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  1. Regis

    [Wrestlepack][Let's Play - Original Choose Your Own Adventure!] Pushing Too Far - A Booker's Adventures

    Word, Wrestlepack. So, original CYOA stuff has been done well on Other Media before. All well and good, but why this? Why now? Well, take a look at this: Slammed! A wrestling-themed Choose Your Own Adventure game. Check it out, it's available on Steam as well, but after playing it I wanted...
  2. HK-50

    Let's play...Choice of Dragons

    Since the tale of Byron the Troll Wizard has come to a close, I'd like to pick up the survivors with another game from the Choice of Games collection, a relatively short entry called Choice of the Dragon. It's free here:https://www.choiceofgames.com/dragon/ Rules will be the same as the others...
  3. P

    From Gamebooks to Tabletop RPG's. Who's out there?

    Gamebooks I dont mean the sourcebooks to your standard tabletop rpg's but those old 'choose your own adventure' style of gamebooks. Question: What Gamebooks have taken their core dice mechanic and turned them into a tabletop rpg? I exclude the following. Advanced Fighting Fantasy: Already...
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