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demon: the descent

  1. BethDragon

    [Act. Play] Discussion, Guessing, Misc. for Demon: Lawyers, Mods and Demons

    Welcome! Please feel free to give your guesses, reasoning, comments and whatnots for the Demon: the Descent Actual Play thread of Lawyers, Mods and Demons, found here. Once again, I remind you that the possible player identities are Random Nerd, TheWyzard, TechnocratJT, EricBrennan and John...
  2. BethDragon

    [Actual Play] Demon: the Descent - Lawyers, Mods and Demons

    This season from Wall of Text studios: In a forum where people roleplay as anything, comes a game where ancient creatures are now reborn..and roleplaying as humans. Mr_Black: "Oh, and if you're going to go full monty on something, let me know in advance if possible so I can muffle it." Finder...
  3. wirecrossing

    Hey, when can I buy Demon: the Descent?

    I was really excited for this one, but the Kickstarter missed my payday by a few days (or is it the other way around). Any idea when this glorious basterd will come out?
  4. A

    What relation will the new Demon White Wolf game have to WoD: Inferno?

    Does the new Demon book override WoD: Inferno? What's the relation between a new Demon PC vs a Possessed PC from WoD Inferno? As I understand it, both PCs involve demon inhabitants Suppose I like Possessed the way they are, is there any reason to get the new Demon game?
  5. S

    Demon: the Descent Kickstarter is Live [Not anymore, KS closed]

    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/demon-the-descent-prestige-edition Just so it can get its own thread and can get pledged even faster. :) Oh... they also posted a full preview of the game on the Kickstarter page so we don't even have to wait until the KS is over for us to begin...
  6. S

    Demon: the Descent what do you want from it? Part 3

    Okay, I've been expecting someone to restart it since the last one was almost full, but whatever. I was thinking about basing a demon on Torque from The Suffering. So first of all, anyone considered making a demon whose concept included being screwed in the cover department? I...
  7. F

    [GMC/Demon: The Descent] Let's get some Gears turning

    Herein, let us discuss plot seeds and chronicle ideas based around that vast, unknowable entity grinding away beneath the skin of the universe: the God-Machine. Present ideas for antagonists, fully-formed chronicle ideas, or plot seeds with various possibilities. Include the perspectives of...
  8. Tango Samurai

    Demon the Decent Quick Start up on DTRPG

    ... for the low low price of "FREE". Am I the first to catch this? http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/118271/Demon-the-Descent-Quickstart
  9. E

    NWoD Demon: The First Principle Labs Incident

    I'm one of the writers working on Demon: The, um, look! A distraction! I decided to do a short, 3-4 session playtest with my tabletop group in the brief lull between "write all the words!" and "edit all the words!" As with Black Hat Matt's playtest, a few caveats are in order: THIS IS A...
  10. B

    Demon: The Descent - How an Angel Dies

    So! On Sunday, we played a session of the forthcoming game from Onyx Path, Demon: The Leopard Gecko (OK, I'm not gonna keep doing weird names for the game. Much. Just remember it's Demon, we have a subtitle, we haven't released it yet because it might changed, move on). Before you read any...
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