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  1. beowulf8989

    Over analyzing Hellboy and the Mignolaverse, series wide spoilers

    So I lost internet after a recent storm, and surfing on my phone is slow. Thus, I've been reading my collections of Hellboy and associated stories. As I was going through them I came on the idea to try and codify what magic is in the setting, or at least determine a general outline of what...
  2. Tensen01

    🎨 Creative [101] Hellboy/BPRD Missions

    Thinking about doing a Hellboy/BPRD game and I'm looking for cool mission ideas. Any time Frame within the last 20 years and preferably independent of the overall Hellboy/BPRD storyline(I.E. I'm ignoring the Plague of Frogs and Hell on Earth and such). Looking for a short paragraph about what's...
  3. J

    Beyond the Mountains of Madness Hellboy/DG crossover (!) advice needed

    I posted this one over at Yog-sothoth.com as well... So I'm in the middle of re-reading BtMoM with the idea to adapting it for a rather unusual setting that I and one of my fellow GMs have come up with. The premise is thus: I am kicking the game off with a Delta Green scenario, Night Floors...
  4. E

    Looking for recommendations: Hellboy / BPRD setting & system

    A bunch of friends and I are looking to start a new campaign and all of us are cool with jumping systems and settings. I'm pushing for a Hellboy-esque / Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense vibe... A touch of superhero, a touch of horror, a touch of Cthulhu, and a touch of modern...
  5. F

    [nWoD] BPRD Style Hunter

    I'd like to run a White Wolf Hunter Game, but a bit more of a cross between the TV Invisible Man show and the BPRD/Hellboy: characters are all reasonably powered (lesser template) freaks (extra XP + experience) w/ cinematic combat rules from Armory Reloaded. 1. What books do I need beyond...
  6. Tensen01

    [SotC] BPRD/Hellboy character Help for my players

    So I'm going to be resurrecting a BPRD game I ran several years ago in the Spirit of the Century system and I'm having a problem. A couple of my players are familiar neither with Hellboy nor Supernatural/Occult stuff very much. So I'm hoping you can provide a few possible/example character...
  7. D

    BPRD Black Goddess

    OK, my contact with the Hellboy universe has been sporadic, but I've been trying to be better. But, what are the red creatures swarming out with the frog monsters? And what are those enormous, Kaiju-esque bug creatures? I missed some kewl stuff, didn't I? Sincerely...
  8. K

    [SotC] Hellboy and BPRD

    I'm planning on running a Hellboy game in a couple of weeks at my local club and I'm going to use Spirit of the Century. Not sure if I'm going to use pre gens for the PC's (with them playing Hellboy, Abe, Liz etc) or let them generate their own. Anyway, here's my version of Hellboy, any...
  9. M

    Hellboy/BRPD - Which system?

    Hey all. What system would you use for a Hellboy game? If your answer is going to be GURPS Hellboy, then tell me why ... Basically, what system either emulates supernatural characters in Mignola's world well, gets the theme down pat, or both?
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