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carnage amongst the stars

  1. Fred

    [3:16] Your fluff

    So, I’m gearing up to run a game of 3:16 at Rpol and I’m curious about other people’s fluff for their games, such as ship naming conventions (there was a thread about this before, but I couldn't find it). For example, regarding planet names, I was thinking of dividing groups of planets into...
  2. B

    [3:16] Questions about Vehicles and Bombs

    We're getting close to starting to see vehicles and bombs come into play. So before my players get promoted, I figured I should clear some stuff up. Sorry if these questions have totally obvious answers. Vehicles: 1. I assume the players who aren't piloting but still inside the Drop Ship or...
  3. G

    [3:16] More options to extend campaign play

    I've been brainstorming ideas to extend campaign 'life' for 3:16. Specializations: (not to be confused with the Specialists options created by someone else, however, they are compatible). Specializations are ranked Specialty, Expertise, & Mastery. They can only be upgraded in that order. 1)...
  4. B

    [3:16] Late Campaign Play

    I'm fairly new to RPGs and I've never actually had a long running campaign, so this may seem like a silly question. While I think 3:16 is pretty great and easy to understand/run/play, even for relative novices, I'm having a little trouble imagining what a high level campaign would look like. A...
  5. Tensen01

    [3:16] Ideas For a Fantasy Version

    Okay, so I've been thinking I'd love to run a fantasy game but I don't want to run anything but 3:16. So I decided to spitball some ideas. Now, I know there's going to be Carnage amongst the Tribes, but I'm thinking more of the traditional "Adventuring Party" type fantasy. So here's just a...
  6. C

    3:16 fansite launched

    I've launched a new fansite for Gregor Hutton's popular 3:16 roleplaying game, called Carnage Amongst The Web. On the site players and GMs can find all kinds of inspiration that they can use in their 3:16 games. I play the game and found it frustrating that fanwritten material for 3:16 is...
  7. Y

    [3:16] How would you resolve these cases?

    Just had my first session a few nights ago. A blast, as was expected. A couple of things need clarification, though: 1) Infiltrator aliens? I modified the syrens so that they could take any form, and especially the forms of the PC's loved ones. At one point, though, they took on the form of...
  8. Alex_P

    [3:16] "I Guess You Did Okay"

    <b>*** INTRODUCTION ***</b> <i>Three Sixteen: Carnage Amongst the Stars</i> is a role-playing game by Gregor Hutton, released in 2008. Participants play as space marines purging the universe of alien life. The game uses a lightweight, abstract combat system. Characters start out very simple --...
  9. Rain242

    [3:16] Carnage Amongst the Stars

    I ran my first game of 3:16 last Thursday and, although we didn't get to finish the second planet, it was a great session. Here, then, is a quick Actual Play account of our first time with the game. This may very well be continued if we have a second session later this week, in which case I'll...
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