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  1. L

    🎨 Creative [CofD] Designing a Crossover Monster College Setting (Contagion Chronicle based)

    Just something I'm working on for a future chronicle, one that pretty much embraces its anime influences of magical schools and then mainlines the Chronicles of Darkness somber undercurrents into it. I'd like some help (and there's an earlier variant of this post on the official boards), but...
  2. A

    What sort of impact would Saitama have on the MCU?

    Saitama is living in MCU Japan when he's inspired by the Avengers' battles with monsters in New York (i.e. the first Avengers movie) to begin his legendary training regimen of running 10km a day plus 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Flash forward a few years, and he's reached the same...
  3. The Watcher

    Legends of...Endgame? (Avengers Endgame Spoilers of Course)

    What If This Post Wasn't Here To Protect You From Being Spoiled By Mouse-Overs?
  4. L

    [Recruitment/Co-ST Wanted] [Chronicles of Darkness] Mission Contagion (Superspies with Fangs)

    "Alright agents," the scarred woman says as she switches on the projector. "Here's the situation; we've got ourselves a wild one. Antartica Abyss seems to be eating a lot of holes in reality, and increasingly, they aren't all on Antartica. Someone, or something, is making portals from the...
  5. L

    [Interest/Discussion] Superhero Spies With Fangs Against The Contagion [Chronicles of Darkness]

    What it sounds like. I'm ironing out an action/espionage game where crossover is accepted and encouraged, playing a "firm" of Sworn from the Contagion Chronicles who serve as mercenaries and special contractors for various problems with strains of Contagion throughout the world, the ultimate...
  6. F

    The Exalted host in Star Wars...

    So, at about the time STar Wars Rebels is starting, something happens--an ancient crypt opens up, and amazingly enough... the Exalted host is cast across the galaxy. Solar, Lunar, Abyssal, all of them. They seek out worthy hosts, to do great deeds, and find heroic destinies. Just how badly does...
  7. The Watcher

    🎨 Creative [Setting Crossover/Divergence Riff] I Left My Rift In Fed Francisco

    In the history you know, on one Earth in the Megaverse a massive world war resulted in a resurgence of magic and the opening of cross-dimensional rifts at the nexi of newly super-charged ley lines. Centuries later the world is occupied not only by humans but also aliens and entities from other...
  8. Pandorym

    IC Ponyhammer 40k: Acoltytes of the Inquisition

    Nova Station, 136.M42 "And so, as you see you have nothing to worry about, so calm down," your new boss, the Ordo Xenos inquisitor Zephyr Twilight reassures you as he dunks his nose back into the bowl of fine amasec near him and drinks deeply. He's a bit strange: a long red mane as fluffy as a...
  9. Pandorym

    OOC Ponyhammer 40k: Acoltytes of the Inquisition

    Welcome to Ponyhammer 40k: Acoltytes of the Inquisition, a game of FATE Accelerated Edition set in an unholy crossover of My Little Pony and Warhammer 40,000. Here our three player characters @Bremen, @Elfwine, and @Meriss serve as acoltytes of the God-Empress Celestia's holy Inquisition, under...
  10. Pandorym

    🎨 Creative Godbound/Apocalypse World Crossover?

    I'm mulling over a way to combine aspects of Godbound with the mechanics of Apocalypse/Dungeon World. See, I enjoy Godbound something fierce, but can't really stand d20 systems. So I thought to myself... "what if I don't have to?". The initial idea is this: use the Stats, Damage, Armor, HP, and...
  11. L

    🎨 Creative Crossing Chronicles of Darkness and Magic: The Gathering

    There's a thread on the official boards entitled "Which Magic: The Gathering Colors Would Represent Which Splat?", and given one of my friend's enthusiasm for the card game and setting, now I'm wondering how to represent the CofD world as a plane in the multiverse. Or how to adapt some of the...
  12. Pandorym

    OOC Blessings of the God-Emperor Upon You (Godbound WH40k)

    Welcome to the OOC thread for Blessings of the God-Emperor Upon You, a game of Godbound set in the universe of Warhammer 40,000 - the grim darkness of the 42nd Millennium after the Indomitus Crusade. This game will have five players: t@nya, playing Quintilius Drago, Space Marine Ramidel...
  13. Angel of the Dawn

    My (& Your!) Inane Mass Effect Crossovers

    Because nobody asked for for any of this. ----- The Quarillithid The quarillithid -- also known as mind flayers -- are a dying race forced to flee their home world of Rannoch after an uprising by their synthetic slaves. They are a technologically advanced people, but have fallen on hard times...
  14. johnnype

    Who wins in a fight, a Werewolf (Garou) or a Space Marine (40K)?

    I'm trying to get a sense of power scales. My first inclination would be the werewolf but make the SM a blood angel or a space wolf (heh) and I'm not so sure. What's your hot take?
  15. F

    Alchemical Exalted in Shadowrun 5E

    So, presuming for a crossover, where a mighty spirit, possibly the reflection of craftmanship, that may or may not be the primordial autobot, infuses mortals with the demiurgic skills needed to create the champions, how would you reflect this in rules. The simplest, IMO, is to allow them to...
  16. F

    Crossovers that are likely to end in Tears. And fire.

    What it says on the tin. Crossovers that are likely to play out poorly for all concerned. I'll Start; Kindergarten Cop/John Constantine.
  17. The Watcher

    Back With A Vengeance (Agents of SHIELD/Various Crossover)

    In the history you know, after being gunned downed by the Fifth Street Locos Robbie Reyes is given a second chance at life by a "Good Samaritan" with a fiery countenance but at a great price. He becomes the host to a mystical entity that drives him to exact punishment on those it feels deserve...
  18. T

    Mage: The Exalted

    I’ve had a little idea I wanted to share with you. It’s about mixing Mage: the Awakening’s setting with an Exalted feeling and style. The premise would go something like this: Nobody remembers when the Fall occured. Most do not even know it did, and for them this Fallen reality is all that...
  19. A

    A new high/high power setting match up. The Vault Hunters land on Gaia. (Borderlands/FFVII)

    There was a legend... Many people tell it. The legend of the Vault. My father would always go on about the Vault; even with his dying breath. Advanced alien technology. Infinite wealth. Fame. Power. Women. So you can understand why some little kiddos who hear the stories grow up to become Vault...
  20. A

    New high/low power setting match up. Vault Hunters get caught in the Game of Thrones.

    Yes, I'm posting a stand alone crossover thread instead of posting it in the awesome crossover thread, but I'm hoping that's okay. I'm doing this largely because of how much information goes into this crossover so it could be more easily digested. It's pretty long winded. Here it goes. By the...
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