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chaotic fiction

  1. prankster_dragon

    [WIW] Slenderman: TJA Projects

    So, Slenderman. It's a pretty popular thing 'round these parts it seems. As are Let's Watch/WIW threads related to Mr. Tall, Dark and Faceless. Since the “Big 3” series (Marble Hornets, everymanHybrid and TribeTwelve) are all being covered in their own threads, I figured I'd take a stab at...
  2. T

    [Slender Man Mythos] The Complete Video Mythos (WIP)

    So I'm making a giant playlist with pretty much every Slender Man series, with all the episodes arranged in chronological order by release date. At least one other person has done this before, but his lists - while very useful and cool - are incomplete and out of date...
  3. T

    [Let's Watch!] TribeTwelve

    With this thread, Other Media will have covered all of the "Big Three" Slender Man Mythos video series (check out the other two threads! Marble Hornets and everymanHYBRID). TribeTwelve was actually the second series to be created, as far as I know, and started out as very much a ripoffhomage...
  4. T

    [Let's Watch!] Poll: Which slendervlog series should I do next?

    Okay, so now Other Media has up-to-date Let's Watch threads on both Marble Hornets and everymanHYBRID. So what's next? You tell me! Which of these sounds fun to you? * TribeTwelve - the third of the "big three." Starts out as a very deliberate pastiche of Marble Hornets but goes off in its...
  5. AliasiSudonomo

    [Let's Watch] Marble Hornets

    Hey, all! This is something of a companion thread to Topher's everymanHYBRID thread. Marble Hornets is a web-original series that, thanks to relative popularity, tends to be either mimicked, made fun of, or subverted by other Slenderman-related ARGs and chaotic fiction. The upshot is, as Marble...
  6. T

    [Let's Watch] everymanHYBRID

    Hello Other Media! You'd probably like to know what this thread is all about. I'll clarify for you. 1) What is everymanHYBRID? It's a web-original series organized as a chaotic fiction / alternate reality game. Three "everyman" college guys decide to make an amateur fitness/health video series...
  7. T

    [ARG/Chaotic Fiction] The Slender Man Mythos

    New website that I think is pretty cool. It's basically meant to be an introduction and/or web portal to the chaotic fiction/ARG aspects of the Slender Man mythology. The guy is still putting it together, but it's already useful. It's got an FAQ to explain just what the heck is all this Slender...
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