoW/BSC] Raids for Oct 5th/7th posted

    At bsc.guildportal.com . Also, thank you to mpg for doing the confirmations for tonight, as I've been so crazy busy that I didn't even have time to think about it until now. (Like how the signups went up today instead of yesterday.) x.x
  19. IceShadow

    [WoW/BSC] Ragnaros (rev 2)

    Nerf or no, I consider killing him the second night we fight him (with only like 20-30 minutes of tries the first night) a big accomplishment. Then we went and killed heroic Halfus for fun. :D
  20. IceShadow

    [WoW/BSC] Majordomo Staghelm

    One-shot him the second night we ever tried, maybe 1 hour total learning time. Lawlnerfs, I guess. :) Rags next!
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