1. S

    Character and Monster Art

    Hi! I'm great at monster concept art work so shoot me a description and what you want to pay and we can negotiate on price! Here are some examples:
  2. Fred

    #92: Lords of the Four Hills Summary: Remembering Stan Lee through his heroes. Go to the column for more information.
  3. Lenin

    Daniella Sofia Ruiz Ortega

    An extra/ultra-terrestrial excursion has occurred in Philadelphia and the city is now inhabited by things with too many tentacles. Something something teams of disparate individuals something Daniella Sofia Ruiz Ortega, a Genesys character built on 100 pts. Daniella Sofia Ruiz Ortega Human...
  4. R

    #88: Who's Candlekeep? Summary: A look at a supernatural villain. Go to the column for more information.
  5. Lenin

    Lt Foxy Brown, Starfleet

    For an upcoming Star Trek Adventures game, my starting concept was "Pam Grier in a Starfleet uniform": Then I discovered that it was a TNG game: Character sheet currently looks like this: Name: Lt Foxy Brown Species: Human Environment: Busy Colony Upbringing: Starfleet Assignment: Command...
  6. Lenin

    More Characters, More Art

    Some other characters I've played and made art for recently: Brooke Summerton A pre-gen Halfling PC from a Fantasy Age game. There’s a story about the duck; though it’s not very interesting, it does contain the phrase “guard duck”. Anson Jack Human Jack (as in "jack of all trades")...
  7. V

    Characters you've played based on other characters.

    I was just reminded a little while ago of a character I played a few years ago named the Miraculous Marcus Mallard or "Triple M". He was an ex-athlete in a Serenity game I had played based on Terrible Tarry Tate from the old Nike ads. He was a blast to play and reminiscing about him made me...
  8. V

    Concept artist/Illustrator available for freelance work

    Hi everyone, My name is Vito Rafiie and I'm a freelance concept artist and illustrator currently available for work. If you like my art, don't hesitate to contact me at: Here is some of my work:
  9. T

    IC Trouble Shooting Game Show: Now with spectator interaction! (Paranoia XP)

    Welcome viewers and contestants! In this year 214 of THE GLORIOUS COMPUTER we have a special mission. A mission on par with the RED clearance and skillsets of five newly promoted Troubleshooters. Here is the Party Description as copied from The Computer's Paranoia XP RPG Tool. It is 6:10am...
  10. V

    Suggestions on How Characters Take Damage

    Plugging away at my game and I could use a few suggestions on how damage can be dealt to characters. To give everyone some context, the game is set in a dystopian steampunk Britain, where the players are all punks living in slums and using the junk around them to survive. The game uses a...
  11. W

    Any willing to sell/trade their Outlaw from Shadows of Brimstone KS?

    I would be just as happy to have a scan of all the cards, sheet...and Id even pay for that. But is anyone willing to sell theirs or trade..I can do custom artwork, cards etc. Will work for Games :) Thanks
  12. R

    ePIC Character Generator

    Hello, i want let you know, the second version of ePic Generator is avaible. It's free with three demopack. You can buy content packs for it. here is some example what made with the generator. ---making centaur: check --making drow: check --making modern: check ---making scifi: check...
  13. roko_joko

    101 HeroQuest Glorantha characters

    HeroQuest Glorantha! In this thread characters can come from anywhere in the setting, and if you're wondering "would the GM allow XYZ", the answer is yes. The complete chargen rules are in the book, but here's the summary: 1. Flicker Pippi Longstocking meets Davy Crockett meets Odysseus...
  14. C

    building characters via careers

    I've been putting my rules together for a while, but i've hit a snag, What I'm trying to do is use the career part of a characters background to define the attributes. So, for example, spending time as a librarian would boost the intelligence attribute, spending time as a soldier would boost...
  15. W

    Do you guys use or need art for your RPG campaigns ever?

    I was wondering if some people or groups use or make their own art for their games? Such as their custom characters, NPCs, etc? Do you think there is a market for cheap ($5) B/W ink artwork for gamers/groups?
  16. Talon65

    Post your Pirate character!

    I've been having a blast in a Savage Worlds 50 Fathoms campaign for awhile now. After searching the forums and to my surprise, it seems that no one has started a post your pirate characters thread, so I'm starting one. Anyone not familiar with 50 Fathom's, witches have cursed their fantasy...
  17. L

    [LEGENDARY GAMES] Fantastic characters from Neil Spicer - NAUTICAL HEROES!

    If you haven't had the pleasure of checking out characters the way master storyteller Neil Spicer does it, you have got to check this out for 42 pages of mind-blowing detail and creativity. If your campaign might launch out upon the deep, these Nautical Heroes could be your best friends, your...
  18. P

    Care to create a Character for Beyond Your Dreams?

    Hey all! It's been rough to find time to run full playtests like I really wish I could. I'd really appreciate if anyone could take a little bit of time to generate a fairly quick character for the game. If you're still interested, let's get right to it. If any more reference is needed, feel free...
  19. Steve Conan Trustrum

    Misfit Studios SS&MM: Bound Entity Released

    Supernatural Supers & Metahuman Mystics: Bound Entity now available to possess your characters' ... interest This release for Supernatural Supers & Metahuman Mystics provides you with a new archetype, the Bound Entity. A bound entity is a damned soul, spirit, or the like who has been set free...
  20. R

    Character image and token generator.

    finally released. make a character image like this:
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