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changeling the dreaming

  1. LatinaBunny

    Changeling: the Dreaming Player’s Guide is out! Anyone read it yet?

    Ooh! I saw the Player’s Guide for Changeling: the Dreaming (20th Anniversary version), and I’m definitely putting it on my future to-buy list. I’m not going to play Changeling as-is (and will make some changes to some elements—like softening the Seelie/Unseelie divisions and Banality), but I...
  2. IanWatson

    Onyx Path Publishing Now Available: Changeling20 Kithbook: Boggans and V20 Lore of the Clans deluxe

    http://theonyxpath.com/now-available-kithbook-boggans-and-lore-of-the-clans-deluxe/ Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Kithbook: Boggans for Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition! Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest differences in life, and nowhere...
  3. L

    Thinking of how to make a Ravenloft/Changeling: The Lost crossover

    Basically, I plan someday to run a Halloween game where a bunch of changelings find that their minds keep on being drawn into the Demiplane of Dread to match wits with the co-overlords of the Nightmare Lands (who actually are separate darklords in my view-part of their curse is that they need to...
  4. mrlost

    Looking for Changeling the Dreaming maps of Albion

    I just ordered a copy of Isle of the Might in the vain hope that there is cartography in it, does anyone know if there are any fan made or official Changeling maps of England?
  5. Rook S.

    [C20] Fever Dreams [Recruitment]

    It's only June, but Indian Summer reigns in the County of Dreaming Trees, known to mortals as the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Balefires burn brighter than they have in a decade, even as Dreamers wake screaming from visions they cannot describe. Count Diarmuid's seneschal's denials...
  6. zenten

    [Changeling the Dreaming] BNS has announced a new Changeling MET

    According to Facebook posts (that I don't know how to link to) By Night Studios just announced at a con that they will be coming out with a new Mind's Eye Theatre book. First off, does anyone know of a verifiable, linkable source? Second, do you think they'll be including setting info, new...
  7. zenten

    [Changeling the Dreaming] 20th Anniversary Backer PDF

    Anyone read it yet? I'm just downloading it right now. I'm such a combination of nervous and excited.
  8. Sabermane

    [Riff] Changeling the Dreaming: The Great and Secret Game

    No remembers what game was played between the Lords of the High Fae and the mortal known as the Cheater that Lost and Won (or the Cheater’s name, but tha’s what happens when you gamble that much), but we all knew the result--the Fae agreed to a gesa that magic would not touch the world of man...
  9. 2

    [Changeling: the Dreaming][Let's Read] Changeling: the Celtic Cycle

    Inspired by responses to this thread. I've never done one of these before, but I'll do my best for as long as I can. Changeling: the Celtic Cycle is an oddity among fan-splats. It's somewhere between fifteen and twenty years old-- There's no date on it, so I would guess around there. It's an...
  10. 2

    Changeling: the Celtic Cycle-- Any actual play experience?

    Changeling: the Celtic Cycle was a fan reimagining of White Wolf's Changeling: the Dreaming where the nature of the PCs was completely different-- Instead of being fae souls continually reincarnated in human bodies, changelings were people descended from fairy bloodlines, whose magic...
  11. K

    [Changeling: The Dreaming] Favorite Noble House?

    Continuing with our discussion of CtD, I thought it would be fun to specifically talk about the sidhe and their houses. Which one do you like best? (Please note: since there are 13 houses but only 12 possible choices available here, I combined Balor and Leanhaun into one choice).
  12. G

    [C:tD] The End of the Purple Reign

    So, I'm half looking for advice, half bragging, half wondering what the hell happened today. (And an eighth being bad at fractions.) So, a few of my players are more likely be free to game than the others, and we've been talking about starting up a second game that might happen more regularly...
  13. Mira

    [Changeling] Anyone remember a fan-made Changeling game before Changeling: The Lost?

    I've got a question for you folks about the Changeling games! :) Specifically, I remember that, after Changeling: The Lost was announced, someone came up with a vision for their own version of a Changeling game; a version that showed what the author thought a new Changeling game should be like...
  14. Matt.Ceb

    [Changeling:the Dreaming] Kickstarter (hype after the storm)

    Okay. The OPP Changeling logo is beautiful. Well done! :)
  15. The Unshaven

    (Changeling: The Dreaming) A perspective on events my family will never 'get.'

    So my family has weird shit happen around them and they kind of wander through it without really paying attention. Sometimes this goes to some very Changeling places. They told me a story about what happened after my nephew was born, and I heard it with completely different ears than they did...
  16. legopaidi

    [Changeling] Please summarize every edition (both system-wise & story-wise)

    Hello people! Seems i'm in a WW trip these days and constantly trying to learn more about games i missed first time around. So, Changeling. There are 3 editions that i know of (and C:TD V20 that's forthcoming) Changeling The Dreaming 1e Changeling The Dreaming 2e Changeling The Lost Could...
  17. TechnocratJT

    Changeling 20 confirmed.

    Ok, there was never really a serious question, you don't have a vastly successful Mage 20 KS and then release Wraith 20 and stop. But it's not on the schedule ( sicne the schedule would not cover its release, which would be after next August ). But here is the confirmation via twitter. With...
  18. Sabermane

    Let's Read Changeling: the Dreaming!

    Hey, If White Wolf thought of their books as their babies, than Vampire would have been the popular and stylish daughter that was class president and planning on being a lawyer. Werewolf would have been the big brother that played football and X-Box a bit too much, rowdy and a bit loud but at...
  19. A

    Changeling: The Dreaming + Dark Ages: Fae + Changeling: The Lost

    Hi there! I'm new and wasn't sure about where to post an intro thread, so this will act as one and an inquiry. I'm a huge RPer and lore fanatic. My favourite settings and worlds are D&D (Forgotten Realms pre-3e), WoD (Changeling: The Dreaming, Dark Ages: Fae, Changeling: The Lost, Vampire: The...
  20. Galliard

    For Sale 2nd Hand - [Australia - Shipping Wordlwide] Odds/Ends including C:tD, Dark Sun

    Same as my other thread on Shadowrun items, I need to get my closet clear of items that while I love them, they are taking up space. These titles (which I will update as I go through storage boxes) are all used but in pretty good nick unless otherwise indicated. Everway - Visionary...
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