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character builds

  1. M

    🎨 Creative My Conversions

    I figured that rather that start new treads every time I get the urge to post some conversions, or even some of my own creations, I do like Kreuzritter and place them all in one spot and just post here when I get some done. So also links to all my old treads...
  2. gtroc

    🎨 Creative [Heroes Unlimited]Worlds Strongest...A game

    H'okay so I have a fun little game I sometimes play and I would like to share it with you. Its a game where I make characters for Palladium's various games. See I love Palladium's games. One of my first games was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness which I still love to this day. I...
  3. Kreuzritter

    🎨 Creative [M&M] Kreuz Control: a thread for my character builds

    Hello, and Welcome to Kreuz Control, what I hope will be a pilot thread for this new subforum, meant to put this place through the paces because of our hard post limit of 5000, for the foreseeable future I will be focussing on reposting from my 3rd edition build thread from the official Mutants...
  4. kitty voodoo

    SVL's Big Thread of Fate Characters

    I did this once before with ICONS and it was great fun so I'm going to try it again only with FATE. All characters are FATE Core unless otherwise noted, in which case they're probably a SOTC/FATE Core hybrid. Feel free to ask questions, comment, critique and provide general feedback. If you...
  5. Chikahiro

    [5e] Whats the most FUN build you've made so far?

    Effectiveness is NOT a concern. Whether planned out or an unexpected joy, what's the most fun character build you've made so far? Doesn't matter if it's character driven, adapting to a campaign, whatever. FUN is the watchword here :)
  6. T

    Shadowrun 4th Edition Elf face, Need some help here.

    Hi hi. Just joined the forum so if I am at the wrong place feel free to punt me and the post to the right place. Anyway I want to play a face in a upcoming shadowrun game and need a bit of help. Kinda need a bit of feedback on what I got so far is all. First impression, Lucky Addiction...
  7. R

    [4e] Ideas / Builds for a fun, simple Fox iaijutsu specialist?

    A friend's decided to convert 3.x Kara-Tur to 4th edition and we'll be playing characters who may be members of a tong or ninja clan. Character jam session is on Sunday and I was wondering if there were any good themes/builds for an iaijutsu specialist fox hengeyokai. I was thinking of playing...
  8. Mengtzu

    [Changeling: the Lost] What are Changelings good at out of the gate?

    We've got an upcoming C:tL game, and I'm really struggling trying to put a character together (most of my concepts die a horrible death at the Merits step). I think I'm going about it the wrong way - I need to grok the problem space and make a concept that fits, rather than throw random...
  9. M

    [Dresden Files RPG] Trying to Emulate ShadowRun (2nd) Shamanism

    I am trying to put together a Street Shaman (high power level) using the Dresden Files (or Fate generally), and I am having trouble with the, well, almost the whole thing. I've looked at temporary minions, variable powers... just not quite sure where to go next. Thoughts?
  10. DigitalRaven

    [WT2] Does this character make sense?

    250 points, Talent Squad cop. My first WT character. How's it look, build wise? Dossier: Officer Robyn "Neon" Hastings Nationality American Race Caucasian DOB 1990-08-22 Height 1.65m Weight 52kg Appearance When people say "Cops look younger and younger these days!" they may well be referring...
  11. A

    D&D 3.5 Newbie character building advice

    I'm a very brand new player (2nd campaign ever) working on my very first spellcaster. Was 7th level human sorcerer until she died and was reincarnated as a gnome. We have a blaster already, so I see no point in continuing down to level 20 sorcerer. The party is one paladin, one...
  12. M

    [Wild Talents] Pimp my Mind (stat)

    So I’ve been wondering lately what can be done by tacking on extras to the base stats in Wild Talents. I’ve seen plenty of characters written up with extras added to Body or Coordination. It makes sense bricks, brawlers, speedsters and acrobats are all a big part of the super hero genre. It’s...
  13. S

    Spiked Chain Tank build??

    Hi I am new to D&D and i need some help making a tank that uses a spiked chain. Our Starting level will be 12. My DM is letting me us a Goliath as a large creature(for the increased reach) even though it is a medium, but i don't know what my class should be. I plan on getting an animated...
  14. T

    [4e] Con-based Warlock Help!

    Hi all, I apologize that the first post here is going to be on the brief and possible uninformative end of things, but that's never stopped me from trying to get answers before! ;) I'll be sure to post his current build tomorrow. So here's my general problem: The party just leveled up to 8...
  15. G

    Character suggestions

    This is a foolishly unlabeled 4th Edition D&D thread I'm making a 1st level Dwarf Shaman for an all-Dwarf game that's starting in the near future and I'd like some opinions on which of (a few) options I should go with, as well as anything I might not have considered. Who else? The party is...
  16. F

    [3e] Building an Interesting Rogue?

    Howdy, So, let's say I want to play a Rogue or other skill heavy character? What are the builds you can use to make it an interesting character to play? I mean, a variety of different things you can do in and out of combat. Alex
  17. A

    [3e] Kitsune Arcane Rogue?

    (First off, I'm new here. I don't know if this is the exact thread for this post, or if I should even post it here. If it's in the wrong spot, just tell me and I'll move and/or delete it, kay?) So, I just found the very awesome race created by kobold quarterly, which has now made me obsessed...
  18. YourSwordisMine

    [4e] Paladins. Is it worth changing out Lay on Hands?

    I'm planning on playing a Dwarf Ardent Paladin and was planning on switching out Lay on Hands for Ardent Vow. Is losing the ability to heal for 7hps twice an encounter but gaining the ability to do 7 extra damage twice per encounter? 14 extra damage could mean shorter fights but the lay on hands...
  19. RadioKen

    [4e] Help Me Build A Fightin' Sailor

    I'm trying to make the following character concept work in 4e, and I'm having a little trouble. He's a big, not too bright, brawling sailor--essentially REH's Dennis Dorgan/Steve Costigan, reskinned as a half-orc and transplanted to a D&D context. I really want him to be a defender-type...
  20. S

    [Exalted] Twilight-less Essence Reactor

    One of my first idea for a character was to use Essene Gathering Temper, but given how recieving damage is not a valid option I soon gave up. But today it hit me that it was possible to use it with Anointment of Miraculous Health, which doesn't heal you after the fact but before. Those health...
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