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  1. Ahrimanius

    OOP RPG Books you never got a hold of But really want to own.

    I have been spending years trying to get a hold of KULT Illusion Number One a Supplement/Promotional Item/Poster for KUlLT. over a 3 year period I have seen this rare item on sale on ebay once and I lost in the bidding war. It has become my Personal White Whale concerning my RPG Collection...
  2. S

    [Gamma World] 1st edition poster

    I'm not sure where I first heard of this originally. I had it as a search on ebay for about six years. It finally turned up and I was fortunate enough to win it. It's 16"x24" in heavy stock paper. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/14831382@N04/3841452380/" title="GW poster 1 by akyellow, on...
  3. X


    I found some cards the other day...i looked them up...and most of them are worth $2 each...im willing to sell the whole pack to collectors...or anyone who wants them...just looking for some extra cash... ill accept almost any offer.
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