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  1. Jhiday

    [Comics] House of X - the big X-Men relaunch

    So, this week the X-Men comics see the start of a big relaunch. They've had a LOT of them over the past few years, none of them lasting more than 18 months at best. (The last one started in November 2018, less than 9 months ago !) It doesn't help that they all just about reached the level of...
  2. I

    (Tom King/Batman) Is it worth it?

    I thought about putting this in the DC thread, but decided it was specific enough to warrant its own. I got into Batman Rebirth because I was a new comic reader, and early impressions stated that Tom King’s Batman was the best take on the character in a long time. Post “The War of Jokes and...
  3. CitizenKeen

    [WIR] Spectaculars

    So I recently bought Spectaculars, Rodney Thompson’s new game. The nature of the game makes it impossible to prep, so rather than do that, I thought I’d do a [WIR] thread as I familiarize myself with the rules. What it is. Spectaculars follows in the footsteps of Thompson’s Dusk City Outlaws...
  4. JJ Hall

    [WIR] X-Men II: Focussed Totality Is A Song Within Her When Ah'm Blastin'!

    Link to the first thread. August 30, 1983 At the movies: On the radio: Magik 1 of 4 We open on Illyana watching the sunrise outside the mansion on the day she turns fourteen. She reflects on how half her life she was a prisoner in Hell, 'where I was consort to a devil,' and what that...
  5. D

    Today's Girl Genius: Release the Smakken!

    And for a window in the past... Yes. Also not a Jaeger title. We must make do.
  6. Quasar

    Harry Potter in the DCU...

    So I read this brief preview about the #1 of the new Young Justice comic by Brian Michael Bendis (I like the cover and the cast by the way). But the preview notes this...
  7. S

    [Recommendations] Any recommendations for completed comics and mangas?

    What it says on the tin, basically. I'm looking for completed series as I'd rather not have to wait for new releases. And I'm not really interested in the big ongoing series with their weird retcons, alternate timelines and other messiness. I've previously read and enjoyed stuff like Watchmen...
  8. sun_tzu

    General European Comics Thread

    ...I don't thing we already have one of those? Apologies if we do and I missed it. Anyway. Having recently moved back to France, I've been catching up on local comics, and there's a lot of them I want to talk about. So, a few worth mentioning: Lou! is slice-of-life, following the eponymous...
  9. M

    [comics] Marvel Unlimited - how are they on 90's X-books?

    So, I've recently discovered the rather fun "Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men" podcast, and since recent episodes have covered a period from which I own most of the comics (the early Mutant Genesis era), I've been enjoying reading along with them. However, they're close to reaching the point...
  10. Majestic

    Marvel's 'Annihilation' - A Question for Those who have Read It

    There's a series from about a decade ago that I've heard great things about called "Annihilation". Until recently, one had to spend like $675 to get a copy, but it now looks to be available again at an affordable price. I've got a huge stack of older comics that I'm reading through right now...
  11. drrockso20

    [WIR] Marvel Comics: From 1961 To Parts Unknown

    hello everyone, as the title implies this is going to be a long term WIR I'll be doing of the main Marvel Comics universe(often known as Earth 616) starting from Fantastic Four #1* to a currently undetermined stopping point(current thoughts are that it'll be sometime in the early 90's, but again...
  12. Quasar

    [comics] Jeff Lemires Black Hammer

    So listening to my favourite comics podcast today, ifanboy, they were praising Doctor Star and The Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows #1, a new spinoff of Jeff Lemires Black Hammer, which I'd not heard of either. Anyway, it sounds like its right up my alley, but looking at the DHC website I see its a...
  13. T

    [comics] Best fight scenes

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for your favorite detailed panel by panel fight scenes. Anything from classic Kirby to Kojima. I'm especially looking for panels that depict tactical decisions, blow by blow. Not my favorite by Otomo, but there are parts in Akira and Domu that are breathtaking...
  14. R

    [Comics: Empowered] New Miniseries Discussion! (Possible spoilers)

    Considering that I haven't seen much in the way of discussion regarding much of the new side series to Adam Warren's sexy superhero dramedy, I figured I'd start some. What better time, than with the premiere of High School Hell? Plus, Soldier of Love invites a whole bunch of interesting stuff...
  15. Quasar

    Comixology Unlimted

    So today I noticed that I have access to a free trial of Comixology Unlimted. Dunno if Australia just got added or some weird cockup. Anyway I’m getting to try it out. One thing I am wondering is how the collection has been developing. Do they add new things all the time?
  16. M

    My Video game project (feedback appreciated)

    Ok so my Metroidvania project is definitely taking longer than expected to complete let alone get this demo done lol so till then here is some concept artwork and stuff to check out. Your feedback and thoughts are much welcomed and appreciated. https://www.facebook.com/alienassault/
  17. N

    Other Publisher Astonishing Worlds! (Systemless Setting)

    Tricky Troll Games is proud to present our latest endeavour! Astonishing Worlds is a systemless setting designed to be used with tabletop RPGs capable of handling a retro-style space opera. This work is inspired by the science fiction of yesteryear when good and evil were clear and Pluto was...
  18. Quasar

    Amazon Marvel Kindle sale

    I wouldn't normally pimp a comic book sale, but Bleeding Cool alerted me to the fact that Amazon is heavily discounting a range of Marvel books as noted in this post...
  19. wheloc

    [comics] Sell me on "Swords of the Swashbucklers"

    Apparently it's a comic from the '80s that I've never heard of. ...about swords? ...and swashbucklers? Anyway, there's a kickstarter (in its final hours) for a printing (reprinting?) of a trade paperback. The art looks decent, and I like swashbuckling adventures in general, but there are a...
  20. Quasar

    Brian Woods Robotech comic

    http://www.fandompost.com/2017/04/24/titan-comics-previews-first-robotech-interior-pages/ A nice set of preview pages. So torn being a longtime Robotech and Brian Wood fan, but one who wishes to not reward Harmony Gold. For people familiar with Titan Comics, do they have any history with long...
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