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  1. Anatosuchus

    [Britpack] d1000, d10,000 etc.

    Hi, I've seen some sets available in the US which have are d10s marked 0-9, 00-90, 000-900, 0000-9000 etc. all the way up to a d100,000 or more; over here I've only managed to find your standard percentiles 0-9 and 00-90. Can anyone recommend a UK-based shop which stocks the higher variants...
  2. P

    UK Games Expo 2014...anyone going?

    And has anyone who's been before got any survival tips for my first con in over a decade? I'm pretty much planning to hit the trade hall in search of those little gems still missing from my collection, maybe take in a panel or two and praise Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone for being so damn...
  3. D

    [UK] Con-Quest 2015 The Long Weekend

    We are pleased to announce the dates and venue for Con-Quest 2015. After its success in Derby for the last four years, Con-Quest 2015 will be a bigger event running all weekend long. Con-Quest 2015 ‘The Long Weekend’ takes place on Thursday 30th July to Monday 3rd August 2015 at John Foster...
  4. C

    [Comics] Scrapping/Selling a Collection

    So, I've only been collecting for a couple of years, since First Wave/Return of Bruce Wayne, but I've now got a heap of boxes of assorted stuff taking up stupid amounts of space in my tiny London flat. I'm basically looking to get rid of them and trade up select titles. Anyone have any...
  5. Baumi

    Is there a BIG Convention in London this Year?

    I want to visit London this year (last one was 15 Years ago) and it would be great if I could combine the Sightseeing with a big RPG Convention (like Gen-Con). So my question is ... is there one this Year and when?
  6. D

    [UK] Con-Quest May the Fourth 'be with you'

    The next Con-Quest Midlands takes place on Saturday May the 4th 'Be With You' 2013. Mark the date in your diaries, calendars, year planners, and schedules! A Star Wars/Sci-Fi themed event due to the auspicious date! "That's no moon. Whoops, yes it is!"
  7. Z

    UK Questions!

    Two big UK questions for an upcoming Laundry game... 1)The Laundry is sending in their team under a "police" cover. If this was the United States, I'd be saying "FBI task force". What is the British equivilant if there was, for example, what looks like a serial killer somewhere in the...
  8. L

    Dragonmeet (and more) discussed in the G*M*S Magazine podcast

    We have passed the 70 mark. And 71 is a number I don’t like. It looks untidy, so hurry up and listen to the podcast so we can get on with episode 72. It will come as no surprise to anyone that Kickstarter is still dominating the cyber-waves and with the launch of Kickstarter in the UK, things...
  9. Bruder_Wen

    [BRITPACK] Dragonmeet 2012....anyone going?

    So Dragonmeet is next week and I was wondering if any of the RPGNet blighty regulars were attending? I'm going, despite it being Xmas present buying season and was wondering if I was the only one. If anyone from these here parts is going, do you fancy meeting up? it would be nice to put some...
  10. P

    Eternal CONclave 2013

    AYE! Registration for Eterrnal CONclave 2013 is open! be quick and use our early bird fee what can you expect? - gaming and accomodation in a medival castle, overlooking the river rhine - german food, wines and beer - 3 brand new freeforms + kids specials (incl a kids-freeform) - special...
  11. S

    Games Shops in the UK

    There doesn't seem to be a search function on this board (not that I could find, anyway) so apologies if this replicates an existing thread... Short version: please post UK shops that sell RPGs here. Longer version: What physical games shops, with good selections of RPG materials are there are...
  12. Q

    Are there Summer Cons in England this year?

    I'm going to be in England second week of July until late August. What cons run during that time? Ideally ones with games on demand but I'm not too fussy.
  13. bottg

    UK Games Expo 2012

    With less than a week to go, any UK based gamers thinking of going? Anyone from further afield? Looks like some good guests & games: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/
  14. D

    Freeforms/LARPs at Continuum 2012

    Here are some of the Freeforms/LARPs games taking place at Continuum 2012. Details for sign-up to these games are on the Continuum 2012 Freeform Games Website. More games to be announced soon! The new policy is we will not be charging any of the players for playing in a freeform game; all...
  15. Dragonlover

    Does anyone else's local scene look like this?

    I was gonna post this in the 'Is the amount of gaming increasing or decreasing in your area' thread, but it didn't really fit there. The gaming scene round here (Southend, Essex) is really odd. There's three or four groups of gamers that I can think of right now, that have almost no cross...
  16. bottg

    Dragonmeet 2012

    Ok good folks of RPGnet. Who here will be attending Dragonmeet this year (saturday to be precise)? And if so, what are you looking forward to seeing?
  17. D

    [UK] Get Ready For Con-Quest Midlands 2012!

    Con-Quest Midlands 2012. Derby Assembly Rooms, Derby, UK Saturday 14th April 2012. http://www.con-quest.co.uk/ Here are the new flyers for Con-Quest 2012. The three dice signify the third event of Con-Quest, as it’s our third year!
  18. K

    [Urban Fantasy] How different is Britain as a setting?

    We've got an upcoming Dresden Files game set in our own Bristol (in the UK). All the urban fantasy I've ever come into contact with has been set in the US; Buffy/Angel, Blade and The Dresden Files primarily. There's a whole set of assumptions about culture, law and so on that come with that...
  19. W

    [vLTTP] Black Books

    Friends recommended it to me. They also pointed out 4oD has all of them free to watch on the web (at least for the Britpack). I just finished all three series over the Sunday in a massive archive binge... and I can't stop quoting it! It's a brilliant series, though! :D "My oven can cook...
  20. G

    Best place to get dice in the UK?

    Does anyone know a good and reasonably priced place I can get dice from? I'd really like to order a pound of dice because I'd like to get an assortment of different dice, but there's no UK sellers on ebay, Amazon UK has extortionate shipping prices (there was none for less than £30 total) and...
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