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deck building

  1. The Discerning Gentleman

    🎨 Creative Nifty MTG Loops!

    Tell us about any nifty loops that you may have found during your MTG deck construction!
  2. P

    [MTG] General Deckbuilding Thread

    I will make MTG the most common thread tag on this forum or die trying. I've got something I need help with, myself. See, I'm working on Alesha (this is like my eighth try) and I've finally got it going in the direction I want i.e. psuedo-dredge aggro. Granted, that's the only way to build her...
  3. W

    [M:TG] Help new player understand why these 2 top decks work and are good!

    Still very new to M:TG and I'm wondering if someone would be so kind as to clearly, yet in a detailed fashion, explain to me why the decks I'm going to list below are 1) good decks, and 2) why and how they work? (IMPORTANT - I'm new to the game. That means you'll have to avoid using weird slang...
  4. P

    Chaos in the Old World: the Horned Rat (Deck Building)

    For Chaos in the Old World: the Horned Rat, has anyone tried out custom chaos decks / upgrade combinations using the new tile set?
  5. D

    No love for Nightfall?

    So after waiting for this game for a while, it finally got a release. I was going to wait and ask my SO to pick me up a copy for my birthday but that is weeks away and I wanted it NOW! :D Thus far, I've played it twice and enjoyed both games. My first impressions are very favourable. However...
  6. F

    Deckbuilding Games

    I'm trying to find some sort of list of games that are primarily deck-builders, and what some of the differences are, mechanically. I've tried looking on boardgamegeeks, but their categorization hasn't really help me find these. The games I am personally familiar with are: 1) Dominion -...
  7. Sethra007

    Eminent Domain Deck-Building Game

    Thought I would bring this Kickstarter to your attention: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/627547359/eminent-domain-the-next-evolution-of-deck-building?ref=spotlight The rules of Eminent Domain are available at Tasty Minstrel's website. They are funded, so this is a great chance to get the...
  8. E_MacLeod

    [Boxed Games] Recommend Me Two Games

    So I am looking to buy two games... ... ... The first is an Adventure board game. The two I have read about are Talisman and Runebound. Are they the best out there? If not, what is in your opinion? If so, which one should I go with. Fantasy themed. I don't mind lengthy games (3/4 hours is about...
  9. D

    [Warhammer: Invasion] Deck Building?

    For many reasons the summer wasn't all that great for gaming, but now we are back into the swing of playing things -- Invasion being top of the list. Over the last few months we've picked up some battle packs and the Elf expansion, but have never strayed from the pre-packaged decks in the base...
  10. F

    (Magic) Build a white weenie deck for my brother.

    I don't know much about the new sets. My brother wants to get into Magic again. He wants a white weenie deck with small creatures. I don't have the cards or the time. I was interested in what Rpg.net people would come up with. It can be both extended or type 2. Thank you, Fenris
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