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changeling: the lost

  1. T

    [Changeling: the Lost] Campaign Concept – Isekai Arcadia

    Summary My idea is to run a campaign where the local Keepers are infatuated with the Isekai concept. They kidnap mortals to populate their world, turning them into demon lords and adventurers, placing them in constant conflict. The local freehold is composed of denizens who escaped this madness...
  2. G

    Changeling: The Lost 2e Kickstarter is live! [non-POD/shipping discussion]

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/changeling-the-lost-2nd-edition I'm so excited for this!!!
  3. Aysez

    [White Wolf] So, any updates on the 2nd edition of Changeling the lost?

    It's been a while, so I figured I'd ask if there was any news. I've been waiting for it for what seems forever.
  4. M

    Bundle of Holding - Changeling: the Lost

    https://bundleofholding.com/presents/ChangelingLost So, for those of you who have interest in Changeling: The Lost from 1e nWoD (Pre-Chronicles, that is), looks like you've got a good opportunity here. I quite enjoyed this version/take on the concept of a Changeling. I enjoyed both versions...
  5. B

    CtL/PtC One-Shot: The More You Struggle

    Yesterday I ran a Changeling: The Lost/Promethean: The Created one-shot, mostly to get Skip back to our Promethean chronicle. So! We've got four characters. Ellie Graves, a Telluric changeling who was last seen here chasing werewolves; Skip, an Ulgan Promethean last seen flying off a mountain...
  6. kitty voodoo

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Changeling the Lost] The Freehold of Las Vegas

    I've been to Las Vegas NV several times now, most recently about two weeks ago and I love visiting there. Ever since I got back I've been obsessed with the idea of the city as a setting. And I think Changeling the Lost would be an ideal game to use Las Vegas as a backdrop for. The flash and...
  7. G

    [CofD] Post your Durances!

    The Durance is one of the coolest parts of CtL, but it's something that sometimes people have trouble with, so why not have a thread where we can post Durances, either ones our characters have or just ideas? Brittany Martin always loved fantasy. Fantasy novels, Dungeons and Dragons, fairy...
  8. N

    New York Goblin Market for Changeling The Lost

    New York City Goblin Market ​So I'm running a Mage the awakening game and my PC's are heading to the goblin market next session. They are after a mage that escaped from the guardians of the veil. They can't track him and think he might have sold his name at the goblin market. (Which he did)...
  9. TavelGorge

    [Changeling: The Lost] Playthings

    We are running a changeling game. Im not familiar with changeling at all so this is very new territory for me. We have two definite Changelings who have escape the hedge and one miscellaneous character in the mix. We also bash Hummers a fair bit. Playthings is looking like a weekly game. Again i...
  10. C

    [nWoD] Mixing Up Changeling Courts

    We're finally starting to introduce Changeling characters and ideas into my mortal WoD game, so I thought it would be about time to cement what those ideas were. After looking through the core book again, I realized that I wasn't really about most of the default Courts. I realize that they're...
  11. S

    Changeling the Lost without all the organizations?

    I just started a Changeling: The Lost campaign with my players. (serial numbers filed of version with Fate tbh) It is set in modern day London and all characters only recently fled from from their captors. ("Träumer von London" please stop reading her). Now the group has made contact with the...
  12. X

    [Changeling: The Lost] Element ruling

    Hi, When taking the Elemental Contract, and you specify the element, how general must the/ can the element be? (ie metal, can you switch between iron and copper, is light just visible or the full spectrum?)
  13. That Other Guy

    [nWoD][necro] Changeling 2e Open Development Thread!

    So, there's a new Open Development blog up, this time looking at Beasts! (No, not that kind, the other kind) [Insert Florence And The Machine's "Howl" here] I'm really liking what I see here, and I'm intrigued by some of the implications to the wider system, especially with the 'escape bonds'...
  14. C

    [nWoD] Changeling Phenomenon for Mortal PCs

    I'm running a campaign set in Seattle (not necessarily canon Seattle though) where the group are a bunch of non-powered mortals. They have no XP and no access to special equipment, though they do have interesting local connections (with city officials, the local media, police) as well as an...
  15. C

    [nWoD/Fate Core] Suggestions on a light conversion?

    I'm about ready to start a World of Darkness game with my players (as detailed a little bit in this thread) and the more I look through some of the books, the more I realize that I don't really want to use the default WoD mechanics. The thing I like about base WoD is that it's over all pretty...
  16. S

    Laws in nWoD Changeling the Lost?

    I am working on a setting for Changeling where the courts have actually established a strong foothold over a significant area, actually spanning multiple cities in the northern US. I want to have the characters getting entangled in the laws of the freehold, but that means having a set of laws...
  17. S

    NWoD Changeling: Is it worrth picking up?

    Hi all, I like urban fantasy settings like Dresden and Harry Potter and every once in a while I get in the mood to do a one shot or short campaign. I like the Evil Hat Dresden Files and occasionally will use Shadowrun to tell these stories as well. I was in my FLGS over the weekend and I spied...
  18. Baroness Nerak

    [Changeling: The Lost] Malibu Dream House

    Changeling: Malibu Dream House is a Changeling: The Lost Campaign based in the Santa Monica and Malibu area of California USA. The Changelings have been entrusted with ownership of a Cabaret and Burlesque called the Malibu Dream House by their Courts (Well, those with Seasonal Courts have, the...
  19. salinea

    [Changeling the Lost] How are Season Kings & Queens picked?

    Is it some sort of elections or process of succession or is it a magical effect tied to the Mantle and Wyrd? Or a mixture of both? I'd like to have some intrigue based upon such things but there seems to be very little basis in the book that I could find at first glance about how such choices...
  20. D

    Are there any other games where people are or can be turned into fae or fae-like beings?

    I love the concepts behind Changeling: The Lost and was wondering are there any other games where people can be transformed into fae or beings like the fae.
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