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  1. Fred

    [Amazing Spide-Man #1] I'm confused

    On the recommendation of a fellow poster here, I read Amazing Spider-Man #1. From the title to the way the story was going, I had the feeling it was going to subvert the original Brand New day, which was odd, because Joe Quesada is still listed as Chief Creative Officer. Since my understanding...
  2. $

    Marvel, Hitler, and Hate-Monger

    How well known is it among Marvel characters and or the public that Hate-Monger started existence as Adolph Hitler? You’d think Captain America would work on nothing else, and he’d be Mossad enemy number one, if they knew. But nobody ever comments. They can’t know, but how can they not? He’s a...
  3. LibraryLass

    The Sixth Questionable Content thread: attractive robots and hipsters only!

    Wow, we finally got to the end of the last one. So what do we think, is Tilly sticking around? Can we get off this sidetrack and back to Faye/Bubbles? Will Marten ever get any story business again?
  4. T

    "Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer" crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

    Hi guys. Okay, first off I'm trying to raise funds to complete my "Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer" children's fantasy adventure series and publish the final two books int the series "Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer: The Tides of War" and "Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer: A Hero's Heart"...
  5. G

    Laughing to Death: Joker or The Shadow?

    A few weeks ago, my local public radio station played an old episode from The Shadow radio serial, "The Corpse Laughs," in which a mad chemist kills his rivals with a poison that forces the victim to laugh to death. Naturally, I wondered if this had influenced the development of The Joker or...
  6. Aesthete

    Kill Six Billion Demons

    I only now discovered this webcomic. If you are not aware of it, you should check it out:http://killsixbilliondemons.com/ (go to "first offering"). It's sort of Exaltedish, but not quite. Pretty over the top and kinda trippy. Sweet art. Anyhow, you should check it out.
  7. Xopher

    Comix History: Reed Waller and Kate Worley

    I've been writing up an essay reminiscing about certain comics that were influential on me, and I was thinking about Omaha the Cat Dancer, perhaps the first ever adult comic I read that wasn't ugly and drenched in misogyny. However, do I recall correctly that Waller had his own problems with...
  8. P

    The Comic Book Ruleset 80's style.

    Now I'm the last one out of the gate on a regular basis when coming up with ideas so asking -if- is usually unproductive. I'm a kid of the 70's and teen of the 80's and with late night fogginess an incredibly weird idea hit me that I have never heard of before. A web search provided nothing and...
  9. R

    Rise of the Magi 2.99

    Rise of the Magi (the novel) is on sale now for $2.99 http://www.amazon.com/Bridgeworlds-Rise-Magi-Randy-Blackwell-ebook/dp/B00EZYQNB2/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1401431688&sr=1-1&keywords=rise+of+the+magi
  10. B

    DriveThruRPG Invulnerable Super Hero RPG: Vigilante Edition PDF Available!

    Very pleased to announce: the Invulnerable Super Hero RPG: Vigilante Edition is now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG.Com! http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/128436/Invulnerable-Super-Hero-RPG-Vigilante-Edition The PDF will also be available from Indie Press Revolution, Paizo, and...
  11. H

    (Advice) Suggest Comic Book Collected Editions

    Based on suggestions received here in forum a few months ago, I joined up with Comixology and have been happily reading digital editions each month. It's time to loot a haul for this month but I find I need some suggestions for material to check out. I prefer collected editions, compilations...
  12. Caldorian

    [Star Wars Comics] Any word on the transition to Marvel wrt Dark Horse era trades?

    So, we know that the Star Wars comics will go to Marvel in 2015. Does anybody know how Marvel will handle the reprint of old comics from the Dark Horse era? My problem is: I have had a bunch of trades and omnibuses on my Amazon wishlist for a long time that I held off buying until I really want...
  13. S

    NUELOW Games Golden Age Comics and support for THREE game systems! (Plus free maps!)

    The latest from NUELOW Games is Madden's Boys, a collection of Golden Age comic book tales drawn by the great Bill Madden, starring teenaged superheroes Dynamic Boy and Yankee Boy. In addition to these never-before-collected-under-one-cover classics, the book features support for three...
  14. mpswaim

    [Comics] Batwoman's marriage called off

    DC's decided that they hate marriage, so Batwoman can't get married. Consequently, the writers have walked. Here's their open letter explaining why they're walking http://www.hadenblackman.com/archives/696 (It's "no marriage" rather than "eww gays", but it was an abrupt end of an ongoing, and...
  15. S

    Get comics and gaming material in one package from NUELOW!

    The latest comic/gaming hybrid book from NUELOW Games is sure to spark a new Birther-style controversy, as it brings to light the truth of a prominent U.S. politician -- Secretary of State John Kerry. John Kerry vs. The Queen of Evil tells the true story of how John Kerry came to be John Kerry...
  16. B

    Invulnerable RPG Print Sale!

    Invulnerable RPG Print Sale! Can’t make it to Gen Con this year, but you can still grab Invulnerable at good prices! All this week, print copies of Invulnerable are $5 off, and Dauntless is $3 off. Invulnerable softcover– $5 off...
  17. Ceti

    Comics n00b - Batman

    Let's say that I was interested in getting into Batman comics. If I were to start with some easily obtainable anthologies, what would be the place to start. I understand that Batman, like most popular comics, had dozens of reboots.
  18. Fred

    [Neonomicon] Did the second issue creep you out?

    I didn’t think it possible for a comic book to do that, but the second issue of Neonomicon – especially the last part -- actually creeped me out a bit. Kudos to Alan Moore and to Jacen Burrows, whose art seems especially appropriate for the story. The last panel on this issue was eerie. Tchau!
  19. T

    New "Dark Knight Rises" Footage To Debut Tonight During MTV Movie Awards

    Be sure to tune into the MTV Movie Awards live tonight Sunday, June 3 at 9 p.m. EST. for brand new Dark Knight Rises footage. It will be the first time I have watched MTV since Headbangers Ball went off the air.
  20. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    All-Star Squadron was Awesome

    I've been reading Roy Thomas' All-Star Companion Vol. 2, which has entries on the whole run of his early 80's All-Star Squadron comic, in which he got to play around with DC's WWII legacy before (and, actually, during) the whole Crisis on Infinite Earth's screwed that up. Man, that's one the...
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