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dark heresy

  1. B

    [Dark Heresy (2e?)]Where did that subsystem go for that thing?

    I thought there were rules for creating your own mount in DH2e. I've looked through my books and can't find it. Am I blind, as my wife perpetually implies? Or are they actually DH1e rules and I am forgetful, as my wife perpetually implies?
  2. R

    eBay Dark Heresy 2nd Edition, Black Crusade Sourcebooks

    Cleaning out the book shelf and have some out of print stuff from Fantasy Flight Games to sell. Both books are brand new with only some minor shelfwear. Never played or seriously read sadly. First up is The Tome of Excess. This is a sourcebook for Black Crusade with rules and details for...
  3. M

    [ 40k ] Calixis hate

    Hello i have a question again :) The Calixis Sector had been subjected to some hate when the Dark Heresy first came out. Due to the reasons like having no Tyrannids or major threats etc. What i dont understand is why not people didn't add them? As for example the Tyrannids, a splinter Hive...
  4. Pandorym

    IC Heresy is the Greatest of Sins (Dark Heresy by way of FATE Accelerated)

    At the direct center of Catalyst Station... "...Yes. Of course - I'll send a warband as soon as I can to investigate." A moment of silence, the creaking of a chair. "Naturally, Lord Pyre. Have no fear, the Inquisition is always watchful. The Emperor Protects." The sound of a holo-display...
  5. Pandorym

    OOC Heresy is the Greatest of Sins (Dark Heresy by way of FATE Accelerated)

    Hello, I'm the Game Master, Pandorym, and welcome to Heresy is the Greatest of Sins: a game using the FATE Accelerated system set in the Warhammer 40k universe - specifically using Dark Heresy. We have five players, listed below. EnigmaticOne Tylorva 13thapoc Karl Green This thread is for all...
  6. Jürgen Hubert

    [Dark Heresy] Your Shadowy Superiors

    In most Dark Heresy campaigns, the player characters will have bosses - either the Inquisitor themselves, or (especially if they are fresh Acolytes) one or more Interrogators who send them off on missions. But "sending them off on missions" is hardly all their bosses do - at least as important...
  7. johnnype

    [40K] Someone is converting Dark Heresy to Shadow of the Demon Lord

    Kevin Dale is his name and so far he's done up Arms & Armor including weapon properties. Looks cool. Here's the link to the google doc: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_xML7tW1LLtWjM4ZUwtNzhwdm8/view He posted it to G+ here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103732829039866805331/posts/aNmnhDAsFbG...
  8. Mr Adventurer

    IC [Dark Heresy Ascension] Apocrypha - Fracta Ordinata

    In the infinite blackness of space, the Galaxy drifts and turns slowly around its cosmic axis. From this impossible vantage point, it seethes invisibly with life of every kind - bipedal, centipedal, brutal, delicate, forms at the limit of the human imagination, and beyond. For it is the flag of...
  9. V

    Staking Out a Spaceport: Help Me Frame an Encounter

    Tonight's Dark Heresy game features the PCs trying to stop a rogue psyker leaving a hive. Their investigations have led them to the spire's space port, a sprawling jumbled area, filled with warehouses, landing platforms, customs houses, private hangars for mercantile interests, and a mass of...
  10. St.Just

    [Dark Heresy/40k] 101 Heretical Cults

    So I just recently got my virtual hands on a pdf of Enemy Within, and the Cult Creation section in particular just filled my mind with dozens of ideas I'm almost certain to never be able to use. So hey, why not write them up on the internet and see if anyone else has similar? 1. Cult of Idea...
  11. Jürgen Hubert

    [Warhammer 40K] All Guardsmen Party

    I don't know if All Guardsmen Party qualifies as a writeup of the coolest Dark Heresy campaign ever, or as fan fiction. I don't care - it is hilarious and brilliant either way. The premise: The Game Master asks the players to create lots and lots of Only War characters for a custom regiment...
  12. Jürgen Hubert

    [Dark Heresy] Where do Inquisitors get their money from?

    Bear with me for a moment. I know that Inquisitors can legally demand and get pretty much anything, so at a glance it would seem that Inquisitors have no need for money. However, this approach has its downsides - primarily, it threatens the secrecy under which Inquisitors and their retinues...
  13. Tango Samurai

    FFG Dark Heresy 2nd Ed Questions

    For those of you who have the Core Rulebook: What are the starting available careers? Do you have to go through 4 career stages in psycher before you get actual powers (like in DH 1st)? Are the Sisters of Battle a starting option? (Thought I heard "yes" when the game came out.) Thanks.
  14. HDimagination

    [Dark Heresy] Corruption and Insanity

    Ok, so Running Dark Heresy (1st ed) for the first time, and last night, second session in, one of my players (an Assassin) Shot a prisoner in the head despite the objections of the Arbiter who wanted to deliver them to justice. Some context; the players are not acolytes yet, they are currently...
  15. Rangdo

    [Dark Heresy] Has anyone done an Apocalypse World hack for it?

    I know there's a Rogue Trader hack (which I got from this thread), but is there a DH version? If not, the Sixth World Shadowrun hack would make a good base, IMO.
  16. Cannibal Smiliest

    Dark Heresy 2nd edition's rules are also a flaming pile of horse garbage [Edit: Not that bad, but damn.]

    This may sound like a familiar refrain, but let me remind you of our experiences with Rogue Trader. Sooooo, we decided to try Dark Heresy, 2nd edition. We were so bright-eyed and looking forward to trying the new system! Surely all of the kinks will have been worked out by a new edition. After...
  17. A

    [Dark Heresy 1e] +5% at Character Creation?

    So whlist I'm waiting to gather togther enough cash to get DH2E, I'm putting togther a Rogue Trader and a Dark Heresy game for my players to choose from. A common complaint of DH is character don't feel competant enough a low levels, and whilst i am of the school of 'stack bonuses if you can"...
  18. C

    Horror Games and Immature Players (40k RPGs, Call of Cthulhu etc...)

    I am a avid player of horror rpg's such as Dark Heresy and Call of Cthullu, and I have noticed a very odd trend. About a quarter of the players of these games online and in real life are very unwilling to delve in to true horror of these games. For example in Dark Heresy if you are dealing with...
  19. G

    [Recruitment] Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader, 1st Edition: The Hunt for Red Octorius

    An ancient vessel, the Octorius, a Grand Cruiser fitted for extended missions, has reappeared in the Calixis Sector near the Halo Stars. The vessel, infamous for falling to a Heretical Xenos Cult and disappearing in the warp three hundred years ago, seems to be empty, broadcasting an ancient...
  20. B

    [Rant; Dark Heresy] That's a Freaking Lie!

    I have a love/hate with FFG's treatment of the 40k games. On the love side, the setting is awesome, they do a good job of contributing to the universe, and the books are gorgeous. On the hate side are the mechanics. But okay, I'm comfortable enough with the group I game with, have three decades...
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