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crowdsource funding

  1. M

    *Kickstarter* Fairytale, the RPG about the morals of the story

    Hello, people of RPGnet. I successfully launched Misfortune to a middling response (that is, a general lack of response), but I was not deterred, and decided to move to a new project. So here it is, and it's Fairytale. The game still needs a lot of work, so I'm asking for funding to pay for my...
  2. okumarts

    Okumarts Games Patreon for 2018

    Hello all, I just wanted to let people here know that this year's theme for my Paper Miniature Patreon is Something vs Something. January's theme is Hillbillies vs Swamp Critters. Signing up now allows you to access over a year of content. That's a LOT of Paper Minis. Visit here and check out...
  3. S


    Dear forumers! Together with a small team of enthusiasts we are making a game about the birth and growth of society, from a small group of ancient farmers struggling to survive the frontier, to a huge modern metropolis. It is a game about history, democracy, economy, and social issues that we...
  4. C

    Kickstarter: Three Monkeys, an Audio RPG

    Hi All, I don't know if there is a dedicated crowd funding thread for video game Kickstarter projects, so if their is feel free to let me know. :) Anyway, this is an audio RPG, the likes of which hasn't been seen before, as far as I'm aware. They are asking for £28,000...
  5. E

    [Kickstarter] Sol Trader - A "fusion of Elite, Asteroids, and Dwarf Fortress" - in spaaaaace!

    Sol Trader - A "fusion of Elite, Asteroids, and Dwarf Fortress" - in spaaaaaaaaaace! The Kickstarter ends in 4 days and needs about 12,000 British pounds to fund.
  6. M

    [Star Citizen] Which package to get?

    I didn't pledge to Star Citizen because it looked like it was going to happen with or without me, so I figured I'd wait until it was out-out, and I'd just buy it. But WOW it looks pretty cool already. I try and stay away from crowdfunded video games because it seems like they get a few million...
  7. @

    [Fate] Moar Fate Worlds and the Fate Codex

    Two Fate Patreons are going on now. The Fate Codex is a zine featuring articles discussing genre hacks, essays and some fiction. Fate Core Worlds looks to put out even more worlds like the ones in the first two collections. Yes, I will have content for both. Well, if they both do well.
  8. Ninetongues

    Infusion Fantasypunk RPG

    Infusion is a tabletop roleplaying game set in an artificial world called the Worldmachine. Players take up the mantles of the Infused, powerful individuals of all races, blessed with exceptional fighting skills and mysterious Powers fueled by the magical Essence burning inside them. The...
  9. JustJo

    CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 3 - Role-Playing Games & Related Projects

  10. Ken Finlayson

    [Cthulhu] Island of Ignorance Kickstarter has just 5 days to go!

    "We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of inifinity, and it was not meant we should voyage far." - H.P. Lovecraft Begin the voyage that Man Was Not Meant to Take with Island of Ignorance, a fresh collection of articles and scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu RPG...
  11. B

    Need Advice on to distribute free or not?

    I have a game I have been working on. It is almost finished and laid out, but not edited. I have worked on it for a couple of years, and think it is a system and setting that people would enjoy playing. It is about a hundred pages of game rules and flavour, based on a d12 dice pool system. I...
  12. grubman

    Things about Kickstarter that bother you...but don't seem to bother other people?

    This isn't really a bitch or rant thread, but it is a thread to pull up a soapbox for a few minutes and talk about things that bother or concern you about Kickstarter (talking about games). These are just things you might want to get off your chest because they bug you, even though then might...
  13. DrFaust

    Carnagecast 41: Crowdfunding Tabletop Games

    In episode 41 of Carnagecast, Rod and Tyler discuss the boom of crowdfunding, the process whereby individuals contribute money to the creation of an item or event in exchange for backer rewards, and the tabletop game hobby. Before the meat of the conversation, they talk Carnage on the Mountain...
  14. Zotar

    Has Kickstarter been a game changer for Tabletop RPG's

    I've been seeing more and more stuff for Kickstarter this days. Has it worked well in the table top RPG world?
  15. AndrewTBP

    Crowd Funding: New Seasons of the 'Gamer Chick' Web Series!

    My fellow RPGnetters, I'd like to draw your attention to New Seasons of the 'Gamer Chick' Web Series! on Kickstarter. I discovered it today, really enjoyed Season 1, and I'm looking forward to Seasons 2 and 3. Upcoming Seasons will include familiar faces from The Gamers and Journeyquest...
  16. AndrewTBP

    Crowd Funding: Standard Action Season 3

    My fellow RPGnetters, I commend to you the Standard Action Season 3 on Kickstarter. I've pledged, and I hope you will too.
  17. wheloc

    [Crowd-Funding] Here's a Kickstarter I like, so you should support it...

    There's a pretty successful sticky CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT thread over on the Tabletop Open Forum. I kinda think we should have a similar one here, but I don't want to try and run one because: a) there are a lot of video-game projects to keep track of - and - b) I'm really lazy. So until...
  18. J

    [Indiegogo] Roger Zelazny Tribute Anthology Shadows and Reflections

    This isn't an RPG project, but I think it fits here, as Roger Zelazny was influential on a generation of authors and I know he's a favorite around here (He's certainly my favorite author). His son is putting together a collection of works set in Roger's creations (except for Amber, which he was...
  19. YoungSoulRebel

    [IndieGoGo fundraising] Kitty needs emergency dental surgery!

    I looked through the rules and behaviour guidelines, and asked a friend (who is not a moderator or admin, but has been on here for-EV-er) about the general etiquette on here, and it's not clearly against the rules, but if anyone on the moderation team thinks it's inappropriate, feel free to...
  20. C

    [TRO] Kickstarters?

    Just wondering what peoples' thoughts are about Kickstarter threads on the TRO board. I'm not complaining that they're overwhelming anything, but it seems that there's both a thread for advertising crowd-sourced projects that's stickied there, but also people start threads about individual...
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