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  1. Ilya

    The most beautiful RPG books you've ever seen

    I was reading a review that got me thinking about what I like (and hate) the most in RPG book layouts. So, what are your favorite books in terms of design? You know, that book that caught your eye because it not only has good art, but an exceptionally good layout. Maybe it's the beautiful...
  2. C

    Dengenesis party rationale

    So I'm looking at the Dengenesis setting (modified) for a long-term campaign, but for the life of me I cannot see a way you could build a group out of such disparate backgrounds and motivations. I've got at least five players, and most if not all like running two PCs each, which works out fine...
  3. Evil Doctor

    Degenesis - opinions?

    Now then, I've just come across this RPG, and I must say it is extremely pretty. Seems to be a post-apoc game with a 'primal punk' (their words) vibe... Anyone know anything about it? What's the system like? Cheers!
  4. J

    Degenisis RPG

    I saw this on a FaceBook post. https://www.geeknative.com/62768/degenesis-rpg/ It seems like a very interesting setting. Anyone familiar with the system, or how it plays?
  5. burningcrow

    [Degenesis Rebirth] Black Atlantic is out!

    Hey there! I'm not sure how well known Degenesis is outside of Europe (especially France, Germany, and Spain), but it's definitely one of the best post apocalyptic rpgs out there ... and now "Black Atlantic" its third adventure/regional book is out! Focusing on Briton (Brittany) and the...
  6. WoeRie

    [necro][DEGENESIS] Trailer for English version

    A few days ago a new Degenesis trailer (a post apocalyptic RPG http://www.degenesis.com/) was released and I was simply stunned. The film was produced to promote the release of the English version of the 2nd Edition (Rebirth Edition): https://youtu.be/0Tw3KaMr8wk Last year they produced...
  7. Praetorian

    [Degenesis] Map? and PostHuman no longer publishes?

    Is there a map of Europe/Africa for Degenesis? I do a little Googling and come up with a bunch of broken links. Love the game so much, but would really like to see what the world looks like (outside of my mind's eye). ... Oh, and the license between Sigh and Posthuman lapsed? Goddamit. I...
  8. Maese Mateo

    Sell me on Degenesis

    I was just checking the Posthuman Studios website and found about this game. Fortunatelly, the book is free to download under Creative Commons License, so I'm cheking it out right now (the art is awesome, btw). It looks interesting so far. As the title says, I want people who has already play...
  9. trechriron

    [Degenesis] Posthuman Studios Releases English Version

    Degenesis looks really amazing! Also, the new shiny PS+ website. Is anyone else super happy that these three amigos are together releasing this awesome sauce into our hobby? :D Also, anyone play the German version or have any info/tidbits/tantalizing snippets?
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