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  1. jvk1127

    Trade/Sell I'm a trading and a selling and a buying fool~ FREE SHIPPING

    Clearing out some extra space for some new purchases I'm interested in making and some new systems I'm wanting to try out! I don't have too terribly much presence on here but I'm a regular on the geek under jvk1127. Shipping will be media mail unless you ask for something else and shipping is...
  2. Some Regrets

    Diaspora [FATE] [Recruiting]

    Hello all! I'm looking to run a Diaspora game (the Diaspora SRD is available online for free). While experience with FATE may be helpful, it isn't required. I'll be incorporating the lessons of F3e as best as I can but don't plan on running a conversion. If you're familiar with Traveler, hard...
  3. I

    [Diaspora] How do Slipknots/Slipstreams work in play?

    I may be missing something, but there appear to be a lot of blank spaces left in the book. There are two slipknots in each system: does it matter which slipknot you go through, or do both connect to every system that the system you are in connects to? If someone is trying to follow you through...
  4. E

    Diaspora - What to do?

    I am in the middle of planning a Diaspora campaign; we are still working on fleshing out the cluster but seems like the players are going to be "trouble-shooters" for a yet undefined organisation that is looking the prevent things from going pear-shaped. The trouble I am having is that while I...
  5. D

    IC Diaspora - The Great Filter

    This is the IC thread for the Diaspora campaign "The Great Filter". Diaspora basically uses FATE rules, with some additional minigames that might or might not make an appearance in this game due to slow interactions in the PbP format. GM Daniel: comments on the game, questions and...
  6. D

    [Diaspora] The Great Filter - Interest / Recruitment / Cluster Creation

    [Diaspora] The Great Filter - Recruitment / Prep Work About me Daniel, 36, PhD in physics, software engineer. Spanning the last 15 years, I have GMed a condensed total of about 5 years of tabletop RPGs for a biweekly group, mostly Fantasy (DSA, obscure german RPG) and World of Darkness...
  7. F

    A Diaspora Cluster

    One of the interesting things about Diaspora is that its creation system uses randomness as a source of inspiration, rather than game balance. You begin the game by rolling up a procedurally generated set of star systems to play in. Then you look at the stats of the planets, how they're...
  8. S

    [Fate Core/Diaspora] Mixing Fate Core and Diaspora? Specifically, the subsystems.

    So, playing a BW campaign which is going great, but a player in the group will be leaving soon as his wife gets a new job and they go. This will coincide nicely with the probable end of the campaign anyway, and recently, I've an idea to try Fate once again. Some of you will know my love/hate...
  9. Crusty One

    Tell Me About Fate Sci Fi Games You Have Run (Particularly Diaspora)

    I've never played FATE. I have Diaspora, which I'd love to run some day. I have Core, Starblazer Adventures, Spirit of the Century, Nova Praxis and Jadepunk. For a long time I just couldn't get my head around the system at all, but I get it now. So, I want to know what people have done...
  10. AslanC

    The Expanse - Inspirational Material?

    So I love the Expanse (the books and the TV show) and I recently learned that the writers were once considering it as a table-top-rpg. So that got me thinking, what RPG source material, from whatever game system, is there for that sort of "hard sci-fi" solar system level setting? Thanks in...
  11. wheloc

    [Diaspora] Six years later

    When it came out, Diaspora looked like I was my favorite flavor of Fate, but I never got around to actually playing it. Now it looks like I'm going to run a game, and I'm wondering if I should run it straight out of the book, or should I try and incorporate some of the advances that Fate has...
  12. S

    Major setting differences between Eclipse Phase, Nova Praxis, Diaspora, and Mindjammer...

    Hey guys, My group is trying to pick a new game to play and the list includes 4 games that on the surface seem very similar and I'm hoping that those more knowledgeable than I can help me understand the differences - in the setting, not so much the rules - between Eclipse Phase, Nova Praxis...
  13. S

    [Fate Core/Diaspora] What sort of campaign ideas can one pitch?

    This weekend, my group and I will be getting together to have another go at a sci-fi space game. I've decided for reasons said elsewhere on the boards to go with Fate Core. I've also done a write up of 8 worlds using Diaspora, and told everyone in the group that whatever direction we chose to...
  14. S

    [Sci-fi] Which game has the best mechanics for ships?

    Building ships, customizing ships, combating ships, maintaining ships, what sci-fi RPG do you feel does it the best, and why?

    Porting Diaspora to Fate Core: Any problems, hiccups or oddities I should watch out for?

    Pretty much what the title says. I, uh, can't really think of a way to expand that into a paragraph. :o Basically, if I just use the skills, stunts, equipment/ships, and "minigames" from Diaspora, but run it all under the Fate Core rules, is anything going to trip me up?
  16. E

    Fate Conversion for Traveler

    I've been trying to find a Fate based conversion for Traveler. Does anyone happen to know of one? Thanks -Erich
  17. Glyptodont

    OOC Diaspora Game 2014

    Lacking planets and characters, I have no idea what to call this game yet, so it's "Game 2014" until further notice. But by the end of cluster & character creation we will have a good idea of what kind of game we want to run. First off, cluster creation! We have six recruits so far. The book...
  18. Glyptodont

    [Interest] Diaspora

    One of my New Year's resolutions is to actually run a game. Diaspora has been a big favorite of mine for a while now although every online Diaspora game I've been in seems to have petered out just as we transition from cluster & character creation to actual play. So, hoping to break the curse...
  19. S

    Compare and sell me on Stars Without Number and/or Diaspora

    I'm looking for a new game to pitch to my group, and it looks like space faring Sci-Fi is it (for my thoughts anyways). In looking over what is available, I seem to have boiled it down to Stars Without Number and Diaspora. I know that they are of different genres. I'm looking at putting together...
  20. 3rd Level Fighter

    Sell me on...Diaspora

    Why is it better than, say, Traveller or Star Siege or Stars Without Number for a 'reprobate starship crew on just the wrong side of the law' type game? How is the system for someone with very little experience of FATE? Thank you.
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