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choice of games

  1. TemerousNox

    [Let's Play] Choice of the Cat - Who's an adorable, tyrannical kitty? You are!

    Well, since most of the other Choose Your Own Adventure play-throughs seem to have wrapped up, I thought I'd delve into my massive collection of Choice of Games products and offer up a Let's Play of my own. Thanks to @Wyvern76 and @HK-50 for many days of entertainment in the DinoKnights, Choice...
  2. HK-50

    [Let's Play]Choice of Magics -Second run

    Yer another wizard, VGO. After finishing my previous run of Kevin Gold's Choice of Magics, a few people expressed interest in running the game again. If you're just joining us, this is a "choose your own adventure" style story in which the audience will vote on what we do next. I'll flip a...
  3. HK-50

    [Let's Play]Choice of Magics

    Yer a wizard, VGO. Since my DinoKnights LP is over, I decided to run another Choice of Games entry. This one is Choice of Magics by Kevin Gold. If you weren't here for the last one, this will be a group let's play where the audience votes on what to do next. In the event of a tie, I'll flip a...
  4. HK-50

    [Let's Play]Choice of Games:DinoKnights

    Saddle up your dinosaurs and let's find our way through DinoKnights by K.T. Bryski and Choice of Games. This is a sort of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game about a medieval fantasy kingdom with dinosaurs. This'll be a group let's play, you in the audience will vote to decide what we do next. I...
  5. HK-50

    Let's Play:Choice of Zombies

    The end is nigh in Choice of Zombies. A bit of a warning before we start. This game is unusually willing to kill you for a Choice of Games entry. Just a heads up. Name: John Medical: 50% Engineering: 50% Athletics: 50% Hand to Hand: 50% Firearms: 50% Reflexes: 50%...
  6. HK-50

    Let's Play:Choice of Broadsides

    As requested, next up on VGO Choice of Games is Choice of Broadsides. Description: Let's begin.
  7. P

    [Lets Play] Choice of Games: Diabolical

    Hey there. Long time lurker - first time poster here. I finally decided to make an account after reading through a couple of the Choice of Games LPs on this site. And seing as i posess a great number of them i thought "Hey, why not make one yourself?" The one i have chosen today is Diabolical...
  8. A

    [Let's Play] Champion of the Gods: Adventures in Mythic Salleh!

    Name: Undiscovered Victory Rating: 0 Certitude Rating: 0 Divine Intervention: 0 Powers Sight: Undiscovered Gift: None Physical Attributes Resilience: 50% Strength: 50% Speed: 50% Character Attributes Brutal vs Merciful: 50-50 Integrity vs Deception: 50-50 Haughtiness vs Humility: 50-50 Faithful...
  9. HK-50

    Lets Play:Creatures Such as We

    Next up in the VGO Choice of Games saga is Creatures Such as We. This sounds like an unusual story. I'll let the description speak for itself. I'm running this blind. It sounds great, so I hope a blind run turns out better than Vampires. Sounds a bit Undertaley to me, and I loved Undertale.
  10. HK-50

    Lets Play:Choice of Alexandria

    Now that we're done with the Vampire games, I'm starting Choice of Alexandria, by the author of Choice of Robots. Year: 245 B.C.E. The Librarian Unknown ("Unknown Nickname") Techne: 0 (No Knowledge) Medicine: 0 (No Knowledge) Rhetoric: 0 (No Knowledge) Idealist: 50% Pragmatic: 50%...
  11. C

    Let's Play: Choice of Games - Fatehaven

    Combat, romance, adventure, and of course—magic! Master the four elements and take on fate itself in this four-hour epic fantasy tale! Begin Story Your heart is pounding as you sprint down the never-ending spiral stone steps. A large dragon hellbent on your destruction is playing peek-a-boo...
  12. A

    [Let's Play] A Midsummer Night's Choice: Fairies and actors and bears, oh my!

    Name: To Be Determined Nobility: 20% Merriment: 20% Enchantment: 20% Artistry: 30% Charm: 30% Courage: 30% Wit: 30% Reputation: Prenzie: 40% Father's Mood: Furious 50% / Tolerant 50% Nice bit of poetry there. It's not going to win any awards, sure, but the rhyming is decent, and the meter is...
  13. A

    Let's Play: Heroes Rise

    Choice of the Petal Throne just finished up and HK-50's started an LP of Choice of the Vampire. I'm not afraid to ride some coattails, I have this floating around my old apps, and a quick search doesn't find any other LPs, so: here we go. Heroes Rise was a three-part series from Choice of...
  14. HK-50

    Let's Play:Choice of the Vampire

    Now that PenguinZero's run of Choice of the Petal Throne is over, I'm running another Choice of Games entry. This is one of the early free entries, starring a vampire. I will break ties.
  15. A

    Let's Play: Pendragon Rising

    So, as you may have guessed from the name, this is based on the story of King Arthur. This particular retelling takes it's inspiration from the Welsh originals, so the names might be confusing (though I'll be including footnotes where necessary). As usual for works published by Choice of Games...
  16. PenguinZero

    [Let's Play] Choice of the Petal Throne: Honor to the Clan, Death to False Emperors!

    On a Branch of the Tree of Time...
  17. C

    Let's Play... Starship Adventures

    Inspired by the other Let's Play threads covering various Choice of Games products. Starship Adventures It was a different age… an age of SCIENCE!!!!! It was a time when men were chisel-jawed and handsome and straight as arrows… and if they happened to constantly rip off their shirts among...
  18. HK-50

    Let's play...Choice of Dragons

    Since the tale of Byron the Troll Wizard has come to a close, I'd like to pick up the survivors with another game from the Choice of Games collection, a relatively short entry called Choice of the Dragon. It's free here:https://www.choiceofgames.com/dragon/ Rules will be the same as the others...
  19. sun_tzu

    [Let's Play] Choice of Robots: The Technological Revolution Will Be Digitized

    So, following PenguinZero's excellent Let's Play of Slammed, and seeing how I am enjoying Jesterly's Let's Play of Life of a Wizard... I figured I'd do a Let's Play of my favorite Choice of Games title. Welcome to Choice of Robots! Where you play the revolutionary inventor whose robots change...
  20. Jesterly

    Let's play... Life of a Wizard

    Following on from the fun run at Slammed, I picked up this game and Tales of a Sixth Grade Detective from Choice of Games. In it, we relive the story of how a retired wizard reached the heights of power... or bumble around in mediocrity, all the way from the (not so?) humble beginnings. In the...
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