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  1. MABfan11

    Buzzfeed Unsolved

    figured we needed a thread about the ghoul boys, with their entertaining banter while they're hunting ghosts or discussing unsolved crimes what are your favorite episodes? what do you hope they check out next? which episode do you hope they revisit? any evidence which convinced you?
  2. AndrewTBP

    [RIP] Jeremy Hardy

    I’m always enjoying the News Quiz and QI etc., so this is sad news for me. Jeremy Hardy: Comedian and Radio 4 panel star dies aged 57
  3. Crinos

    🎨 Creative Crinos' Goofy DnD Sketches thread

    Hey all. As you know, if you've follow this board at all, I like to occasionally write out goofy little skits where various PC's get up to shenanigans. So, upon request by Kreuzritter, I've decided to start collecting them in this thread. Fist of all, here's one from a while back that I...
  4. T

    Identify This Style of Humor (Welcome to Night Vale, Complete World Knowledge, Kagegami High, etc.)

    There is a certain style of humor of which I am a huge fan. Can you guys help me out? I don't know what exactly to call it. I've been wanting to find more material like it, and get a better appreciation for the fundamentals so I know how to imitate it. The humor often comes out of horrible and...
  5. A

    Felix Colgrave's DOUBLE KING (Because RPG.net Needs To See This)

    So you take Terry Gilliam, Peter Max, Cyriak and David Firth, and you lock them in a hotel room with five weeks' supply of coffee and the complete collection of The Muppet Show on DVD... Pretty sure this is what you'd get. I think the subject matter will especially be appreciated here. (TW for...
  6. W

    Felt Quest - puppets playing RPGs

    I've created a comedy video of puppet versions of fantasy roleplaying characters attempting to play a fantasy roleplaying game. https://youtu.be/p8Ji6P4YBkM This was quite an adventure to make and I hope you enjoy!
  7. P

    Softly Speaking Sanskrit is now "Tales from the Lich"

    Greeting RPG dot NET, Sorry for the flagrant self-promotion, but we wanted to let any devotees know that the actual play podcast "Softly Speaking Sanskrit" has transformed into "Tales from the Lich." Our website is now talesfromthelich.com where we will be posting links to our character...
  8. P

    [Cyberpunk 2020] Softly Speaking Sanskrit

    Hello everyone, We are starting a new campaign. Andrew has been working very hard on Cyberpunk 2020 and we are excited for this release. This first episode is mainly an introduction before the plot starts taking off. We might have time stamps next episode, but for now here are the character...
  9. K

    DriveThruRPG Monster Force Terra

    Monster Force Terra is a light storygame using the Apocalypse World Engine to tales of giant monsters who terrorize the Earth but also just happen to save the human race from an even worse threat in the process! You take on the roles of the kaiju in this game, going about your own business of...
  10. P

    Softly Speaking Sanskrit plays NUMENERA

    Hello RPG-dot-NET, The merry band of Softly Speaking Sanskrit has decided to take a stab at an established system this time around, so prepare yourself for our take on Numenera! Tom (a relative new-comer to SSS) has decided to throw his DM and audio-editing hat into the ring and lead us into...
  11. P

    Softly Speaking Sanskrit presents Galactic Championship Wrestling!!!

    Hello RPG dot NET, The dirty and desperate citizens of New Jackson are moving to the GCW Orbital Arena™ en masse for the greatest wrestling event of the year: StarSplosion™ VII! The Planet's Champion, Ultra Nova, has vacated the title, and an unprecedented tournament for the championship will...
  12. P

    *Podcast* Seinfeld meets the Forgotten Realms

    Greetings rpg DOT net!!! We thought a few of you might be interested in a project we have been working on at Softly Speaking Sanskrit. On top of being RPG dorks, we’re all big Seinfeld fans here, so we decided to try something new and do a Seinfeldian comedy in the Forgotten Realms...
  13. S

    The time you laughed hardest, at the gaming table

    (... or longest, or got the giggle-fits, etc). Just being nosy- I like design theory and campaigncrafting and character arcs as much as anyone, I guess, but sometimes things just get ridiculous. (Or absurd, or whatever term you'd prefer). Mind sharing what was so funny? It might not make some...
  14. P

    Softly Speaking Sanskrit presents The Chamber Part 3

    Greeting, RPG DOT NET! We are Softly Speaking Sanskrit. Until now I have been relaying this information via The Glamorous Unrestrained Hype Machine and only now realized this might be a better forum. For those of you who don't know us we are a monthly (soon to be bi-monthly) actual-play...
  15. P

    *Podcast* Softly Speaking Sanskrit presents Paranoia: Episode 2 REDUX

    Hey RPG DOT NET, We are pleased to bring you the redux of Paranoia : Episode 2. Listen to us decimate and be decimated by maniacal Scrub-bots. The next episode of The Chamber will be coming out in a few weeks, and Andrew's new high-fantasy adventure "Blood and Thunder" could be out as...
  16. S

    NUELOW Games Meet Sherry Flippe of the Wide-Awake Detective Agency!

    NUELOW Games returns to its comedy roots with the latest comics/rpg hybird release, Sherry Flippe. This book contains five comical comics stories starring detective Sherry Flippe and her boss Mr. Gribbitts, and a complete ROLF! battle scenario--with all the pre-generated characters, traits and...
  17. DrFaust

    *Podcast* Held Action Theatre 2: World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl Part 2

    In episode 2 of Held Action Theatre, we present the second and altogether stranger half of the World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl. The most fateful, enraging words ever uttered in the history of fictional narratives intended to entertain pop up right where you expect them, so keep an ear out. Also...
  18. W

    [Pathfinder] God From the Machine

    God From The Machine - Pathfinder Log by Tom (Adric) The Players GM - David Adric (m - human) - Tom Karn (n/a - warforged) - Matt Redicia (f - human) - Michael Tamuril (f - elf) - Brie Vanja (m - human) - Liam Warg (m - canim) - Sam ---------- Our story begins, as these things often do...
  19. S

    Level Up - A LARPing action/comedy

    Thought you guys might enjoy this LARP film I made recently. I think we've all seen a battle end this way at some point... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f47jo5_kEqU
  20. E

    Live D&D Comedy: The Critical Hit Show in Vancouver

    There's a show I do in Vancouver the last Wednesday of every month at The Rio Theatre that might be of interest to you folks on the board. It's called "The Critical Hit Show," and it's a live, improvised fantasy comedy show based on games like D&D. We've been running for about a year and a...
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