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  1. theliel

    [Minis/Wargaming Culture] Weird Sexist/Toxic Minatures Company Habits

    So over in the other thread we got asked to Take it to Other Games Open, so here it is. Spawning this was yet another round of 'infinibooty' in the form of the Tech Bee That's someone who's supposed to be on the battlefield. and Guija Pilot That's one of the new models that's supposed...
  2. P

    "But would my daughter play with these minis"

    Starting a new miniatures game. Purchasing new minis. Discussing selections in a Finnish wargame forum. I stated that I ordered my minis from the US even though it meant that I had to pay customs, because the selection had a good variety of female miniatures that were similar in pose and gear to...
  3. S

    No Female Space Marines

    I'm almost a little afraid to show you this: http://shop.prodosgames.com/en/space-crusaders/248-space-crusade-board-game.html http://shop.prodosgames.com/en/72-space-crusaders for better pictures of the figures. It's a link to Prodos (Warzone Resurrection) new Space Crusader's board game...
  4. V

    Cheesecake/beefcake images in RPGs: offensive or evocative?

    I've been commissioning artwork for Tower of Adamant for a few months now and have avoided any hint of cheesecake or beefcake in the images. In looking through various artists works, I've seen many images that are blatant in their T&A factor, while others show 'skin' and yet seem evocative...
  5. Owesome

    Explain To Me: Cheesecake Miniatures.

    I don't get it. I mean, I sort of get it, in the sense that it's an aesthetic people enjoy. But I'd be really, really embarassed to plonk down a topless female barbarian on the table in a game, and there's other avenues people can explore for cheesecake if they really desire it.
  6. T

    [NSFW] Sexy, quite possibly cheesecakey RPG artwork of women

    What's your favorite cheesecakey or sexy art of women in an RPG product, or an RPG-related style? Boob-mail, damsels in distress, or just plain hot chicks. I'm a fan of the sexy sorceress in an improbably skimpy outfit myself.
  7. Rolzup

    Who is the target of cheesecake art?

    I had a conversation about RPGs with my sister-in-law a few years back, although I’ll be damned if I can remember what started us on the topic. Much to my surprise, she’d gamed in the past. “…I used to play Shadowrun in school. My character had really big boobs.” I winced. “Yeah, a lot of...
  8. J

    [necro]Who keeps buying the semi-prurient Poser clip art?

    http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=57956&SRC=motd&motds_id=3257&from_home=1 Holy God, there is a lot of this crap. Who's buying it? Are you buying it? Stop buying it!
  9. S

    [Alma Mater] Holy smokes!

    I've just acquired a copy of this game... and WOW... just wow... My first thoughts on Scanning through the book: 1) there's a really great game wanting to get out in here. 2) holy CRAP, they're playing up the depravity to ludicrous levels... 3) HOLY CRAP, the art is... it's not...
  10. F

    Exalted: Lady Bustula and her huge bosoms

    I posted this on WW, but in Savage Seas (1E) we had lady merta, who didn' t have her totem animal, her relationship with any other lunar or her DBT form described...but did get a direct reference to her huge bosoms. (I'm not kidding). This annoyed me a bit, for the simple reason that A. use...
  11. N

    [Exalted] Infernal Preview on LJ

    http://community.livejournal.com/whitewolf_lj/93091.html Two Words: Evil Nun.
  12. W

    So... Where is all this cheesecake?

    Everyone seems to have an opinion on cheesecake, some like it, some are embarrassed by it, some people get positively frothy over it in their game books... Honestly, where is all this cheesecake? Am I playing the wrong games? Is there something I am missing? I mean in cyberpunk 2020, in the...
  13. N

    [Exalted] Abyssals I... think the cover looks okay

    I only found this tiny image http://secure1.white-wolf.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=927 If anyone has a larger one, please link
  14. T

    Superhero(in)es we love. I mean, really LOVE.

    Now, get me clear on this... Superman's a great guy! The Supes rocks! :) Batman's way cool! Bats the coolest ever! :cool: The Phantom's cooler than either 'cause he's my kidhood hero and doesn't need either godlike powers or gizmos!!! :cool: ... However. My true superhero love goes to...
  15. B

    A Note on Women in Eberron

    I haven't read all the comments on Eberron yet, but one of the things that struck me about the art was this: the women are sensibly dressed. Like the men, most have multiple layers of garments, decorated and arranged in ways that indicate their locale and class and seem pretty functional and...
  16. H

    Exalted: Poony McTangalot cover

    I can't seem to locate the thread that had the link to what the cover of the new/revised book of three circles would look like. It may have been pulled since the discussion was getting pretty heated. Anyway, does anyone have a link to the hideous image?
  17. N

    More explicit than Avalanche?

    Check out the gazongas on those super-magic chick-a-dees! (on the right) Man, those Hitler pics in Godlike have nothing on these. http://www.guildofblades.com/heroes.html
  18. G

    Avalanche does it again....

    http://www.avalanchepress.com/gameDOO.html It wouldn't be professional of me to bag on this cover publicly. I'll let you folks do it, instead. I will say this, though: Who knew that Norse battle-maidens were trained in the tippy-toe-legs-spread-squat-thrust archery stance? The mind boggles...
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