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  1. Serendipity99

    Book of Scarlet Abomination is now available!

    The Book of Scarlet Abominations is 60 pages of bright colours, revenge, and demonic enlightenment. A patron book for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG the BoSA includes the patron herself, Tamarah Pandoramicum, background, her invoke results, stuff to tweak her bonding rite, Tamarah specific...
  2. F

    Dangerous magic that is still worth using

    What the title says. Any systems have that? Magic that carries with it risk/corruption/self-harm/whatever, but on balance is still worth the doing (or attempting, as the case might be?) Prefer rules light, through to sort of medium-ish if necessary. Thank you!
  3. Kane_Cathain

    *Kickstarter* Zine Quest entry Ghostlike Crime for DCC RPG

    Hey all! I launched my zine project for Kickstarter's zine quest. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/abiology/ghostlike-crime-an-rpg-zine-of-modern-weirdness Check it out if you want to get in on some adventures in a horror movie trope filled modern dystopia. Compatible with DCC RPG.
  4. F

    [DCC] How to determine what level your homebrew DCC adventure is?

    Just what it says in the title: When doing up a new adventure/module for Dungeon Crawl Classics, how does one determine whether it's, say, a Level 3 or Level 5 adventure? Considering the probable lethality of 0-level funnels, how do you make sure a new one is Level 0 as opposed to Level 2 or...
  5. V

    [Dungeon Crawl Classics] do you own the funky dice?

    Not sure if this should go in the d20 forum or the general RPG forum.... Anyways, if you play DCC, do you own the d5, d7, d14, etc, dice? Or do you just roll other dice and re-roll when the result isn't within the given range? For example, rolling a d8 instead of a d7 and re-rollong if an 8...
  6. Ewoklord

    Interested in OSR, No Idea Where To Start

    I, like many in this venerable hobby, was introduced via Dungeons & Dragons. This would have been around 2009, so young me (the only one of my friends with the level of interest to organize a bunch of middle-schoolers) bought the 4e rulebooks, with no previous experience or idea at all of what I...
  7. Warlord476

    The Broken Land: a DCC/dT&T/Mythic/CRGE solo mini-campaign

    Prelude Recruitment Drive: Thanks for Volunteering! During this prelude, I use CRGE with its yes/no matrix and increasing surge points. Should there be a need for descriptions, I use the Location Crafter which can be used for complex questions. Thanks to my ongoing campaign I already know the...
  8. I. J. Betty

    [DCC] Running my first funnel

    I recently picked up a copy of Dungeon Crawl Classics on a whim. This (or maybe next) weekend I am thinking about trying it out with some friends. I was planning on running the 0th-level funnel from the book, "The Portal Under the Stars." The recommendation is to have about 20 PCs. With...
  9. J

    Sell Me on Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventures

    I'm looking to pick up some pre-scripted adventures. I'm looking at the Goodman Games lineup (because they have many) and I would like some feedback. I am going to be converting them or using them for inspiration so I'm not concerned about system version. What are your favorites and give me...
  10. A

    [Desperate & Hungry] Low Level Adventure Suggestions

    I'm planning to run a short campaign of my recently released Desperate & Hungry RPG over Hangouts in the very near future and am looking for some suggestions for low level adventures that might be a good fit. For context, D&H is an OD&D/BD&D-inspired rule set that drops the heroics, limits the...
  11. S

    [Dungeon Crawl Classics] Aereth? Aereth. Aereth!!!

    I have never played the DCC RPG, although I bought a copy recently. However, I have both played and run TONS of the 3.X adventures they published and found them excellent. I also own and make heavy, weird use of #35 Gazeteer of the Known Realms. It describes their campaign setting of Aereth...
  12. Asen_G

    [DCC] Sandcrawling: the Cultist

    This is, somewhat unsurprisingly given the title, an AP of my DCC campaign which I'm running PbP. I'm doing it to test my "Arabian/Eastern European/Persian/Central Asian/Chinese" setting. There's only one player. No, it's not for lack of willing players. I find few PCs fit the genre better. We...
  13. Y

    [DCC / LotFP] New to dungeons: Help me choose the right game!

    First post on the D&D forums! I'm a long time player, but apart from a brief spell of Mentzer Red Box over 20 years ago, I haven't run D&D. I played in a light-weight D&D3 for a dozen sessions (the campaign was Pool of Radiance) or so, but that's it. Late last year, I wanted a taste of good old...
  14. Tush Hog

    [Dungeon Crawl Classics] I've got that feeling again

    I'm loving this game! For me, this game is the perfect old school/new school blend. It has me feeling like I felt playing 30 years ago - and I'm rolling dice that are strange again :) Who here is playing and how have your experiences been?
  15. R

    Thoughts on DCC.

    So I've run quite a few adventures now for my Roll20 group. A couple of published modules, and a bunch of my own stuff. My thought right now, is that if the Judge goes easy on the party, then a lot of the cool elements of DCC lay semi-dormant. Luck gets saved, and spell fumbles don't happen too...
  16. Jorjowsky

    [DCC RPG] The Pale Kingdoms

    Today we played our first game of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and, while it's way too early to tell if it's going to have real staying power with our group (we are fickle), we had so much fun I thought I should post an Actual Play report. Some notes first: Our Group We are four players in...
  17. R

    DCC on the fly.

    In our previous session, the party had ventured into the Goldenbeam forest in search of a fallen star. They found the piece of star, infused with raw chaos. I had anticipated them wanting to dispose of the chunk, and did a whole adventure that was a ripoff *ahem* inspired by Eternal Darkness...
  18. chiisu

    Another DCC cover, this one may win me over

    http://www.goodman-games.com/5070Epreview.html Right now I just have the PDF. The standard cover is alright, the past limited covers never wowed me personally. But a cover by Easley? Urrrrg urge to open wallet growing...
  19. Eryops

    [DCC] What are you doing (if anything) with it?

    I'm not sure if DCC has fallen into one of those flavour of the month club categories here or not, but our group has been playing the last two months or so. We're trying to run with a rotating GM using modules we already own (we've all got a ton we've never been able to bring to the table) and...
  20. R

    [RPG]: Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game, reviewed by ced1106 (4/4)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/15/15624.phtml Cedric's Summary: Those of us who remember "old school" games with their extensive critical hit tables and other wild ideas have them again. Spells are no longer lifeless stat blocks but are to be feared, even by those who wield it. Go to the...
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