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demon the descent

  1. Calliope

    [Mod Demon Game] Hell is Other People: Lawyers, Mods, and Demons part 2

    It's been a while! In the bygone days of 2014, a Demon campaign began populated by mods: TechnocratJT, Random Nerd, The Wyzard, and BethDragon. This game, run by BethDragon, took place in Seattle and tracked the lives of three demons: Finder, Black, and Crash. Regular logs were posted of the...
  2. burningcrow

    [CofD] Good introduction to Demon: the Descent as a podcast?

    Hey! I'm looking for a good podcast about Demon: the Descent. Preferably something that includes a discussion of – or at least introduction to – the mythology and character creation. Actual play can be nice, but my mind tends to wander off ... ;) Thanks a lot for your help!
  3. Craig Oxbrow

    [Demon: The Descent] Of Faith, Power And Glory

    Demon: The Descent OF FAITH, POWER AND GLORY Last month I grabbed a chance to run Demon: The Descent, with a mix of players familiar with the World and Chronicles Of Darkness and entirely new ones, but none of us had had a chance to try Descent before. The plan was for a shortish game over the...
  4. The Watcher

    [NWoD] A GOOD God-Machine?

    In the World of Darkness you know one of the many potent entities which hold sway over the cosmos is the demiurge known by those aware of it as The God-Machine. Vastly knowledgeable, powerful and mysterious, the God-Machine pursues its inscrutable purpose ruthlessly with no care to how its...
  5. Rook S.

    [Demon: the Descent] the alchemy of the God-Machine

    A random thought for which I couldn't find an existing thread, but which demanded to be made known to the world: The God-Machine works in fours; this is well-established. Alchemy also proceeds in four stages (nigredo, albedo, citrinitas and rubedo). What if there's a direct connection? Could...
  6. Insertname

    [Interest/Recruitment] Demon the Descent: Worm in the Big Apple

    The year is 2026, the date July 4th. On the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, something absolutely apeshit happens at Liberty Park (see The Hook) where all the player characters are. For some reason an immensely powerful angel shifts time so the PCs start the...
  7. C

    [Demon: The Descent] When is it appropriate to call for a Compromise Roll?

    Obviously I mean outside of abilities that explicitly call for a roll, like using Exploits or Transforming. I have a Demon PC in a game I'm running, and she's great, can't complain about her or the player at all. I was just wondering what the line is for having to roll for Compromise for acting...
  8. M

    [Chronicles of Darkness] ENUMA ELISH: Giants Upon The Earth Homebrew Expansion (from Demon Storyteller's Guide)

    So, I read the Giants Upon The Earth setting in the Demon ST's Guide, and I fell in love. It is amazing stuff - in short summary, the God-Machine decides, back in the Bronze Age, to try to take control of humanity by setting its angels to building an immense, wonderful city for them to live in...
  9. B

    Demon: The Descent and splinters

    We know from DtD's core rulebook (and in more detail in the Seattle book) that the God-Machine sets aside lil' spacetime splinters for its own use. There are two things I'm wondering about. #1. Are there any splinters with significant alterations to WoD norms of natural law in them? That is...
  10. JetstreamGW

    [Demon: The Descent] Sell Me On Demon?

    So, here's the dealio. I love Demon: The Fallen. Like a lot. Yes, I know the powers are dubious at best, but thematically speaking it was a beautiful game. I loved the Milton'y spin on Judeo-Christian mythology. So imagine my elation when I heard a new Demon game was coming out! And my utter...
  11. Nicci

    [Demon: The Descent]Causality & Consequence

    Why hello there again. After taking a brief break from the RPG world's we have returned with one of the groups most favourite settings New World of Darkness - Demon: The Descent, and we journey back into the city of Isidis. Join us on this supernatural espionage game of mystery...
  12. L

    Let's Read: Demon: The Descent!

    Anyway, somebody mentioned over in some other thread, which I can't remember for the life of me, that someone should do a Let's Read of Demon: The Descent. Since I happen to love the game, and thought it'd be fun to try my hand at something new, I'm happy to oblige. Keep in mind I don't even...
  13. X

    [NWoD: Demon] Thoughts on the Cover Mechanic in a LARP setting?

    So, long story short I'm planning to start running a NWoD Demon LARP at one point. For the most part, it shouldn't be any more difficult to run than Requiem/Requiem 2.0, Changeling, Mage or Hunter (All of which I've played in or ST'd Larp for at some point). The only potential really sticky...
  14. G

    Fun with WoD Powers

    DtD has some of the coolest powers I've seen in a WoD game, and it got me thinking about cool combinations. For example- Gunslinger merit + Deep Pockets + Partial Transformation + Multiple Limbs= whip out four huge pistols at once. Has anyone else come up with cool combinations using WoD...
  15. G

    Demon Cyphers/Interlocks?

    Cyphers and Interlocks are one of the many cool aspects of DtD- they're a neat way to incorporate the concept of building a new identity and finding yourself into gameplay. So has anyone come up with any cool ideas for them? I had one that could work as an Exploit or Interlock- Phantasmal...
  16. G

    Demon the Descent: Virtue/Vice Ideas

    Swapping Virtues and Vices is one of the neatest ideas in DtD (which has a lot of cool ideas), and it's definitely something I would do if I made a Demon character. So let's talk about some ideas for how Demons could frame Vices as Virtues and vice versa. For example, Gluttony as a Virtue would...
  17. G

    [WoD: GMC] Packet Theta hooks?

    One of the coolest hooks I've found related to the GM is Packet Theta- implied to be the remains of an angel, which the US government found on the moon. How would you go about incorporating it into a game? What would be the best type of campaign to use it in- Demon or TFV?
  18. PetriWessman

    Demon: the Descent... wow!

    Ok, so I just finished reading my Kickstarter copy of "Demon: the Descent", and I'm quite ridiculously impressed by the thing. It's a weird mix of Matrix, "Person of Interest" (TV show), "Sapphire & Steel" (very old TV show), classic spy books, and a lot of other stuff... and it hits most of my...
  19. T

    [Demon: The Descent] Just...Why? (Kinda Sell-Me)

    Okay, I may still be a big fan of the cWoD over the nWoD, but I get it. I really do. For a lot of people, the metaplots were insanity and cliche at the same time, the mechanics of the various game lines did not translate well with each other despite all taking place in the same world, etc. A...
  20. Baroness Nerak

    [Demon: the Descent] Night Train Detective Agency

    Demon: Night Train Detective Agency is a Demon: The Descent game set in Seattle, Washington. We are not using the time splinters stuff from the official version, as while we picked Seattle before we realized it was the official city, our plans did not jive with the time travel aspects of that...
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