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  1. D

    Unearthed: Chainmail rules borrow heavily from earlier fantasy wargame system by Leonard Patt

    On his blog, Jon Peterson, author of Playing at the World has found a real blockbuster (if you're interested in D&D history) - an issue of NEWA magazine The Courier which contains rules by one Leonard Patt for a fantasy wargame that predates Chainmail, and which Gary Gygax almost certainly would...
  2. Old Geezer

    CHAINMAIL Rules for Medieval Miniatures

    So, this year (2015) at Gary Con in March, I will, for the third year, be running "Battle on the Ice" from the movie "Alexander Nevsky," using the CHAINMAIL rules by Gary Gygax and Jeff Perrin. This year, Jeff Perrin is one of the VIP guests at Gary Con! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
  3. T

    [ACKS/Mass Combat] Domains at War: what will you do with it?

    Domains at War is, like its inspiration Chainmail, a set of rules for fantasy/ancient/medieval warfare that can be played as a stand-alone wargame; integrated into a stragetic campaign; or used to handle mass combat in any RPG that shares concepts like hit points and armor class. It's currently...
  4. S

    [Chainmail Fantasy Supplement] Question About Spell Complexity Effects

    I dug out my old PDF of Chainmail to review the man-to-man and fantasy-supplement rules, and I love them bunches, but I've got a confusion regarding the effects table for the optional spell-complexity rules. Here's an excerpt: Complexity Effect Seer 1 I D N 8 7 5...
  5. A

    How long did it take to make (chain)Mail?

    Ars Magica 5th edition puts the process of creating a set of mail at one season, or about 800 man-hours, for a well-trained armorer. That seems like a lot, but I admit I don't have anything solid to base that on. Just the feeling that there are probably less than 800 links in a set, and each...
  6. L

    [OD&D] It's coming...

    I'm going through a final edit of a new OD&D-related game I'm going to post. The working title is 'Platemail', and the central conceit is that it is the game we would have if we lived in an alternate universe whe 'chainmail' evolved instead of being replaced and supplanted by D&D as we know it...

    [chainmail] dead tree version?

    Im looking over my "Chainmail Miniatures Game Core Rulebook" that I purchased from drivethrurpg and I was wondering if it was ever produced non electrconically? I have the booklette that came with the chainmail starter kit, but this looks to hold a lot more info (80 pgs vs 148 pgs)
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