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  1. Crinos

    [Big Hero Six the Series] Anyone else watching this?

    I noticed that the second episode was up for free on Youtube, so I caught it, liked what I saw, and have been working my way through the series on Amazon Prime. First of all: The episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J8_mC_5Qr8 Couple of thoughts: 1) The animation is... kinda not...
  2. V

    [Ducktales] The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!

    Time to talk about this week's Ducktales episode. What did you think?
  3. Kreuzritter

    [Ducktales] The House of The Lucky Duck!

    [Ducktales] The House of The Lucky Gander! another week, another new episode, another thread of discussion
  4. Peter Svensson

    [Ducktales] Episode 5 "The Beagle Birthday Massacre!" Woo-oo!

    Sorry for the delay in posting. So, Duckburg has worse security at its prisons than Arkham Asylum. The extended Beagle Boy family was glorious. Longboards Taquitos forever! Seeing the triplets act like triplets, with all that entails was enjoyable. And then the ending. I did not expect...
  5. Peter Svensson

    [Ducktales] Episodes 3 and 4 "Daytrip of Doom!" and "The Great Dime Chase!" Woo-oo!

    New episodes of Ducktales! Woo-oo! Episode 3 (assuming that the pilot was two episodes stitched together, that's the numbering I'm running with) was a blast. Ma Beagle, Webby personal character growth, Beakley and Donald rivalry. Also, Donald causing mayhem and mischief is always appreciated...
  6. Peter Svensson

    [Ducktales] Series Premiere - Episodes 1+2 "Woo-oo"

    For all of Saturday August 12th, Disney is showing the pilot episode of the new Ducktales series, a two parter that is quite fantastic. Going to use spoiler blocks for the next 48 hours to give people a chance to see it. But for now, I was impressed. This series is willing to go places that I...
  7. K

    Disney Announces Big Hero 6: The Animated Series

    With a Frozen sequel and a Tangled series on the way, it was pretty obvious that Disney animation was back to the golden period of the 90s. Now, they've more or less confirmed that. Here's hoping we get an episode featuring the exploits of Fred's dad, True Believer! EXCELSIOR!
  8. K

    [LTTP] Phineas & Ferb: Mission Marvel

    Oh. Oh my God. So good. The scenes with Nick Fury and Major Monogram alone are worth it.
  9. D

    [WIW] Star Wars: Rebels or "My old WEG campaign is on television!"

    Prologue + Okay dokey, folks. I'm back in Star Wars mode for the first time since Star Wars: Crucible which was the final nail in my Expanded Universe coffin. I have been a Star Wars fan since I was like three (much like many people on these boards) but the New Jedi Order and its subsequent...
  10. K

    [Disney] Bless me bagpipes! DuckTales is coming back!

    So, this is pretty awesome news to wake up to. Seriously, between this, Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, and Star Wars Rebels, Disney XD is making a serious bid to become my favorite channel EVER. Now, let's have a sing-a-long to celebrate! Life is like a...
  11. The Unshaven

    For fans of good quality cartoons a la MLP and Gravity Falls: Star vs the Forces of Evil.[merged]

    Hi folks, I ran into this today and feel like sharing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDoWhMt2_gs So, I saw that and thought, "Show, you are speaking my language. That's anarchic, slightly nuts, has a young woman as the protagonist, is throwing elbows at Magical Changing Girls, and the music...
  12. K

    Gravity Falls Season 2 Discussion Thread (Spoilers Inevitable)

    Just watched it onDemand (thank you Comcast!), so I want say anything here in the first post for those poor shmoes who have to wait an hour or more to watch it, but it's AWESOME.
  13. C

    Spectacular Spider-Man: "Accomplices"...

    A new (in the US) episode of Spectacular Spider-Man aired Wednesday and I was wondering if it was the first new episode since its hiatus or if I've missed any other episodes?
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