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  1. wheloc

    Copies of THE SASSOON FILES Ordered Destroyed by Chinese Government

    The Sassoon Files (NSFW art warning on description page, but link is to SFW video in update) is a recently kickstarted Lovecraftian campaign set in 1920's Shanghai. The books were successfully printed in China, but they failed to pass some sort of Chinese-government inspection, and so the books...
  2. Menocchio

    Apple Censors Saga #12 Due to Gay Sex Scene

    Apple has refused to carry the 12th issue of Saga from Image Comics (one of my top two comics being published right now) due to a postage-stamp sized but supposedly quite explicit bit of gay sex. This has raised a few eyebrows since apple has gotten in trouble for censoring gay content before...
  3. RabidBunny

    [Britpack / Censorship] BBFC Rejects "Human Centipede Second Sequence"

    In a move that will doubtless draw equal praise / revulsion, the BBFC has rejected to certify Human Centipede Second Sequence for either Theatre or Home viewing. It's also considering whether it falls foul of the Obscene Publications Act as well; Link here. The director (Tom Six) was quick to...
  4. Matt.Ceb

    [Geo-Checking] Witcher 2, Australia, GOG and you.

    Read this: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/05/10/er-australia-gog-drops-geo-ip-check/#more-58961 And don't change your location from Australia to somewhere else if you're an Australian. No, that would be... Bad. Wouldn't it? *nudge nudge wink wink* That's awesome. Fuck that stupid...

    I just saw an ad for The King's Speech saying it was "now rated PG-13".

    Anybody care the explain what the eff that's about?
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