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burning wheel

  1. eggdropsoap

    Anyone played Burning Wheel in Glorantha?

    Glorantha is my favourite setting, and Burning Wheel is my favourite game. I’ve been thinking about combining them to get the best of both worlds. Burning Wheel’s personal-scale character drama and world-changing scope suit Glorantha really well, if I can get the magic and LPs to mesh enough...
  2. J

    [WFRP] Best Sourcebooks from 1E and 2E

    I'm plotting a Burning Wheel campaign set in the Old World, and there are all these lovely old WFRP books on DrivethruRPG. Thing is, there are too bloody many of them, and I don't know where to start. What are your favorite 1E and 2E sourcebooks for WFRP, and why? I'm mostly interested in fluff...
  3. C

    💀 Necro Burning Wheel for Romantic Fantasy

    I posted this on the Burning Wheel subreddit, but figured I might get more/varied advice here as well. :) I have a friend who's expressed interest in a romantic fantasy game, a la Valdemar or the excellent Sharing Knife series. It's admittedly not a genre I've read much of, but I thought BW...
  4. N

    Love Mouse Guard, should I get Burning Wheel? [Merged x2]

    I absolutely love my Mouse Guard 2nd edition box! What a great system and awesome setting/concept that was all new to me a couple of months ago. Now I am in love with the comics and the rpg system. I am kind of tired of classic high fantasy (if it's not Discworld...) so is there any point in me...
  5. T

    Burning Wheel Official Settings

    The question is very simple. Why not official produced and released complete and comprehensive fantasy settings for "the Burning Wheel" RPG, either from the original creator or via licensed 3rd parties? In my eye I find the lack of such relevant content to be very detrimental to any RPG success...
  6. J

    The Burning Wheel - Revised Edition, Gold Edition, The Codex, The Magic Burner, Regrets

    So six years ago I was living in London and even though I didn't have a gaming group there I had more cash than I needed and a hunger to fill my otherwise bare flat with beautiful books. This was accomplished by trips to Orc's Nest (a short walk from where I was studying at the time), browsing...
  7. HorusArisen

    [Burning Wheel+] Settings

    So Burning Wheel is hands down one of my favourite games but it's one that I collect rather than play, my group simply don't work with it. I was thinking outside of the implied setting who has done something else with it? What campaign worlds have you used it to create or run?
  8. sagaston

    [Burning Wheel] New Player Help?

    I've started playing in a Burning Wheel game, and I'm looking for first timer tips. The GM is a friend of mine, and there are 3 other players. None of us have ever played BW before. Character creation was pretty rocky, although we did eventually make characters. I understand that's the...
  9. C

    Burning Games: Tell me about your characters

    I've been reading BW lately, and reminded of how much fun character creation can be, even if I don't have a group. I came up with a farmer turned farrier who has romantic and family troubles, and would probably be a background NPC in any other game, Harn perhaps excepted. Does anybody have any...
  10. G

    [Maps!] New Campaign Map

    So I'm gearing up to run a campaign of Burning Wheel, and I've been using Inkarnate to work up the map. Here's the basic premise: Humans are strangers to these lands. They fled what was basically the end of the world, in which the gods died and everything was unmade. During this apocalypse, a...
  11. McCaber

    Burning Wheel HQ to publish Dungeon World

    https://www.burningwheel.com/?p=983 This sounds like great news for everyone involved! I do have to wonder if they're planning a collaboration down the line, because that thing would sell like hotcakes.
  12. K

    [Burning Wheel] Codex Kickstarter

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place...I have no affiliation with Luke Crane or the Burning Wheel folks, so this post is mostly out of excitement. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/burningwheel/the-burning-wheel-codex The Kickstarter would be for a codex that reprints the...
  13. GoldenH

    *Podcast* [Twitch] Playing Burning Wheel RPG live, Sundays at 5pm CST

    Hey all, with Roll20/Dungeon World's Adam Koebel doing a twitch stream of the game some of the other players in the community decided it was time to give the Burning Wheel RPG a shot. It's been super hard to find a game of, but we're all enthusiastic and have been reliably showing up! You can...
  14. briansommers

    Burning Wheel Gold: Duel of Wits

    If I understand this correctly. Do the players have to actually say and state their case? Suppose you have two players, one player isn't that smart and the other is in law school. Now wouldn't the law student have a strong advantage? And what about staying in character? What if the law...
  15. C

    Burning Wheel Gold: Question about PTGS tolerances

    Hi All, I'd ask this on the BW forums themselves, but they seem down at the moment. So I'm planning to run The Sword for some of my favorite gamers in a couple weeks, and in the process of prepping accessible character sheets for it have run into a minor question. What happens when a wound...
  16. C

    A question of Gaming ethics: Accessibility and Burning Wheel

    Hi All, As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've begun getting into Burning Empires lately, thanks to the PDF. My first love will always be fantasy, however, and no complete PDF for Burning Wheel Gold is available, or likely to be so as far as I'm aware. I am totally blind, and thus unable to...
  17. M

    Explain Burning Wheel's Duel of Wits to me

    In a social competition (negotiation, bartering, diplomacy, intimidation, etc), I'm used to either talking it out with the DM, and letting him decide whether I (the player) have been successful, or alternatively just rolling for an outcome, Charisma DC test or what have you. Sometimes it's a...
  18. C

    Burning Empires, PBP, and Player Buy-in

    Hi All, I've recently become interested in the Burning games from Luke Crane. I have Burning Empires in PDF, and am slightly intimidated. I think I grasp the essentials of most of the system in theory. The problems I have are player-related. For starters, I think I'd have trouble getting a...
  19. Chris J

    Burning Wheel Quick question

    How long does it take to create a villain npc, not a throwaway bad guy, but the big bad evil guy? I was once told it can take hours but surely that's if you create him like a pc. Do you have to do this?
  20. Devil

    Burning Wheel: Needlessly complex?

    Ok, so this is NOT a thread for slamming Burning Wheel, let me say that up front. Let me also say that I love learning and running new games; I'm not one of these fellas who runs the same system for 30 years (not that there's anything wrong with that). I have tried three different times, over...
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