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dcc rpg

  1. T

    [DCC RPG] - What's your favorite piece of art?

    There is a lot of beautiful art in the new DCC RPG book. In fact, there is so much that I want other people's opinions and commentary, since I'm having trouble looking at all of it! I'll throw two out there that I particularly enjoy so far: Note: I've got the faux leatherbound copy but am...
  2. S

    Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG- how is it?

    I'm really curious to hear how it stands out from BECMI and retroclones- all I can seem to find are reviews of the beta rules, which may or may not be indicative of the final ruleset.
  3. V

    [DCC] Dungeon Crawl Classics incoming!

    Just picked up my Dungeon Crawl Classics preorder at the post office. Somehow the pdf just didn't give me any idea as to how THICK this book would be. Sadly, no surprise free zocci dice. :) Looking forward to the readthrough, though.
  4. CaffeineBoy

    [DCC-RPG] Anyone run a game with the final pdf? If so, how'd it go?

    My group is revving up for our first foray into the DCC Funnel this weekend. We'll be using the beta rules 'cause none of us were on-the-ball enough to get in on the preorder. Still, I'm curious -- how does the final game play compared to the beta? Are thieves able to contribute more? Are...
  5. Z

    DCC RPG pre-order PDF out!

    As in the title - the DCC RPG is at the printer and the PDF has gone out to those that have pre-ordered it! Anyone here got it? I have mine and it's a 480 page beast. Lots and lots of fantastic artwork in different styles. Tons of spell tables, crit tables etc. However the rules are simple at...
  6. K

    [DCC RPG] I have the pdf of the finished rules and I'm glad I do

    The first eleven pages are wonderful art and grapics. There are three 2-page art pieces in that first eleven pages alone. I playtested the beta version and I have skimmed the early release of the pdf that was sent to those of us who pre-ordered Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. If you played the beta...
  7. G

    [DCC RPG] Dungeon Crawl Classic's Implied Setting

    At first glance, the implied setting of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG is one of ancient tombs, bizarre enemies, irresistable treasure and dangerous magic. DCC is a game of chances, where something is constantly happening. Characters can be stymied by fumbles or transformed into creatures by...
  8. P

    [DCC Beta] Almost perfect.

    Although I've only read and discussed it so far, I'm deeply impressed with Goodman's Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. It's got all the grimweird peril that I love to bedevil PCs with, from dangerous spellcasting and intemperate gods to strange monsters and horribly gory combat. Law vs. Chaos as the...
  9. G

    [Goodman] DCC RPG Beta Now Available: Let The Open Playtest Begin!

    The DCC RPG beta rules are now available! Using streamlined 3E rules grounded in the themes of Appendix N, DCC RPG is a modern game with a classic feel. Download your copy now! Give us your feedback! Read the rules, roll up a character, play some games, then post your experiences on our forums...
  10. J

    [DCC RPG] Free Beta Test Rules Now Available for Download

    Free playtest beta is now available to download! Free (test?) mod to be available during Free RPG Day later this month. :D
  11. K

    [Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG] free beta release on Wed

    Dungeon Crawl Classis RPG free beta release will be available on Wed. I'm quite interested in this game. The patron magic in particular sounds interesting and I like the idea of spells scaling based on both the wizard's ability and by a die roll.
  12. Machpants

    DCC RPG BETA June 8th...

    ...as it says on the tine. Joseph Goodman's fairly unique take on Appendix N adventuring will be available in BET form on the 8th Of June from Goodman Games site. I, for one, am rather excited. It looks pretty different than your normal faire. Those that don't like high PC death counts (the...
  13. G

    The beta is coming, the beta is coming!

    Tell your friends and tell your neighbors: the DCC RPG beta rules are coming! Shortly before our Free RPG Day Adventure Starter is released to participating retailers and fans on June 18, the DCC RPG beta rules will be released digitally at goodman-games.com. We’re editing away furiously and...
  14. G

    [Goodman] DCC RPG for Free RPG Day

    Over here at Goodman Games, we are very excited to announce that Goodman Games is once more participating in Free RPG Day! And this year's Free RPG Day release is the first published adventure module for DCC RPG, our upcoming role playing game of classic fantasy. On Saturday, June 18 you can...
  15. Machpants

    [DCC RPG] Magic Designer Notes

    Designer’s Diary Entry #2: What Do You Mean, “Vancian”? From Here: http://www.goodman-games.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=8530&p=31636#p31636 Designer’s Diary Entry #2: What Do You Mean, “Vancian”? Or, Spellcasting in DCC RPG Listen to any experienced D&D gamers talk and you’ll hear the...
  16. Gentleman Highwayman

    Gygax & Arneson see into the future to design D&D

    So Goodman games is making an old school game from the bones of d20 OGC. The just is if the guys who wrote D&D didn't have to start from scratch or adapt war-game rules. I don't get that. Trying to make a game based on modern D&D rules that adheres to the influences of original D&D seems a lot...
  17. J

    DCC RPG Designer Blog Stuff

    Coolio. Stuff about the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman himself: What if Gygax and Arneson had access to the Open Game License when they created D&D? What if they spent their time adapting thirty years of game design principles to their stated inspirations -- rather than creating the...
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