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by night studios

  1. T

    Struggling with Investment in Vampire: the Masquerade

    I am playing in By Night Studio's Vampire: the Masquerade and Werewolf: the Apocalypse LARPs (through the Minds Eye Society). I attend every session of WtA; I love it. But I can't build the same enthusiasm for Masquerade, and I'm wondering why. In Werewolf, my first PC was a know-nothing cub...
  2. Gehennaheretic

    [BNS MET] Grapevine Menu available for the new system

    Hi all, Just a quick note. I've developed a menu file which lets you use Grapevine for the new By Night Studios Mind's Eye Theater Vampire the Masquerade games. I basically leveraged what I learned doing the nWoD Grapevine into this smaller project (I didn't have to mess with base...
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