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  1. Serendipity99

    Book of Scarlet Abomination is now available!

    The Book of Scarlet Abominations is 60 pages of bright colours, revenge, and demonic enlightenment. A patron book for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG the BoSA includes the patron herself, Tamarah Pandoramicum, background, her invoke results, stuff to tweak her bonding rite, Tamarah specific...
  2. Calliope

    [Mod Demon Game] Hell is Other People: Lawyers, Mods, and Demons part 2

    It's been a while! In the bygone days of 2014, a Demon campaign began populated by mods: TechnocratJT, Random Nerd, The Wyzard, and BethDragon. This game, run by BethDragon, took place in Seattle and tracked the lives of three demons: Finder, Black, and Crash. Regular logs were posted of the...
  3. G

    [Demon: The Decent] Demonic Hartford

    The adventure is a bit strange, since it features 1 mortal player, 1 demon player, and 1 demon player who falls during the first session. Anyways, enjoy. Comments more than welcome: LINK
  4. legopaidi

    Best system for Summoning Demons, binding them to items, creating other magical artifacts etc

    Well, the title is self explanatory. I'm searching for a system with S&S-like demon summoning and binding. A system were magic is ritualistic, hard and dangerous to obtain and you can create a Demon sword on your own instead of finding it as loot. Suggestions please :)!
  5. BethDragon

    [Act. Play] Discussion, Guessing, Misc. for Demon: Lawyers, Mods and Demons

    Welcome! Please feel free to give your guesses, reasoning, comments and whatnots for the Demon: the Descent Actual Play thread of Lawyers, Mods and Demons, found here. Once again, I remind you that the possible player identities are Random Nerd, TheWyzard, TechnocratJT, EricBrennan and John...
  6. BethDragon

    [Actual Play] Demon: the Descent - Lawyers, Mods and Demons

    This season from Wall of Text studios: In a forum where people roleplay as anything, comes a game where ancient creatures are now reborn..and roleplaying as humans. Mr_Black: "Oh, and if you're going to go full monty on something, let me know in advance if possible so I can muffle it." Finder...
  7. The Wyzard

    Why do lawyers love Demon?

    This seems to be kind of a thing. Every lawyer gamer I know who has even glanced at the game has been immediately taken by it. Yours truly included. I'm not sure why it's like catnip to the attorneys in the hobby. Anyone want to guess? Joke answers are fine. I'm sincere about the premise...
  8. R

    [Demon: the Fallen] Looking for ideas to put a gnostic spin to the setting

    After a weird (although deep) philosophical chat with an old friend, I'm looking for input to alter the original Demon setting to either include or conform to Gnostic beliefs. My idea is to keep the background roughly similar, with a gnostic interpretation of the Creator and the Host. Although...
  9. D

    [OWoD] Conversion by Sword - Plot help

    Any of my player's reading? Yes? Go away. No? Please come in and read. :) Alright, so on RPOL, I've started a cross over Dark Ages game. The gist is that everyone is playing a character who does not want to see city converted. Christians have been there for years, but they're small, and it's...
  10. E

    NWoD Demon: The First Principle Labs Incident

    I'm one of the writers working on Demon: The, um, look! A distraction! I decided to do a short, 3-4 session playtest with my tabletop group in the brief lull between "write all the words!" and "edit all the words!" As with Black Hat Matt's playtest, a few caveats are in order: THIS IS A...
  11. B

    Demon: The Descent - How an Angel Dies

    So! On Sunday, we played a session of the forthcoming game from Onyx Path, Demon: The Leopard Gecko (OK, I'm not gonna keep doing weird names for the game. Much. Just remember it's Demon, we have a subtitle, we haven't released it yet because it might changed, move on). Before you read any...
  12. R

    #33: <del>Super</del>Monster-soldiers, Part 3

    http://www.rpg.net/columns/superseeds/superseeds33.phtml Summary: Patchwork people, fishmen hybrids and demons, and thaumaturgical officers Go to the column for more information.
  13. Z

    Demon: the Fallen - "The Road to Hell..."

    This is a game that started out as a one-on-one test of the Demon:The Fallen system between my husband GM-ing and me playing. Later, we added a friend as well. It became a bit of an obsession, with us playing for up to ten hours in one day. Most of that was in character conversation. I didn't...
  14. S

    It smells like Brimstone!

    Infernal Realms Since the dawn of man there has been power . . . and those who would sell their soul to get it. You wanna see something really scary? Demons, devils and other infernal denizens stand ready in this grimoire to lend their diabolical countenance to your game. Infernal Realms...
  15. D

    Majin: The Manifestation

    Is anyone still taking those making a fan made White Wolf game seriously? I'd like to know before posting anything about this.
  16. EvilSchemer

    [4E] Appropriate monster toadies for this NPC

    NPC: a 15th level Dwarf Vampire Lord. Vortigern was the head of the Tinkerer's Guild of Hammerfast. His guild designed, built, and repaired the machines. Everything from chain-driven ore carts, rotary drills, and ore-smashing hammers of the Miners Guild to the Shield Guardians, Battle...
  17. G

    [GMC] Quirin Stock Art #19: A Gomthu is out now!

    GMC - It's Game Master's Choice! Quirin Stock Art #19: A Gomthu is now available at RPGNow and contains a black&white 600dpi .jpeg pencil image, three 600dpi .jpeg variants, and six 300dpi .jpeg variants of a demon excerpted in the thumbnail. A larger Cover image can be found here! Created...
  18. B

    Combining OWOD with True Blood

    Im wanting to run a game that combines the OWOD with the show True Blood . For those of you who dont know True Blood is a show about "what if vampires ( and only vampires ) told everyone they exist and wanted to live amongst mortals without having to hide " . I was wanting to know if anyone had...
  19. S

    [Exalted] Demon summoning

    I'm going to have to deal with a lot of demon summoning so I'd like to ask a few questions to clarify. The first would be about the use of Excellencies in the banishing roll. Can it be done ? Can the Essence Triumphant be used to garantee the safe banishing of an uncontroled demon ? And what if...
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