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classic traveller

  1. R

    Interested in getting Pirates of Drinax for use in a SWN campaign. Does the edition I buy matter?

    The latest edition looks pretty slick, but I wonder if anything has been lost from previous editions? Also, I hear that one of the three books in the Mongoose 2e Drinax bundle is dedicated to Traveller ships - is it easy to port over Traveller ships to SWN?
  2. K

    🎨 Creative Original Traveller - Starship Travel/ Exploration - Non-combat Obstacles/ Hazards

    I have just started running an original Traveller game at the moment, after a very long time away from both the system and genre, and I am looking for ideas for interesting obstacle/ hazard type challenges for a starship crew that do not involve combat, or are unlikely to involve combat (whether...
  3. S

    What was the 'failed promise' of early Traveller?

    I've been looking at a lot of older sci-fi RPGs lately: things like Star Ace, Star Frontiers, Space Opera, Journeyman, etc. In a lot of their advertisements and boiler plates, they laud that their game delivers on the 'failed promise' of Traveller, or does what Traveller was supposed to do but...
  4. V

    How does current Traveller compare to the 1983 starter set?

    I just picked up the pdf of the 1983 Traveller starter set on Drivethru (for free!). I played the heck out of that game back in the mid-1980s before I stupidly traded the box set to someone. Looking over this pdf, I'm struck by how good the game is. It's simple, clean, and fast. The only issue...
  5. 3rd Level Fighter

    [CLASSIC TRAVELLER] The minimum LBBs to play in the Imperium

    Gaming last night and one of the guys said they'd like to play a little sci-fi for a change of pace, which seemed popular. I have pretty much everything published for CT in storage but don't want to spend 6 weeks re-reading it all so I set myself a challenge to run it with the bare minimum of...
  6. Cessna

    Classic Traveller Characters - tell us a story!

    Classic old-school Traveller had a life-path character generation system. You rolled up your character’s stats, then followed their path through the first years of their adult life. There were six possible paths – the armed services (army, navy, Marines), Scouts, Merchants, and the nebulous...
  7. ChalkLine

    Classic Traveller - Supplements or not?

    If you were playing Classic Traveller would you use the supplement books to generate a character or not?
  8. T

    💯 {Staff Pick} Some Stuff about Classic Traveller

    Just a couple things I've noticed on going back to the original edition & looking at the numbers... * Rules as written: Roll 2d6 six times, record the results. NOTHING says you can't put the numbers where you want! So where DO you want them? * END is vital to survival as a Scout, where every...
  9. G

    Classic Traveller: Too Complicated?

    I tend to like older editions of games... whenever I start playing a new game, I always end up just migrating back to the original editions. Now, I am trying to love Classic Traveller, but it just seems way too complicated! In Mongoose Traveller, for example, armour just soaks damage and...
  10. S

    Traveller help for newbie

    I recently have been picking up some of the Traveller materials. I have never played before, and my experience with tabletop RPGs is very limited, having only played a little with friends over 25 years ago. However, I am an avid gamer in other forms. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any...
  11. A

    For Sale [USA] Classic Traveller Lot

    Classic Traveller lot for sale, including several old FASA CT modules as listed below: The Traveller Book (Original printing, fair condition bordering on poor) The Traveller Book (RPGNow POD, like new condition, two copies) The Traveller Adventure (Professionally printed PDF, spiral bound)...
  12. W

    Why less Traveller clones and variants?

    So, D&D retroclones, OSR-type variants, and other games using the OGL are thick on the ground, from Swords & Wizardry to Godbound to Mutants & Masterminds. This we all know. Thanks in part to Mongoose putting out their edition of RuneQuest on an OGL basis, there's also a healthy ecosystem of...
  13. L

    Traveller and Thieves World by Chaosium wjat could go wrong.

    I've have both since the 80s but I've never run Traveller and I always wondered why Thieves World included Traveler stats. This would be my first attempt at GMing. PbP game. I'm thinking whoever signs up will be private business people attempting to negotiate colonization rights. Setting...
  14. CK!

    💯 {Staff Pick} TRAVELLER: Out of the Box -- Only Using Books 1-3

    Although the OSR is built around fantasy games for the most part, I believe another game deserves a second look in terms of the exciting RPG play growing these days. The game is Classic Traveller. And when I say Classic Traveller I mean only Traveller Books 1, 2, and 3. In Traveller Books 1, 2...
  15. G

    [Classic Traveller] What did I get in to?

    So my regular group of players and I are going away on a weekend gaming getaway and I am planning to run Classic Traveller! I want to give the players (and myself) a complete Traveller experience. I will have 12±4 hours for this. So far my plan is to use the 5x5 method to design the adventure...
  16. B

    [Traveller] 2000Dton Merchant Deckplans - WIP

    Hi chaps I have not posted any new deckplans for ages - been busy working on other projects. This is a work in progress post for my latest insanity - a 2000Dton merchant for Traveller. Also been playing with some colour for an outside image of the vessel. I use only MS Paint because I am a...
  17. S

    Traveller through the ages- what changed?

    Aside from the system, I mean, since I know it particularly changed with the MongTrav ruleset.... but, did the timeline move forward? Was it a re-envisioning of the universe each time? What separated "Traveller" from "Megatraveller"?
  18. G

    [Traveller] Classic character generation compared to Mongoose

    The question has come up in another thread: how compatible are Classic, MegaTraveller, and Mongoose Traveller characters? Since this is Veteran's Day, let's generate a Marine. First up, Classic Traveller, 1977 Edition. Quick and dirty, from the original CT Book 1 "Characters and Combat"...
  19. bottg

    Traveller: Classic vs Mongoose

    I have a hankering to run some Traveller (using Fantasy Grounds for which there is a Classic ruleset) and have both LBB 0-8 and the mongoose core book. I am currently undecided however about which character creation and game rules to use. Classic seems like it would be very slick in play...
  20. S

    [Traveller] What classic stuff is good? And what not?

    I got a gift certificate for DriveThrughRPG and i intend to use it... For my upcoming Traveller campaign, to be more precise. I already have the Alien Module Droyne, since i intend to have a campaign with a certain theme. (Hint: It has something to do with a campaign, which initials are SotA)...
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