1. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands Back East: the South

    Introduction This is going to be my first non-adventure review for Deadlands. After four of the major Plot Point Campaigns and the stellar Coffin Rock adventure, this is my first location/setting guide for the Weird West proper. Back East is a two-part line covering the Union and Confederacy...
  2. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands: Coffin Rock

    Let’s wind the clock back to the year 2008. Savage Worlds is still a relatively new system, and Deadlands got upgraded to it under the new Reloaded line in 2006. Although there were one to two page side encounters and free online content bridging the 2 year gap, Deadlands Reloaded was lacking a...
  3. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands: Stone and a Hard Place (Reckoner Series)

    Introduction Jasper Stone. The one-man TPK Machine. The undead mug plastered on countless Deadlands core books. The prime competitor with Dr. Darius Hellstromme as the biggest Marty Stu of the Weird West. Back in the 90s he was a Lady of Pain-esque figure who was less a complex character and...
  4. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands: Good Intentions (Reckoner Series)

    Introduction “Love me some magical steampunk cowboys.” This was a popular copypasta on Amazon reviews for various Deadlands Reloaded books. I could not tell if the person was trolling, for although anonymous he was a Verified Purchaser for many of said books. But strangest of all was the...
  5. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands: the Last Sons (Reckoner Series)

    Introduction Howdy pardner, and welcome back to the Weird West! Today we’ll be covering the second of the Reckoner Series mega-adventures for Deadlands. I went into more detail in the opening post of the first adventure, the Flood, but in short as part of the system upgrade to Savage Worlds the...
  6. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands: the Flood (Reckoner Series)

    Introduction Aaaah, good ol’ Deadlands. A Wild Western Horror RPG still going strong 20 years later. Like many games written in the 90s it suffered from a case of metaplot, but it had one of such length and scope that it would make even White Wolf blush. To this day the the writers still have...
  7. wirecrossing

    What is the state of Deadlands?

    And what would I need to get into it at this stage?
  8. Atlictoatl

    [Sell/Unsell Me] Let's Talk Deadlands

    There's a double-fisted shootout happening over at Bundle of Holding right now on Savage Worlds Deadlands. What's local opinion? As good for the West as the Transcontinental Railroad or about as good of a neighbor as an overly political cattle baron? One can spend almost as much as $50 on two...
  9. J

    Deadlands classic 20th anniversary edition.....

    As the deadlands 20th anniversary edition is out this week I was wondering which people preferred classic or reloaded and why I prefer classic as I like the gonzo feel to it over the darker One of reloaded. Even though reloaded has a cut down and fast system classic just hits the mark with...
  10. M

    🎨 Creative [Setting Riff] The Occult War Between the States

    Everyone is no doubt familiar with the setting of Deadlands. Deadlands backstory talks about the occult appearing during the Civil War. However, the game takes place in 1877. What I am more interested in is what the Civil War would look like if the occult returned. Perhaps slaves use voodoo to...
  11. Shadow Walker

    Deadlands: Classic. Yes or no?

    I am tempted to try it but first I would like to hear your opinion. Do you think it is better than Reloaded (I know SW system but never played Deadlands Reloaded)? If yes why?
  12. icemaster109

    Deadlands Classic vs Through The Breach (Malifaux RPG)?

    I'm fairly unfamiliar with both. I know they are both western horror game, and that they both use cards in their mechanics. However, I'm really trying to decide between two. So without further ado: I'd like to see which game people prefer when it comes to the following categories... Setting...
  13. B

    Fantasy Western RPG Settings

    I love the idea of Fantasy Western settings. I know of two RPGs with this kind of setting, Owl Hoot Trail and Pure Steam: Westbound. I have Owl Hoot Trail, which I like as a system, but it doesn't really have a setting. It's basically got some vague ideas and leaves it open to be made by the...
  14. J

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Deadlands] The Dead South

    So, in the Deadlands Kickstarter thread I mentioned that I used an alternate history for Deadlands where the CSA collapsed and the Deep South has fallen into anarchy and terror. Several people requested that I make a post detailing my alternate history, so here it is. Notes The below only...
  15. Matt.Ceb

    Deadlands 20th Anniversary Kickstarter imminent [is going on now]

    Kind of blindsided by this one. It seems that Onyx Path's success had led to some lasting impressions. :) Nothing much know apart from the cover, and that it will NOT be Savage Worlds (thank the old gods...) but the original rules. :) It's supposed to launch tomorrow.
  16. K

    [Deadlands: The Weird West] Favorite Arcane Background? (+)

    Well, my mind had been drifting towards Deadlands as of late, and TCM airing one of the Davy Crockett movies pushed it square into Weird West territory. So I thought I'd ask you folks what your favorite Arcane Background is. It could be from any of the many and various system iterations, of...
  17. C

    [Deadlands] Lore differences between Reloaded and Classic?

    What are the differences between Reloaded and Classic in terms of the storyline, setting, characters, and so on?
  18. Poe's Law

    🎨 Creative 101 Western Plot ideas

    Hey there everyone! I am looking to fill in the fun details for a western RPG I am running. So what i am looking for is for everyone to post a plot idea that can happen in the Wild Wild West. (this can include Deadlands and a few Steampunk ideas as well !!) The most needed ideas at...
  19. A

    [Deadlands: Hell on Earth] Should I start in the Weird West?

    - We like Deadlands: Hell on Earth and Lost Colony over Weird West, because we prefer sci fi to "historical". - We like playing through the main story of a setting, ultimately fighting the Big Bads and saving/fixing the setting. Provided we want to play through the metaplot of Deadlands, is it...
  20. I

    [Deadlands] Saddle Up Partners! (Edition Advice!)

    Recently, I've really been enjoying the Doomtown card game - it has an awesome amount of flavour, and its gotten me thinking about Deadlands. I was involved in two brief games about a decade ago, but I didn't really understand the system at all. On a whim, I've picked up the 'Classic' Deadlands...
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