1. T

    Seeking a Modern Day Setting Where the Principles of Reality are Mutable

    I am looking for a tabletop game with a certain setting, or rules that would help me construct the setting I have in mind. I would like to run a game where the principles of reality are mutable. By default, the world is our own modern day, and reality functions by the scientific principles as...
  2. Skadedyr

    [Corporation] Campaign concepts

    So I've been unable to register for the deniable resources forum (I think this is the official corporation forum). I've sent a registration request twice but it seems whoever is in charge of approving those hasn't been processing them in the past few weeks. Anyone know whats up with the...
  3. S

    [Sell Me] Corporation

    So, somehow I've passed this by, despite it apparently being a cyberpunk-y/transhuman-y sort of game, which is usually the kind of thing I dig. What's the good, bad and ugly of it, and how does it stack up to staples like 2020 and Shadowrun?
  4. B

    [soundtracking] Help me soundtrack corporation

    First off i apologise for the lack of proper punctuation I'm currently on a train using my phone. I'm in the process of putting together a soundtrack for my corp game and I'd be grateful for some inspiration. already included are all the artists mentioned in the core book plus: Pitchshifter...
  5. S

    [Strands of FATE] Pain Editor

    Hey all. So I'm trying to see if I can convert the Corporation RPG to Strands of FATE. I'm not sure if that's doable, but I'm going to try -- I'll probably have more questions for this forum if I do, like how to handle resources. The first hurdle, however, is how much more powerful Agents...
  6. I

    Corporation teh RPG opinions please

    O.k., So a few years ago i saw this and was tempted to buy it but never picked it up. I was browsing a games stores website today and saw it again. Anyone played it? good points and bad points if you will. This coming from someone who has played a lot of differing cyberpunk style games in the...
  7. B

    [corporation cyberpunk mythos] ideas needed

    Right folks. after reading the mythos supers thread it's made me want to add some mythos fun to my upcoming corp game. I've got a few ideas bubbling away but was hoping you lovely imaginitive people would care to share with my any ideas you have for corp/cyberpunk and mythos mashup.
  8. T

    Brutal Games Announces Corporate Merger

    Exciting times are afoot in the Brutal Games universe. As of the first of this month all printed edition titles are available through online publisher Lulu. This includes the Corporation Core Rules and supplements, and Stickmen the RPG. New release Gate 22 is also out now and thanks to this new...
  9. Chris J

    Corporation Rpg: A few questions

    Whilst waiting to be approved on the Corporation rpg, I thought I'd ask my question concerning game here. I know Corporation is all about assassin like agents trouble shooting for the ‘boss’, but can it be used to run other type of games? If it’s just agents, this would mean a game with a...
  10. N

    [Corporation]: Human Revolution

    So after seeing the reviews and trailers for Deus EX: Human Revolution I'm breaking out my Corporation books... which sadly, I've never gotten around to running. My players are a bit timid from looking at the character sheets because they've gotten tired of the complexity of d20 (which is the...
  11. M

    Corporation rpg.

    Anyone playing this? For anyone who purchased their latest release, what are the martial arts rules like? Are they worth the purchase of the book?
  12. Chris J

    SR4 v Corporation

    Having just noticed the sale that's on, I've been chewing over purchasing a few games. One is Shadowrun 4ed, the other is Corporation. Both settings are similar to cyberpunk 2020 as far as I can see. I'm not sure if I want to go with the more fantasy SR4, or the more gritty...
  13. Matt.Ceb

    [Corporation] Is the actual game as juvenile as the Demo Booklet?

    Because... Cavity searches for "fun"? Really? Then the overtly stereotypical roles for the corps ("Old Fashioned Values and Clean Living" for the US based corp? Really?). I was interested in it, after having re-played Syndicate recently, but... The tone in the booklet scared me away, to be...
  14. C

    SLA Industries v Shadowrun v Corporation v Cyberpunk.

    SLA Industries, Shadowrun, Corporation and Cyberpunk 20xx are the big 4 when it comes to cyberpunk-esque focussed RPGs [I'm sure the are others, but these are the big 4 I know of], but which is your favourite ?? Which mechanics do you like best ?? Which setting do you like best ?? Which best...
  15. C

    [Tell Me About] Corporation from Brutal Games

    So I followed an errant link to Drive-Thru RPG that led me to a game called Corporation. It looks like gritty, cyberpunky, sci-fi goodness. I'm stacked to my neck in WoD gear and Shadowrun stuff (and assorted other games to boot), so could someone tell me what this game is like? Or if it's...
  16. B

    [Corporation] UIG Agents?

    Why does/can the UIG request Agents be assigned tasks? Other than backscratching politics, it doesn't make sense. Why doesn't the UIG have its own Agents? I can't see why the UIG would trust "enemy" Agents with sensitive tasks. Expendability? Sure, that only goes so far and the Five aren't going...
  17. Chris J


    What system does Corporation use, and how does it differ from Cyberpunk 2020?
  18. B

    [Corporation] Something doesn't make sense...

    ...about adding your Strength to damage. Why? Well, we're looking at the system and realize that while it's 90% awesome, some just doesn't make a lick o' sense, such as why an anti-vehicle cannon doesn't immediately kill a human target when it hits them. 3d10 isn't even as good as a shotgun...
  19. B

    [Corporation] MoW and the Eastern Front?

    How are they? Do they add a lot to the game? What about a beginning game? Is there sexy setting information? What about the tech? Details!
  20. S

    Corporation RPG

    Which version should I buy, the original or the Mongoose version? I have a preference for the original because its full color, but not sure yet. Any thoughts overall on the game are also appreciated.
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