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  1. D

    Continuum adapted for Cypher System

    This is my writeup of how to convert Continuum to work with the cypher system. Those familiar with Continuum will note that some aspects of the rules differ from the presentation in the original. This is intentional due to how I want a campaign I am preparing for to work: such alterations are...
  2. D

    Making Continuum Playable

    One of the games I would be most interested in running a campaign in at some point is Continuum, an old game based on time travel. It has a fascinating setting and I have a number of stories that are just dying to be told. The trouble is this: everything I've read says that the rules as written...
  3. SuStel

    [C°NTINUUM] No Clever Title

    We are playing C°NTINUUM: Roleplaying in the Yet, a game of time travel governed by the the rules of social behavior. This post sets up what you need to know about the setting and characters. The corner "Matinecock Lodge" AD 2004–2015 A Masonic historical museum and venue in Oyster Bay, NY. The...
  4. SuStel

    [Recruitment/Interest] C°NTINUUM: Roleplaying in the Yet

    There's been some interest in starting a game of C°NTINUUM, so that's what I'm doing. We haven't worked out a schedule or even an in-game locality yet, so those are negotiable. This will be a game for novices, so no experience playing is necessary. The rules are fairly simple, so you don't need...
  5. GQuail

    [Continuum] Any Progress On Playtest/New Edition?

    So, last year, I posted a thread asking for information on Continuum: Roleplaying In The Yet - and in particular Actual Play Reports in a search for people who have managed to use the game in practice. I find the whole thing curious and I desire to learn more, but it's hilariously out of print...
  6. GQuail

    [necro][Sell Me] [Continuum] Actual Play Experience?

    I've recently become very interested in CºNTINUUM: Roleplaying in The Yet, the 1999 time travel role playing game. I've played a few games around time travel before - I've very much enjoyed one-offs of Time & Temp and its unusual resolution mechanic - but the more I read about Continuum the...
  7. C

    Continuum: how much future worldbuilding?

    I watched the first three or so episodes of this show, and it seemed rather bland. Not much historical irony/culture shock of someone from the future is played, and most of the futuristic elements were the usual gadgets and weaponry. Also the whole North America becoming dominated by some sort...
  8. L

    [Continuum] Explain it, and Narcissist, to me like I'm five

    See that. I have heard snippets of these game's lore, but given the lack of any online materials or a proper review, I...am stumped. The closest thing I have in the podcast System Master's review, and they bluntly stated that it's largely incomprehensible to them too, which is part of why they...
  9. Q

    Continuum S3 finale

    Well ... That's something! I like that we open the season with Kiera dying, then finish with Alec dying. I'm a bit sad we did not see the Traveler do anything, but it seems they reserve that story for the next season. Newcomers are scary Fallout armor dudes.
  10. H

    Continuum pre written modules

    All the talk about continuum on another thread has made me want To run a game for friends. Anyone got any intresting pre written modules, specifically aimed at span 1?
  11. E

    Continuum, Working Through the Knots - part 1

    Hello Community, I am thinking seriously about running a Continuum port game (using FATE with some of the heavier book keeping relegated to some new character skills). In preparation for it, I have started trying to really wrap my head around some things, and points of confusion are arising...
  12. Rikimaru

    [Continuum] : Belated S03E03 thread / Upcoming S03E04 Thread

    Spoiler space for US viewers who might mouse over by accident and see details of episodes unaired in the US So we didn't have a thread for S03E03 for some reason so I thought I'd throw one up for some discussion of it and to have a thread ready for episode 4. I had a few things to say...
  13. Robert A. Rodger

    [Continuum] Season 3

    Well, I can't find the thread from back when the Canadians got to watch it, so I'm doing this. I'm pretty sure that was cool, but, umm... can any one explain what the hell just happened. Possibly as though I were a five year old? I was worried for a bit that they were going to use time travel...
  14. D

    [UK] Con-Quest 2015 The Long Weekend

    We are pleased to announce the dates and venue for Con-Quest 2015. After its success in Derby for the last four years, Con-Quest 2015 will be a bigger event running all weekend long. Con-Quest 2015 ‘The Long Weekend’ takes place on Thursday 30th July to Monday 3rd August 2015 at John Foster...
  15. P

    Where is the Continuum love?

    I just finished season one of this show not 10 minutes ago, it's been a fantastic ride so far. Kira is badass, Alec is useful without being gimmicky, Kellog is compelling & Carlos is there too. As combat cyborgs I thought that Kira was a bit weak without her suit but I guess she's been upgraded...
  16. JonA

    [TV] Continuum (Series 1)

    Season 1 started last week in the UK (on Syfy) and I enjoyed the pilot. It didn't tax the brain much but I did like some of the tech they've created (I am a sucker for cool tech in sci-fi), the visuals for Vancouver of 2077 were also pretty good (if rather generic) and importantly the storyline...
  17. B

    Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Authors' Seminar - Recording

    For those interested to know more about the new edition of Call of Cthulhu from Chaosium. http://www.yog-sothoth.com/content/1105-Call-of-Cthulhu-7th-Edition-Authors-Seminar
  18. A

    [Continuum (TV Show)] Shadowrun from the top side?

    I was recently watching the new series Continuum, and the scenes set in 2077 reminded me of what an average, upper-middle class person's life would be like in the UCAS. Now, the series doesn't have any magic, and admittedly Shadowrun is my largest experience in the cyber-punk genre, but still...
  19. Quasar


    Started watching this. I'm somewhat amused that the protagonist is a soldier for a future dystopian regime. I pretty much instantly sided with the freedom fighters/terrorists. Admittedly I liked some more than others. Hopefully the guy who decided to go native can convince the others to work...
  20. Q

    Are there Summer Cons in England this year?

    I'm going to be in England second week of July until late August. What cons run during that time? Ideally ones with games on demand but I'm not too fussy.
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