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changeling: the dreaming

  1. Monkey-x

    Do Dead changelings retain their far mien?

    If a Changeling were to suffer mortal death would other changeling still see its face mein or because it’s soula has departed to the dreaming find it missing?
  2. LatinaBunny

    Changeling: the Dreaming Player’s Guide is out! Anyone read it yet?

    Ooh! I saw the Player’s Guide for Changeling: the Dreaming (20th Anniversary version), and I’m definitely putting it on my future to-buy list. I’m not going to play Changeling as-is (and will make some changes to some elements—like softening the Seelie/Unseelie divisions and Banality), but I...
  3. F

    [CtD 20th] Simplifying clunky rules in Changeling

    I’m preparing to run a Changeling the Dreaming campaign, and as I look over the 20th Anniversary rulebook, I see a lot of rules that are clunky and/or add unnecessary dice rolls. This is worst when combining the use of a finite resource such as Willpower. Some examples are listed below...
  4. JustinCognito

    [C:tD] How to Make Sinister Autumn People?

    So, one of the things I've pointed out over the years in the differences between Werewolf and Changeling is that fomori are often a clear and present danger. Not only are they walking blights on the face of the earth who are either dealing with all the wracking pains of soul cancer or exulting...
  5. K

    Advice on a Changeling: The Dreaming antagonist

    I got C:20 for Christmas this year and i want to play it soon. While thinking up antagonists, i came up with a land development firm called Pericles. Can i have advice on how to make a land development firm a threat to Changelings?
  6. mrlost

    Looking for Changeling the Dreaming maps of Albion

    I just ordered a copy of Isle of the Might in the vain hope that there is cartography in it, does anyone know if there are any fan made or official Changeling maps of England?
  7. Sabermane

    [Riff] Changeling the Dreaming: The Great and Secret Game

    No remembers what game was played between the Lords of the High Fae and the mortal known as the Cheater that Lost and Won (or the Cheater’s name, but tha’s what happens when you gamble that much), but we all knew the result--the Fae agreed to a gesa that magic would not touch the world of man...
  8. Barghest

    It's my birthday--I want Proselytizing Velociraptors! (and other Changeling: The Dreaming-related things)

    Forty years old. *sigh* So, I'm really into Changeling: The Dreaming right now, but I never got into the Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt card game back when it was available. In all these years, there's only one thing about missing out on it that still bugs me--the perplexing mystery that is the...
  9. K

    [Changeling: The Dreaming] Favorite Noble House?

    Continuing with our discussion of CtD, I thought it would be fun to specifically talk about the sidhe and their houses. Which one do you like best? (Please note: since there are 13 houses but only 12 possible choices available here, I combined Balor and Leanhaun into one choice).
  10. K

    Changeling: The Dreaming- Your Favorite Kith?

    So, let's talk about the basic character options for Changeling the Dreaming. Which did you like best?
  11. Dawgstar

    [Changeling: The Dreaming] Why did the sidhe come back?

    So there's the moon landing and despite it being fake (joke), the wonder leads to a huge surge of Glamour and the Resurgence. Trods open up to Arcadia. All fine and well. While my Changeling collection isn't as complete as some for my other lines, I never saw the reason why the sidhe left...
  12. B

    [Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition]The Battle's Lost & Won

    So, the Kickstarter is almost over, but the playtest has barely begun. We made characters a couple of weeks ago, but I just hadn't gotten around to doing a post about it. Now's a good time, though. First, the characters: Thaia (childling/Autumn sidhe): Thaia is a lady of House Scathach. She...
  13. zenten

    [necro][Changeling: The Dreaming+] Where we ramble about what we love about Changeling

    I'm so excited about new Changeling that I can't even keep it together. Like, OMG, Nockers. And Chimera. And glamour and banality to describe the otherwise indescribable experiences that don't map well into standard English. And passion. And frustration. And picking up a stick that is...
  14. Matt.Ceb

    [Changeling:the Dreaming] Kickstarter (hype after the storm)

    Okay. The OPP Changeling logo is beautiful. Well done! :)
  15. U

    (oChangeling) A Formorian has come

    So, through a combination of bad luck, treachery and ancient magic, a lone Formorian has found it's way to Earth and is at large in the PCs city. How screwed are the PCs? What can be done to stop the Formorian? What does it want, anyway?
  16. Q

    [Changeling] [riff] The Lost Come Home From The Dreaming

    I have an idea rattling around in my head about a Changeling mashup. Basically, I want to take the history and backstory of Changeling: The Dreaming, and have it change entirely around 1969. When the Moon landing occurs, and all that Glamour goes to reactivating the old trods? It turns out that...
  17. D

    [Changeling: The Dreaming] So how would you do the sidhe?

    There's a lot of controversy over in the C20 thread over how the sidhe were portrayed in previous editions, how their relationships with commoners were, and how much focus they got versus other groups (The Shining Host, the House Books, and so on). So, I was curious how you would portray the...
  18. TechnocratJT

    Changeling 20 confirmed.

    Ok, there was never really a serious question, you don't have a vastly successful Mage 20 KS and then release Wraith 20 and stop. But it's not on the schedule ( sicne the schedule would not cover its release, which would be after next August ). But here is the confirmation via twitter. With...
  19. Barghest

    So, about that Changeling: The Dreaming spine art...

    I'm going to be starting a game of Changeling: The Dreaming next Sunday, for four players who have never played the game before. It's nothing I haven't done before, it should be fun; all four of them want to play Childlings. So I've been looking through a lot of C:tD books over the last week...
  20. Sabermane

    Let's Read Changeling: the Dreaming!

    Hey, If White Wolf thought of their books as their babies, than Vampire would have been the popular and stylish daughter that was class president and planning on being a lawyer. Werewolf would have been the big brother that played football and X-Box a bit too much, rowdy and a bit loud but at...
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