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  1. CitizenKeen

    Emerald City, a cyberpunk game Sparked by the Resistance (Spire)

    I've started working on a cyberpunk Spire game. It's mostly a reskin. Here's the link. Feedback welcome.
  2. genefunk2090

    *Kickstarter* Final 48 Hours - GeneFunk 2090 [Biopunk 5e] 650+ Backers, 550% funded!

    Only one Stretch Goal remaining! :D http://bit.ly/genefunk2090
  3. T

    [Sell me on/off] The Corporation RPG

    I do love me some cyberpunk ethos, so would anyone be willing to enlighten me as to the unique points The Corporation has to offer compared to others of its genre. Alternately, what did you dislike about the game or its supplements? (Thread inspired by The Corporation being a new Bundle of...
  4. Umbraed Nox

    eBay EBAY: Cyberpunk 2020 RPG & Bubblegum Crisis RPG, Used but In Good Condition

    3-day auction: please take a look. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Cyberpunk-2020-RPG-Bubblegum-Crisis-RPG-Used-but-In-Good-Condition/233232679342
  5. genefunk2090

    *Kickstarter* [5E] GeneFunk 2090 Hits Offset Print Run!

    We just hit a major stretch goal, wooo! :) http://bit.ly/genefunk2090
  6. Poe's Law

    Best Cyberpunk Cybernetic

    For everyone, give me some details and stats and info on your favorite cybernetic item from cyberpunk style game... We have players making characters this weekend and they want your ideas and any cool items you used in the past and enjoyed :D What cybernetic thing did you enjoy the most...
  7. genefunk2090

    GeneFunk 2090 - A 5E Biopunk Setting, is Now Live on Kickstarter

    Check it out, it's been 18 years of slow-cooked development, finally ready to get it out there. :) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crisprmonkey/genefunk-2090/
  8. Poe's Law

    Street Cred and Rep

    So I am creating a set of rules for a game I want to run and I would love some ideas and input on this. I have two ideas I want to play up in a game that is themed and loosely based on the Warriors film. (The general idea is the players are up and coming chumps in a street gang) The game...
  9. genefunk2090

    GeneFunk 2090 Setting Book on DTRPG for FREE!

    I've put up the setting book (sans rules) with a bunch of art for the game included. We'll be up on Kickstarter on April 30th! Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions, cheers! :) https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/273002/GeneFunk-2090-Setting-Book
  10. Greg 1

    🎨 Creative What does your "cyberpunk" gun say?

    I'm not going to argue over what "cyberpunk" is. I'm thinking of Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun as the touchstones, but if you think your weapon is appropriate for a "cyberpunk" world, go ahead and post it. Everyone knows that style is what's really improtant when picking out a weapon. Invent...
  11. Greg 1

    🎨 Creative 101 Civilian Mass-Produced "Cyberpunk" Vehicles

    Let's have a bunch of vehicles for a "cyberpunk" world. I won't argue over the definition of "cyberpunk". I'm thinking of worlds something like Cyberpunk 2020 or Shadowrun, but if you think that your vehicle fits a "cyberpunk" world, it's appropriate. It has to be a civilian, mass-produced...
  12. Cosmic Hobo

    🎨 Creative Cyber + [music genre]?

    Okay, so this is a spinoff from the spinoff cyberpunk thread. It came up quite a bit about how punk aesthetics and punk music does or does not really work in cyberpunk media. This thread isn’t meant to rehash those arguments, but rather have some fun brainstorming what a cyber + [music genre]...
  13. Shawn_Hagen

    [Interest/Planning/Recruitment] MHR Anime Cyberpunk

    So I thought a Cyberpunk game with the Marvel Heroic RPG (the super hero flavour of the cortex system) with an anime vibe could be fun to run. Some of this is old thoughts that came back to roost when people were talking about running a Alita style game after the movie came out. So I mentioned...
  14. K

    It's my birthday - I'd like interesting cybernetics

    Looking for ideas for interesting cybernetic devices that could be implanted into humans (or non-humans), such as... 1) Cyber-holster. This is an empty compartment inside the body, hidden in an area where there is space by displacing or modifying organs. It opens up to reveal a small...
  15. Wakshaani

    (Spinoff) What is cyberpunk and what is a cyberpunk RPG?

    This came up in the Best/Worst Modules thread and, rather than have it dominate the conversation, time to bring it over to talk about it! There's lots of Shadowrun talk involved (yay!), but other games, like Cyberpunk, are valid, as are literary nods, both in the genre, the post-cyberpunk genre...
  16. S

    Preview of Cyberpunk Red up

    Didn't see any posts on this, so here goes. For those who are still keeping an eye out for Cyberpunk Red, a preview got posted on the R. Talsorian website yesterday Wasn't Mike himself who wrote it up, but at least we now have more of an idea of what we'll be looking forward to while it's...
  17. Rabbit Éclair

    Resources for cyberpunk mission planning?

    Over the past couple of months, after rereading a stack of foundational cyberpunk/transhumanist novels, I thought it'd be fun to start a game of The Sprawl for my friends. And so far, it has been! The system clicks pretty well with the group, and everyone seemed to enjoy the first mission...
  18. The Wyzard

    💀 Necro Advertising in Cyberpunk Milieus

    I had the thought recently that, if someone is running or playing in a cyberpunk game and wants to engage with the setting, it's pretty vital that they have a working understanding of advertising, and general media literacy. The following is a rough outline of my own thoughts, or how I'd run it...
  19. Gingivitis

    🎨 Creative [Cyberpunk] 101 Ways a Security Spider Can Catch an Intruder

    Thinking of ways a Security Spider (a decker or rigger-type specializing in building security) could go about capturing, detaining, killing, or nulifying intruders into his/her corporate arcology. They have full access to every automated or integrated feature of the entire building including...
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