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dcc rpg

  1. R

    DCC on the fly.

    In our previous session, the party had ventured into the Goldenbeam forest in search of a fallen star. They found the piece of star, infused with raw chaos. I had anticipated them wanting to dispose of the chunk, and did a whole adventure that was a ripoff *ahem* inspired by Eternal Darkness...
  2. chiisu

    Another DCC cover, this one may win me over

    http://www.goodman-games.com/5070Epreview.html Right now I just have the PDF. The standard cover is alright, the past limited covers never wowed me personally. But a cover by Easley? Urrrrg urge to open wallet growing...
  3. S

    [DCC] What's it like in play?

    I've been looking at old-school fantasy RPGs, by which I mean 7 classes (3 of which are races), dark tombs and evil gods old-school. I've heard some good things about DCC, but it looks a bit intimidating. How does it run in play? Do all the charts get in the way? How fast is combat, considering...
  4. legopaidi

    [DCC] Please explain to me how Warriors can actually cast a spell!

    The rule book notes that every magically untrained class like the Warrior or Dwarf rolls a d10 for his spell check and does not add any ability modifiers or caster level. If the DC for casting a spell is 10+(2xspell level) then for a 1st level spell the DC is 12. And the maximum number in a d10...
  5. G

    Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG vs. Labyrinth Lord vs. Castles & Crusades vs. OpenQuest

    Which retro game do you prefer and why? Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG or Labyrinth Lord (AEC or not....please state which you prefer) or Castles & Crusades or OpenQuest?
  6. Kevin Mowery

    [Unsell Me On] Dungeon Crawl Classics

    For $40, DCC is a massive tome of rules. Like a lot of folks, I've been hankering for some good, old-fashioned hexcrawling, but I don't quite want Fantasy Fucking Vietnam. I'm okay with moderate rules complexity, but I've got players who are pretty new to gaming, and have never played D&D, and...
  7. Eryops

    [DCC] What are you doing (if anything) with it?

    I'm not sure if DCC has fallen into one of those flavour of the month club categories here or not, but our group has been playing the last two months or so. We're trying to run with a rotating GM using modules we already own (we've all got a ton we've never been able to bring to the table) and...
  8. G

    DCC rpg: How is long term play working for you?

    I picked up the 2nd printing of the Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg, complete with index (thank god!) and I love it to bits. The unholy love child of a menage a trois between early D&D, D&D 3.5, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Rolemaster! I'm curious to know if anyone has been running the game for...
  9. E

    [DCC RPG vs. Hackmaster 5th] How do they fare as systems for newbie groups?

    And by newbie groups I mean both players and the GM. People with little or no experience in tt ropleplaying. I've read a bit from DCC RPG and it seems to be talking to experienced gamers, would it work for others as well? How about Hackmaster? Thank you in advance for the replies.
  10. S

    [DCC] Introducing new PCs?

    What are people's thoughts on this? The character funnel is such a "let's do it together" scenario that, later on, when you add new party members, it makes me wonder what to do. I feel like making them play 4 henchmen might feel like overkill but letting them start at 1st level steals all the...
  11. E

    [DCC #35] Talk to me about the Setting of Aereth

    I stumbled upon the default setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg by Goodman Games. Apparantly DCC nr. 35 is the main source for the "Known World" of Aereth. What can you friendly RPG.net folks tell me about it? What makes Aereth cool/not so cool? Is it a setting with a special theme or is...
  12. R

    [RPG]: Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game, reviewed by ced1106 (4/4)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/15/15624.phtml Cedric's Summary: Those of us who remember "old school" games with their extensive critical hit tables and other wild ideas have them again. Spells are no longer lifeless stat blocks but are to be feared, even by those who wield it. Go to the...
  13. R

    [DCC] Quest cards.

    I like the rumour cards in fourthcore modules. I plan to use them (or some variant) in all my games from now on. But also thinking about Dungeon Crawl Classics, I've thought about using quest cards. The rough idea I've got is- At the beginning of a session, each player without a quest card...
  14. R

    [DCC] My thoughts on character death.

    So I got my hands on my copy of Dungeon Crawl Classics last night, and have been greedily devouring the content. I find that a lot of the design desicons resonate with me, and I thought I'd share why. For me, the core concept that drives my interest in RPGs is choice and concequences. I find...
  15. V

    [Dungeon Crawl Classics] my biggest problem

    DCC is a freaking amazing product. If you own it, you already know that. But I see one big potential problem: every time you cast a spell, you have to reference the colossal rulebook and find the spell chart. This reminds me a lot of Rolemaster where you had to reference various critical hit and...
  16. BMonroe

    [DCC+] Funnel Ideas

    1. The PCs are a mob of random people captured by orcs, being transported by half a dozen orc overseers across a wild, dangerous land. When an enemy tribe is spotted, a fight breaks out and the PCs have a chance to escape. They have to make it across the wilderness to return to civilization. 2...
  17. A

    [DCC] How is the actual game different from the Beta?

    I have the DCC RPG beta rules, and am wondering how they compare to the actual published game. I know it covers higher levels and such, but what was changed in the way the rules work? Anything that was broken in the beta that was fixed? Anything new or different that wasn't in the beta? Is...
  18. S

    Sell me on DCC

    I know it just came out, but what is so captivating about Dungeon Crawl Classics that it is a current hot point? I read the Free RPG Day beta, and while interesting, not much grabbed me that made DCC distinct from any other retroclone like game. So, why is it so good? Why do you like it? And...
  19. DMH

    [DCC RPG] Questions, houserules and setting seeds

    Should non-spellcasters be able to have patrons (i.e. gods, demons, spirits, etc.) and if so what would the effect be? Should primes (monsters) assist clerics and others who work for their patron? Houserule- Lawful and Chaotic clerics have a d10 or d12 hit die because they are targets for...
  20. Captain Deadpool

    [+] DCC RPG is like B/X FantasyCraft

    If I had to boil my entire first impressions of Dungeon Crawl Classics down to one sentence, that'd be it. DCC is a very complicated game with many separate subsystems and additions to the B/X core of the game. But like FantasyCraft, each of those complicated elements exists to provide both...
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